Seeing the Effects of Posture on Pain Relief

– Hi I’m Steven and I
suffer from chronic pain, and I’ve decided to try the
Egoscue method to help stop it. (opening music) – Melanie’s dad came out to visit us in California this week. One of the things we decided to do was to go hike to Point
Dume, which is this large dormant volcano where they shot the end of the Planet of the Apes. – It was fun having grandpa visiting. – The hike was definitely
a lot easier this time than it was the first
couple times I had done it. The exercises I think are
definitely helping out and making things a little bit easier. I got to carry Victor a little bit longer, I wasn’t as winded, so
I was pretty excited to be able to go out and
do something like that. – (mumbles) with daddy after his exercises – I can definitely tell
already he doesn’t complain as much of being tired at the end of carrying Victor for a while. Even shooting pictures,
taking some video of us, he was able to handle it a lot better. – So I just finished
week three’s exercises for the first time at home. It’s about 45 minute exercises. A lot of it looks like laying around, but in reality its
actually pretty strenuous. My wrist were definitely kind of hurting during the supine on the ground, and of course ending everything with an air bench is always fun. So I’m still working on that air bench, I’m going to get that one of these days. We’ll keep it up. (slow piano music) – 99% of all the pain
we suffer is chronic, and 99% of it is self-induced,
it’s not disease based it’s not age based, it’s
not genetically based, it’s lifestyle based. So to see that evolution of understanding and awareness is very gratifying to me. (door opens) – Hey Brian. – What’s up buddy? Everything good? – Yep. – Alright let’s do it. I’m heading into my week four visit, to the Delmar (mumbles) Center, and very curious about this week. I had some pretty extensive exercises, that I had to do during
the course of the week, and also today is picture
day so it’s the first chance I’ll get to see if there’s
actually anything happening. – OK, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to take four
new photographs today front view, rear view,
left view and right view. Then we’re going to make the comparison to the first visit. Okay? So I’m going to have you just
stand there for a second, what will you call as comfortable, and smile for the camera. OK Steven, what we’re going to do is we’re going to take a
look at December 14th, which is your first
pictures that we took of your normal posture coming in. – Sure. – And then here on January 4th, today, we’re going to compare side to side, front to front and back
to back, things like that. So I’m going to move this
over real quick for you to be able to take a look at this, top right hand picture. I want you to be able to compare Day 1 here, around a month
of you doing your exercises. And look at your head position in relation to the plumb line. – [Steven] Yeah. – Remember how we talked
about the plumb line should be almost dissecting your ear, and you know, I joked about it here being in the next zip code. You’re at least closer in proximity here. The back of your head and your hair are actually touching the line. – So I came in today and Brian showed me the before and after photos
between week 1 and week 4, and holy crap. – The more erect that your spine gets, then we can start talking about symptoms that go to your hand and wrist long term. Remember this is long term vision with feeling better as you go along. I would suspect you have
a better energy about you because you’ve increased
your water intake, you’ve even done some nutritional
changes we talked about – Sure. – Which is massive for
a customer to be able to just follow the suggestions like you have it’s excellent. – I was pretty shocked, to be honest. It’s nuts. – I’m unbelievably excited
about this and I hope he is too because the changes are
so profound as it relates the position of his head and shoulders which is going to
eventually help him with the symptoms he’s been complaining about. – It’s great, you know, I feel awesome. It’s amazing to see that transition, to see that this is actually working, and actually going somewhere. – So after the assessment,
I had some ideas on what we were gonna do with Steven today. We’re gonna start with an
exercise called the frog at first He’s gonna lie down on his
back put the bottoms of his feet together and just
let his knees drop out. What I’m hoping he realizes is that there’s a low back reaction with the legs dropping out into that position. Then I’m gonna have him do what
we call knee pillow squeezes We’re gonna bring his knees
up, he’s gonna squeeze that pillow to facilitate
some major stabilizers on the inner part of the hip and legs. After that I’m gonna put
him in an exercise called the hip cross over stretch, which is one where he’s
gonna twist his body for one of the exercises
because it’s important for him to get a rotational
movement in there to help take out some
of his spinal rotation that’s still happening in
his upper back and neck, which we are looking at
with the photographs. Then we’re gonna follow that up with the static extension position
which is where he is on his hands and knees
and I’m gonna really try to coach him into how to
do that one correctly. Because I have a feeling
when he keeps saying it’s difficult or hard to do, that he might be pushing himself too hard in the exercise. – The static extension
is an exercise I had some trouble with in the past, but today Brian coached me
through it a little bit more, and so now I feel I have it
down a little bit better. – Up next after the
static extension position are the towels where he is going to settle with a strap on his knees
where he has a low back towel, or a roll an (mumbles)
roll and a cervical roll and I would bet that when he
stands up he’s gonna give me “I always feel a little different or a little weird after that.” Take your time you
might be a little dizzy, so you come up when you’re ready. I’ll just have you stand up and make sure that you’re fully cognitive and aware and you’re not gonna fall over, right? – It is amazing how different you feel just from lying there. – Yeah. I really wanna let him know
today that I’m very proud of the work that he’s put into this, because it’s unbelievable the changes that his body has made. – It feels pretty awesome
when Brian says something like “I can see that you’re doing the work” because I am, and I’m not going home and I’m not slacking off. I’m really trying to do
this and I’m really trying to do it to the best of my ability. Cause I want to get better, you know, that’s the whole reason, that’s
why I’m putting in this time it’s because I want to feel better. I got my week 1 pictures
and my week 4 pictures. Thought you might want to check them out. – So, oh wow. I can tell right away which
is the before and the after. – Look at the feet. – Oh yeah. – Separated. – Look how bad your feet were, oh man. – It’s still a challenge, you know, it’s definitely a challenge, you know. I have a full time job
that’s very rigorous I have a family that I
need to dedicate time to. I have a future that I’m
trying to build with my career so it’s all these different
elements coming together that makes it a rigorous process so to fit in a 30 or 45
minute extra window a day that’s time I’m not
spending with my family, that’s time I’m not focusing on work. It is a challenge, but
I think in the long run it will definitely pay off.


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