Save Your Eyes with Night Shift on iPhone

In this video, you’ll learn how to change
the blue light settings on your iPhone. What is blue light? Bluelight is a color of light found in the
color spectrum. Too much blue light exposure can damage your
eyes. The biggest culprits of blue light emissions
are your device screens. This is probably why you’ve experienced
eye strain from working in front of a computer for too long or watching TV extensively. Blue light also damages your body’s natural
melatonin cycle, which is the hormone that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. Watching TV or staring at your phone before
bed can have a negative impact on your sleep. A great way to manage blue light on your iPhone
is to activate Night Shift. This feature removes some of the blue light
from your screen to make it easier on your eyes before bedtime. There are two ways to activate Night Shift. The first way to activate Night Shift is through
your control center. Slide up from the bottom of the home screen
to access your control center. Tap the Night Shift button. The second way to activate Night Shift is
from your settings app. Open your settings app, scroll down slightly
and tap Display and Brightness. Tap the second option – Night Shift. You can activate the scheduled setting and
choose a custom time frame, or have your phone automatically sync to sunset and sunrise. The other option is to manually enable until
tomorrow. The slider bar at the bottom of your screen
is used to adjust the amount of blue light you want to remove. Less warm does not remove as much blue light,
while more warm removes more blue light. You’ll notice the changes as you slide the
circle. Again, you can turn Night Shift on or off
at any time from the control center. If you have sensitive eyes, or if you spend
time looking at your phone before going to bed, we recommend activating Night Shift. It’s a simple, smart way to help take care
of your eyes and help you get better sleep. Thanks for watching.

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