Self Hypnosis Instructions & Techniques : How to Relax Eye Muscles in Self Hypnosis

Hi, I’m Beth Pry from Mindlinks on behalf
of Expert Village and today I have with me Brad Brewer, owner of the Brad Brewer Golf
Academy at the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. We’re talking today in
this segment about self hypnosis and what you will learn is how to relax your eye muscles.
So Brad, if you would be my demonstrator. Thank you so very much. If you could just
close your eyes and how we relax our eye muscles, is we actually place our focus and attention
on our eye muscles. We place the focus and attention on our eye muscles as if our eye
muscles simply will not work. We keep telling ourselves and believing, the most important
part is to believe of course, that our eye muscles can completely relax and all of this
time, you know that you yourself are the one that’s in charge of your eye muscles. The
hypnotist is never in charge, whatsoever, but here Brad is placing all of his focus
and attention on relaxing his eye muscles, as if they just won’t work, as if they just
won’t work. Now in a moment I’m going to ask Brad to try to open his eyes and he’ll find
that he is unable to do so. Not because I’m telling him this, but because he’s chosen
to relax his eye muscles to the point that they just won’t work. So Brad, try ever so
slightly to open your eyes and there you can see, he actually can’t even open his eyes.
He’s not faking it. Alright Brad, please open your eyes. See he actually had a difficult
time on that one. When I asked him to open his eyes did you see his eyes flutter. He
was having a difficult time. He has gotten so good at learning how to relax his eye muscles
to the point they just won’t work. That is the very first step in teaching yourself,
self hypnosis.


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