Seth Dailey, MD, UW Health Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

>>We have paid very careful attention
to evolving tools and technologies such as high speed digital imaging,
such as evolution of lasers, such as different injectables that we can put into people’s vocal folds
to help them voice better. To treatments in the office for airway
problems believe it or not and the fact that we’ve paid attention
to that means that we’re — we can offer voice and swallow and airway treatment diagnosis
all really at the cutting edge. The voice swallow and airway
world are all elements where we can help people almost immediately. Having a good team of people, having tools that
are at the cutting edge for assessment means that we can figure stuff out that —
in in many situations is much harder. So people feel happy about being able to
get an answer, being able to get a straight and detailed answer and then having a
panoply of options to be able to select from and it’s very rare that we can’t help people. There’s nothing more reassuring — I, myself, have had a family member who had an
unusual problem and going to see a physician who really knew what was going on was, honestly
one of the biggest reliefs that I can remember in my entire life because one
is so worried and so concerned. And so to be able to provide
that to somebody else who has a concerning problem,
a bothersome problem. They’ve had it a year, 5 years, 10 years,
20 years without any answers and then over time you can help figure it
out for them is a very deep sense of satisfaction and relief for you and for them. It’s a very special experience.

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