Short interview with ReDeYe @ The International 5 (RU SUBS!)

uh hi guys i’m here with full chowder though how do you enjoy this tournament so far it’s been fun yeah I thoughts most of it from home though cuz let me I haven’t been here so I’ve had to watch it all from home so it’s been a bit hard because I do a day job and then stay up all night and watch dota so in some long days it’s nice to be here okay um you have been compensating for a long time yes yeah a hundred years yeah so now you’re mainly host yes so you which role do you like the most I’m I like them all I don’t I don’t really have a favorite role you know I like doing desk coast I like being a stage hose but I was like commentating as well I like them all they’re all they’re all different but I like them or do you like daughter yeah I don’t I mean I’m not very good at it and playing why’s it can be very frustrating for me because I’m old you know I’m like 75 so you know playing is hard now but watching it is really cool yeah I love watching the International is the important events for all community and do you feel honored to be the major of course I mean it’s you know it’s the biggest tournament in the world right now almost 18 million dollars is you know it’s a world championship it’s the best teams the best players great arena great city it’s everything you could ever want to come and host so I watched last year and i watch the year before and you watch it getting bigger and then you know as a host or a commentator you want to go and do the big event you want to do all of the big events you know you want to do blizzcon you want to do quite going you want to do TI you want to do well championships well fine i was all of these things and there isn’t anything bigger so I’ve always wanted to do it I would love to have done it last year but it didn’t happen and then I get to do it this year so yeah I’m really honored is he new experience for you yeah yeah I need to see an uncalled and I’ve done it for quite a long time but the thing is is I’m genuinely very excited about coming to do the international it’s it i actually have butterflies you get butterflies yeah I get butterflies everytime i think about huh the stage is gonna be a great lots of people and it’s gonna be yeah a lot of fun this my first international to look I sound very excited so we’re both international virgins yes that’s good how much did you prefer dr. knowledge in total knowledge not a huge amount i did a lot of that last year i got used to the game more i learn more about the heroes and learn more about the abilities but i don’t really need to know a lot about that side of it the commentators doing the players do obviously and we have really good analysts and you know quality quality analysts who played the game at a high level and so my job isn’t really to do that my job is to try and get that out of them get them to talk about you know which heroes great and why and what situation and so I didn’t really spend a lot of time in the game this time I spent more time hundreds of hours if not a thousand hours watching videos and watching old tournaments and watching old TI is actually sat down I spent four days maybe five days watching all of the International four in a row literally one after the other and walking around the house with wireless headset on listening to dota and doing washing up and the washing and all the all the normal things but listening to those are in my head so I did an awful lot of that I’m not a statistical preparation working with Knox and looking at things like not just statistics but statistics that make storylines so you know is there is there a moment so it is someone gonna play their hundreds game at the International what if someone goes 30-0 on a particular hero and understanding those are story lines as well so that we can make people excited about them so I focused a lot on that and then I think the last part of my preparation really last week was learning more about the pliers and the teams and understanding their chemistry and how they fit together and how they get on but also looking at rivalries so it’s really cool we have complexity versus EG because there’s a player on either side who don’t like each other they used to be in the same team together and then he got kicked because the other I wanted his brother to come in so there’s some real rivalry tense rivalry and then on top of that evil geniuses and complexity have a long rivalry outside of DOTA as well so it’s looking at things like that and and you know educating myself about the players you did a really good job I think like you and do you fall something um I know you’ve only asked me that because you know it’s navi I don’t know I mean I don’t necessarily follow any teams I think it would be wrong for me to do that because I need to stay fairly independent but i do have favorite players and they’re not really favorite players because of the way they play the game it’s more because I know them outside of the game so dendi’s one of those that you know I’ve known it for a little while now and he’s always been great i always like talking to him he’s very kind to me as well so loader is another guy so i was really unhappy that Alliance aren’t here because obviously loader couldn’t make it so that was pretty sad for me no Tyler I get on really well ways we have a lot of fun we joked about last year because he changed his name to Big Daddy and I sent him an image of a wrestler from the UK could be daddy and I said that’s now what you are and he thought that was even even cooler so yes I get along with a lot of the other players but I don’t I don’t have any favorite teams what do you think about such a big prize pool do you think this price book if you influence the players I think it does okay it’s hard not to its you know 17 nearly 18 million dollars and it’s once a year so you know much as it’s like four casters and analysts if they don’t make TI then they feel really bad because they’ve kind of put the whole years worth of work into coming and then they don’t get invited so it’s harsh for them it’s the same for the players and the team is probably worse so for them because you know the two teams that went out on sunday in the wild cards have gone home with nothing but they’ve flown out here they’ve had to put in the same preparation as everyone else they spent 11 months training and putting their effort and heart and soul into coming here to earn good money but whatever position they finish yet and they go home with nothing and that’s it’s not healthy to do that and that’s obviously why Val we’re going to change things next to you so that’s good on the other side of it from a sporting perspective it’s really exciting for us you know sorry it’s quite hard for the players but it you know I meet the quarterfinals of the upper bracket are all 1 million dollar games if you win you’re guaranteed a million dollars and that’s that’s crazy the pressure on these guys is enormous so I don’t envy them but at the same time it’s great that they get a chance to play for this much money and you know that wouldn’t have happened five years ago so yes what do you think about major tournaments that’s while they’re not announcement you will it stabilized the judges seen um I think it will help a lot yeah I think having four of them a year or however many they going to do and having those you know regular tournaments have got to be better than doing one huge one the problem happens is if there is popular as the International and they’re all 20 million tournaments and what do we do that because that’ll be crazy but yeah hopefully it will help do you think the smaller tournaments will die I think some will yeah I think it’s inevitable that they will but overall I think the big ones will be fine and then maybe it becomes part of a you know a wider circuit maybe we have maybe we only have 12 to 15 big events a year but that would be amazing Formula One has 19 20 races you yet maybe dough to you know is a bit more like that in terms of big events and then the players can handle it a bit more and we get a great season anyway and we see some great events but i would still miss the fact that we don’t have one big event to crown the world champion because we won’t necessarily have that anymore and i think that’s a bit disappointing to okay the last internationals was very became very popular because of analytic desk and coming later were funny and sometimes foolish so do you think this is necessary for the other audience or the better way to be more formal and traditional approach I think it’s difficult I think for the community they they want the fun they want the the banter they want people to be enjoying themselves they’re not too worried about professionalism the problem is is that this is a this is a huge tournament and it goes out everywhere and it and valve and the sponsors and everyone else want they want the tournament be seen seriously they want it to be taken seriously and unfortunately to be taken seriously we need a higher level of professionalism and sometimes professionalism means that you can’t quite have as much fun as you wanted to have or be a bit cheeky and have as much banter as you want but I honestly I’ve not been told don’t have fun or don’t have banter I’m gonna have as much fun and banter as I can on the desk so hopefully we can make it a nice middle ground where people can still enjoy it and have some fun but actually other people looking at it for the first time will go actually this is really cool this is really professional it’s like a sport and then we we hopefully we pull more fans into dota as well where did do you see eSports in five years from now a crazy question you know five years ago people ask me where do you see these points in five years from now and I was like well I think we’ll have some bigger tournaments and yeah maybe we’ll start getting a hundred thousand people watching on air streams that was five years ago and now we’re getting millions of people watching on ice creams and five years from now wow I I don’t know anymore I thought I knew but I don’t know anymore because it we could literally have tens of millions of people watching and regular prize pools of 10 million on every tournament I mean we just don’t know it but it it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger so all I know is it’s going to be enormous finish this interview thank you very much for your time when do you have something to say shutouts just thank you for that interview and thank you to all the great guys at navi we always always talk about you guys being been really cool and you know keep rocking and all the games that you play not just in DotA and also to my friends back at home at gfinity i miss you guys because they’re busy still working hard and i’m out here having fun sorry its back on me and also thanks to valve for inviting me to do the international so I thought hope I did a good job yes I think you will agree I’ll see you guys soon it’s an IV channel why


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