Hey america, turn subtitles on! Hey there my friends this is Cyprus,today we are doing something different Today we are playing as shu kurenai and red eye in soul calibur broken destiny for psp And before we begin,lets see the results of the poll i made yesterday I asked which energy layers you wanted on my necklace 1st place with a huge victory is drain fafnir,which i’m wearing right now second and third place,tied at 9%, dark valtryek from RB9 and cyber pegasus So fafnir today, dark valtryek on wednesday and cyber pegasus on friday lets play with shu first, red eye later here we go this arcade mode you play 5 stages and go for a score run talim first yes this is shu right there our shu kurenai on this run she came with the “violence” preset, lets try to make this quick dont forget to like, to comment, to subscribe and so on tomorrow i’m recording the unboxing of one of zankye’s beys you should subscribe to him, thats very important lets put all kinds of combos here, lets avoid ring outs we got a perfect on the first round today we are doing something different, rather than just collecting orbs and talking about qr codes but it still is beyblade content because we are playing as shu! Feel free to suggest other chars i should create,like valt just ask in the comments we won another round, another great victory thats right, shu wins the first round thats our score, lets see who the next opponent is gonna be it is… KRATOS yeah he is an official guest character in this game, the real deal, the god of war this battle gonna be hard look how dangerous this guy is and this is round 1 we need to get rid of him FAST lets grab him look As you can clearly see Shu was trained by REY MYSTERIO That explains why red eye uses a mask When not blading, he is in the ring Probably thats what snake pit was for another one and we win the first round, kratos gone lets try to hit him with what we have this is the lucha power once again thats some wwe stuff right there whew we got a ring out we got rid of kratos, lets see who comes next and of course, our score this time we got… yun seong this time and speaking of wrestling we are on a stell cage match in brazil when wrestling was mainstream it was named cage battle lets try to survive feel free to suggest more beyblade characters and games where i can create them for example, valt on wwe 2k,dynasty warriors, a racing game that i can put custom textures, you name it put in the comments, im gonna read it lets use more attacks those inputs are very tricky lets try to insert more hits almost there again! finally! After this run we are playing as Red Eye. Lets see who is on stage 4 our score, and this time it is… dampierre he was created just for this game back then he later appeared as dlc on soulcalibur 5, and will probably be on 6 here it comes another 6-1-9 those attacks are very annoying again we need to get rid of him this attack sucks, it never ends round 1 is over, lets try round 2 dash attack here the game does have some limitations on how far character creation can go, which is why shu looks like this go away, would you thats some russia kicks there, go to the world cup those attacks are very annoying another grab and thats for round 4 no idea who could be at stage 5 and lets see who became the final boss its gonna be nightmare shu over there and nightmare is there, lets finish this on the necklace poll someone was talking about a book i didnt understand until someone explained thats a reference to some BR youtuber who tries to sell his merch all the time in between his vids and the battle continues (i suppose most people already have stopped watching by this point, but anyway) (at least watch until red eye fights a little!) you cant grab after you win huh another round and WWE is here once again lets try a ring out here finally, arcade run is over that was arcade mode for shu, lets play as red eye now what about our score? now for red eye on quick match lobby here im explaining how this mode works unlike arcade mode, you play mostly againt custom character presets, sometimes full characters. Lets see what we find kowalski, shout out to the madgascar penguins Char named alastor. Who here watched shakugan no shana? I did! once again thats a steel cage match dude you are very ugly yes, no qr codes on this video


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