Screen Time and Eye Fatigue | DAILY SNAPSHOTS #83

this is recording candy did snapshot number 83 it’s 716 am I’m very sore from yesterday woke up this morning my body is pretty sore my back sore I feel like a little bit of an old man I tried to get up I didn’t make it up but I did my best money game plan is I’m gonna download Alex’s footage from yesterday work on the vlog gonna be editing some pictures it’s my main game plan it’s 921 and this is my editing check-in still editing I’m pretty dirty good I think I’m gonna change the color palette decided well now it’s on the faithful color palette something I’ve been struggling with lately is eye fatigue so I’ve been getting really tired kind of nearing the end of the day it’s even gotten to the point where midday my eyes are starting to get really tired I know for a fact that it’s too much screen time I talked to Alex about it something he mentioned to me was well he googled it I need to use fluff smaller when I’m not editing doing really color specific stuff flux is an orange filter on your computer and it’s free and I used to use it a lot and I turned it off and the really harsh blue light of the Mac computer is really hard on your eyes I also noticed that I’ve been doing all my editing with the brightness on Macs so I need to kind of turn the brightness down a little bit and I think I think that’s going to help my eyes a little bit also the other thing is the 20-20-20 rule so every 20 minutes you want to look at something that’s 20 feet away for 20 seconds and that’s something that Erin’s talked to me about before and so what I’ve been doing is I actually been setting a timer alarm on my phone and every 20 minutes just taking a short break this is slate this is recording candy daily snapshots number 83 it’s about 1 p.m. I got up a little bit ago I’ve been doing some work and watching some YouTube videos and sleeping in a little bit after the show last night which went longer than anticipated got coffee that’s really cool those are the things right now so I’m about to head out on my run and I’ve been stretching and I hate stretching I just want to get out there and run I’m gonna make some copies afternoon koffie koffie koffie looking at some pictures for david mid-run which is cool I will editing them for our Instagram I’m like maybe three miles in or note two and a half but probably we’ve been happy one of those walking so far two miles and running feeling good gonna go just a little bit further and then head back home whoo good run very tired very sweaty feeling about a thousand times better than before I left I’m now super super hungry so I’m going to eat food food and shower cos so I had all the snacks made a sandwich more coffee I took a shower feeling fresh and so clean and it’s only like five o’clock so I still have you lost focus on me there’s not the fridge I know the fridge is interesting all right it’s only five o’clock so I still have lots of time to work listen to a podcast with louis c.k who’s really cool and started doing short films and stuff pretty early on and so morning sort of about that and some of his technique which is really cool I love it I’m very excited about it somebody is thirsty yeah what could be more exciting footage than that live all right now you check out traffic while I relax turn entire bag of ones tissues good thing I got more yesterday when I was at the store well it’s a little late it’s 1256 a.m. i’m just finished at editing some photos this is the end recording King data snapshot number 83

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