Singapore Instrument Shop “ebenex” JAM SESSION “RED EYE BLUES” /シンガポールでジャムセッション「レッドアイ・ブルース」

Good morning everybody! OHAYO GOZAIMSAU! This is singer, composer and the chief of “RED EYE LOVERS” ITSUKA. Today is March 10. Which means it is “RED EYE DAY” Let’s drink RED EYE today! This week we’re featuring Singapore There is a street named Bali Ln next to the Haji Ln I introduced yesterday. They also have a very charming shops I went to a music bar called “BluJazz Cafe” They often have “DJ Night” and have a live performance twice a week. A Jazz band was playing on the second floor when I went there It is a luxury that you can sit on the couch and listening to a jazz band playing on the floor I will introduce the music store that the owner used to play at BluJazz Cafe It’s my favorite musical instrument store in SIngapore so far. “EBENEX” This shop is not only sell the instrument, they also purchase the used instruments and rent equipments for the concerts, set up audio system to the venues. Doing a wide range of buisness Inside of the store is not that big but it’s very clean and got the impression that their musical instrument has been carefully selected. There was a man playing Martin Acoustic Guitar when I went in The owner realized that I play guitar and let me try the guitar after I said “Nice Sound” What with this and that, they requested me to play something and there was some crowds so I decided to sing. Of course, I played this song “RED EYE BLUES” That was the jam session with the Owner Mr. Derek It was the moment that I felt music has a big power to connects people “ITSUKA morning TV” Thank you very much for watching! Tomorrow, I will perform with some instruments that Ibought in Singapore Have a great day!

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