Seth’s Two-Year-Old Son Talked for an Entire Red-Eye Flight to Italy

-As I mentioned, coming off
a two-week break, we’re so happy to be back on air
talking to all you guys tonight. I was very lucky.
I got to go to Italy with my wife and my two sons,
Ashe and Axel. Ashe, two years old.
Axel, four months old. They are not fun to travel with. [ Laughter ] On the flight to Italy,
about eight hours. We took a red eye,
so we were flying at night. We were hoping
they would sleep the whole way. That was not the case.
My son Ashe, the two-year-old, did not sleep
a wink for nine hours and talked pretty much
the whole flight. [ Laughter ] Definitely loud enough for everybody on the plane
to hear him. And one of the things we had
done to prepare him for the trip was just to tell him
in the weeks leading up to it, “We’re going to get on
a big airplane, “we’re going to
fly over the ocean, “we’re going to land in Italy,
you’re going to eat pasta, you’re going to sleep
on the plane.” And in the weeks leading up
to it, he would repeat it to us, and that gave us this
false sense of confidence that he was gonna be good
on the plane, when all it really did was
he just said that to us the entire flight.
[ Laughter ] Every time it looked like
he was almost asleep, he would wake up like he remembered
he had a business meeting… [ Laughter ] …and just start saying,
“Ashe on a big airplane. “Ashe go to Italy.
Ashe eat pasta. Ashe sleep on the airplane.” [ Laughter ] And so pretty much, as it would be
anyone’s response to that, the plane had had it
with him. And then the best part though
was right as we landed, wheels touch down,
and we’re going down the runway, and Ashe yells — again,
for the whole plane to hear, he just yells,
“We did it, guys!” And…
[ Laughter ] And it was definitely —
[ Applause ] You could tell people
were saying, “Did we? Did we do it?” Still wouldn’t trade it
for anything. Had a wonderful two weeks.


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