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Second Opinion. Live Fearless. Hello I’m Dr. Manasi Ladrigan and I’m
here to tell you about five common skin conditions that are found on the face and how to treat
them. The first is acne. Acne in men, women and teens is caused by
different factors. Acne at any age is not just a cosmetic problem. Untreated inflammation in the skin can sometimes
cause scarring and may be a sign of a problem elsewhere in the body. New treatments are emerging regularly, so
get in to find out what you can do about your acne. The second is sun spots and wrinkles, both
signs of sun damage. Products with retinol and prescription Retin-A
can help with both concerns but you’ll be wasting your money if you don’t commit to
using sunscreen going forward. A wide brim hat is much cheaper than expensive
products, lasers and plastic surgery. The third are broken blood vessels, a form
of rosacea, commonly seen on the cheeks, nose and chin. A special type of laser that targets the red
color of the vessels can easily treat this condition. The next is dry skin. Dry skin not only makes you look older, but
also allows allergens to get into the skin, making it more sensitive and prone to inflammation,
like acne, rosacea and rashes. Incorporate a daily moisturizer with sunscreen
to keep your skin’s thirst quenched and fighting back against the stresses of the
environment. The last is dark circles under the eyes, caused
by allergies, sleep deprivation, poor hydration and sun exposure. Want to have better looking eyes? Make sure you’re getting at least 7 hours
of sleep at night, try not to rub your itchy eyes, and add an undereye moisturizer, best
if it has caffeine, antioxidants and sunscreen. And that’s your Second Opinion Five Bluecross Blueshield is a proud sponsor of
Second Opinion. Live Fearless.

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