Seven Treatments For Dry Eyes In The Morning

Hey fellow dry eyers Dr. Travis Zigler
here and Dr. Jenna Zigler and Mr. Jude right here and we’re coming at you from
Boston Massachusetts right now and we wanted to give you the seven treatments
for dry eyes in the morning and so let’s jump right in with treatment tip number
one for seven treatments for dry eyes in the morning so our first tip is to
make sure that you’re cleaning your eyelids right before you go to bed and
right when you wake up in the morning with a hypochlorous acid face cleanser and we
say that because hypochlorous acid is great for cleaning microorganisms on the
skin and mucous membranes so it’s you know effective for cleaning bacteria on
your eyelids now bacteria normally live on your eyelids but if they become
overpopulated they can lead to biofilm formation and inflammation so dry eyes
are definitely caused by this inflammation so you want to keep your
eyelids really clean you know and that will reduce the symptoms of dry eyes,
blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, demodex and all those good things and
tip number two is hydrate yourself right before going to bed with 16 ounces or
one pint of filtered water in fact we recommend drinking 16 ounces before
every meal and then another 32 ounces right when you wake up so that’s going to
give you lots of hydration hydration is going to pretty much eliminate a lot of
symptoms that you do have not just for dry eye but for things like high blood
pressure cholesterol a lot of people are dehydrated in this world I think the
numbers about 80% of people don’t drink enough water and that’s going to make you seem like you have disease symptoms and really you don’t and you just need more
water so drink more water and then as another bonus for hydrating is it boosts
your metabolism by about 30% especially in the morning so right when you wake up
drink 32 ounces of water that’s going to boost your metabolism help your eyes
feel better and then drink 16 ounces before every meal and then 16 ounces
right before you go to bed alright so tip number three is to adjust
the angle of any vents or fans that are might be directed towards your face so
some people do sleep with their eyelids partially open I know that sounds pretty
creepy but it does happen and that alone contributes to dryness but if you’ve
also got fans going on above your head or even next to your bed
any dry air like that can really amplify your symptoms so really you know be
cognizant of where those vents are and where those fans are in your room and
tip number four sleep more and stress less cortisol is a big big big stressor
or that’s that’s what stress is and that causes a lot of disease symptoms such as dry eye ways to stress less or to keep a gratitude journal so right every night
before you go to bed three things that you’re grateful for get seven to eight
hours of restful sleep per night so set a bedtime turn off your electronics two
hours before you go to bed don’t have a TV in your bedroom bedroom is for
sleep and sex and that’s it don’t have a TV in there it’s not for entertainment
and then get outside so in between the hours of 6:30 and 11:30 a.m. get outside
for about twenty to thirty minutes whether it’s walking in the grass
without your shoes on or just going for a walk so getting a little exercise as
well just make sure you get outside that’s going to help you get to sleep later
on in the day so tip number five Dr. Travis hit on this a little bit in
number four but you want to turn off your TV smart phone and computer at
least two to three hours before you go to bed we want to remove all of those
electronic devices from your bedroom I know that sounds crazy but get your cell
phone out of there or at least put it on airplane mode you don’t want that
sitting next to your head all night and also that blue light that back lights
all of these screens so TVs and smart phones and things can really be
disruptive to your sleep they can cause fatigue and they can really aggravate
dry eye number six try using an eye gel or ointment right before going to sleep
so what you want to do with those is you just want to pull down your lower eyelid
apply a thin line right in there rub it in close your eyelids and just
rub it in it will be thick and it will cause blurry vision so do expect that
this will cover the surface of your eye while you’re sleeping so in case you
sleep with your eyes open a little bit that’s going to help out and it’s going to
help block some of that wind that you might get from vents and everything so
our last tip tip number seven you are what you eat and we talk about this all
the time in our communities and on our pages here are green smoothies that you
see us drinking if you’re eating unhealthy food that causes inflammation
processed foods, sugar, fast food, fried food your body is going to constantly be inflamed and be in pain so it could cause
joint pain, dry eyes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes you name it
inflammation causes it so instead we really want you to embrace that
plant-based diet lots of leafy green vegetables spinach, kale, green smoothies you know don’t be afraid of spinach in your smoothies it’s really good and
it’ll get you healthy and back on track and so also eating healthy fats such as
omega-3 fatty acids can help add avocados, coconut oil, ground flax seed
and chia seeds into your diet taking omega-3 supplement that is formulated
for dry eye as well as you guys know we have an eyelid lash cleanser that’s tip
number one so keeping your eyelids clean and then tip number seven we talked
about diet so taking omega-3 supplement we have one of those as well click the
link in this description if you want to learn more about those two things so
let’s just do a quick recap of the seven tips for dry eyes for treating dry eyes
in the morning so tip number one clean your eyelids right before bed and right
upon awakening tip number two hydrate yourself right before going to bed
tip number three adjust the angle of any vents and fans that are directive toward your face number four sleep more stress less number five cut off TV smartphone and computer use two to three hours before you go to
bed number six try using an eye gel or appointment before going to bed and then tip number seven reduce unhealthy food that causes inflammation such as sugars, fast foods, fried foods and taking an omega-3 supplements so again click the
link in the description and you’ll see these seven tips written out and then
you’ll also see the links to our two products that we mentioned in here and
we’d love to have you take ours and of course ours come with a 30 day
satisfaction guarantee as you guys know if it doesn’t work for you within 30
days let us know we’ll give you a full refund and so those are the seven
treatment tips for dry eye in the morning and hello to everybody that’s on and
don’t be afraid to leave us any questions or let us know any comments
that you have thanks for joining thanks everybody


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