Setting Sights on Child Eye Exams

((NICK)) THE BACK-TO- SCHOOL TO-DO LIST USUALLY INCLUES NEW CLOTHING, NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND PERHAPS A HAIR CUT. BUT DOES IT INCLUDE A CHILD EYE EXAM? EYEWITNESS NEWS HEALTHBEAT REPORTER MARK HILLER IS HERE WITH SOME INSIGHT… MARK. 3 ((MARK)) NICK, EYE DOCTORS WILL TELL YOU VISION PROBLEMS OFTEN GO UNNOTICED UNTIL CHILDREN START SCHOOL. I VISITED A LOCAL EYE DOCTOR’S OFFICE TODAY FOR WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD’S VISION IS ON-POINT. 3 Doctor says,”Let’s go for a ride. You ready?”((MARK HILLER REPORTS))Before six-year-old Noah Doran takes a seat in his first grade classroom, he’s got one in the eye doctor’s office.Doctor says, “You follow his nose all the way into you. Good. All the way out.”Noah’s mom brought him to Northeastern Eye Institute to check for conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness or blurred vision — all refractive vision problems almost one in four children has but doesn’t get fixed. (Kaylee Doran — Noah’s Mom)”He had a difficult time last year so I wanted to get his eyes checked to make sure that there’s no issues there.”Doctor says, “Good job, kiddo. Good. Keep looking at those ducks. Give me a blink, blink, blink.”Pediatric Optometrist Beth Flickinger checks the vision of children like Noah with three goals in mind.(Beth Flickinger, OD — Pediatric Optometrist, Northesatern Eye Institute) “Are their eyes clear, are their eyes straight and are their eyes healthy.”It’s estimated vision screening tests at school miss up to 60 percent of children’s treatable vision problems which an eye doctor can better detect.(Beth Flickinger, OD — Pediatric Optometrist, Northesatern Eye Institute)”If their eye muscles aren’t acting perfectly, they’re not going to perform well in school and they may be mislabeled just as if they didn’t have the proper glasses. They may be mislabeled with an attention and/or learning issue.”Dr. Flickinger says some children require eye exercises, eye glasses or both. Doctor says, “Look straight at me. Good. Perfect.”In Noah’s case, the diagnosis is hyperopia or farsightedness. He’s leaving the eye doctor’s office with a prescription for eye glasses. As for his brother Nicholas who’s starting kindergarten… Doctor says, “I’m going to bring these big, crazy glasses over to you.”he passed his eye exam. Their mom, relieved knowing both of her sons are equipped to make the grade. (Kaylee Doran — Noah’s Mom) “It’s important that they can see and comprehend and have all the right tools to succeed while they’re there.” 3 ((MARK)) IT’S IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT EVEN A SMALL CHANGE IN VISION CAN CAUSE EYE STRAIN AND AFFECT A CHILD’S CLASSROOM PERFORMANCE. HEAD TO PA HOME PAGE dot COM TO LEARN ABOUT THE NINE SIGNS THAT CHILDREN MAY NEED AN EYE EXAM. WITH THE HEALTHBEAT, MARK HILLER, EYEWITNESS NEWS. 3 ((CANDICE)) AS THE BUSY SUMMER DRIVING SEASON COMES TO A CLOSE.. THERE’S GOOD NEWS FOR MOTORISTS HEADING INTO FALL.. IN THIS EVENING’S

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