Sharpsburg Georgia Chiropractor Dr Matthew Davis Talks Ear Infections

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In today’s news research supports the effectiveness of chiropractic
adjustments in treating chronic ear infections in small children ear
infections otitis media are the most common illness affecting babies and
young children at a rate of 10 million new cases every year
otitis media can be either bacterial or viral and accounts for more than 35% of
pediatric visits a year most cases of otitis media are treated with
antibiotics which do nothing to fight off viruses and according to many
research studies are often not much more effective than the body’s own immune
system it is also known that repeated doses of antibiotics can lead to
drug-resistant bacteria surgery to implant ear tubes is another
common practice when dealing with more severe cases of ear infections although
the treatment is effective in most cases it requires a general anesthesia
which is never a minor thing for a small child more parents are considering
chiropractic to help their children with chronic ear infections dr. Fallon a
chiropractor practicing in Yonkers New York published research showing
chiropractic adjustments mobilize drainage of the ear and without a
buildup of fluid and infection as a result children build up their own
antibodies and recover more quickly nearly 80% of her young patients treated
were free of your infections for at least six months following their initial
visits remember you and your family can be as healthy as can be and it’s never
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