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How do sharks hear? And what frequencies are
most important? I’m Jonathan Bird and this is shark academy! You’d never know it by looking at them but
sharks have ears. Not that kind of ear! Shark ears are internal—only a tiny little hole
is visible externally, and if you didn’t know it was there, you would probably never
even see it. Sharks respond only to low frequencies between
about 10 and 800 Hertz. People can only hear down to about 20 Hertz, so sharks can hear
frequencies that are lower than people can hear. Extremely low sounds are more like vibrations
than sounds and these are detected by a system called the Lateral Line System, which is shared
by sharks and many fish. The Lateral Line System consists of tiny little
pores all over the shark’s body, and inside each pore is a cell that has basically little
hairs on it. When water moves over the pores, it moves the little hairs and it helps the
shark detect the vibration. When all the pores work together, they are like a little array
of vibration detectors. The Lateral Line is extremely important for sharks hunting in
low light because it can detect vibrations at close range without having to see what’s
going on. Well, now you know everything there is to
know about shark hearing and their lateral line system. And if you want to know some
more cool stuff about sharks, like how they smell, or how they see, or how they’re camouflaged,
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