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let me introduce you my friend Cecil usual thanks for being a part of the show now your patient of mine we do skin procedures on you when you need them in and this thing came up and it’s been there for how long probably monks ok that’s rather quick or something to grow that big it’s rather hard and it grew up right in the same spot where we had frozen off some actinic keratosis we did the freezing with the liquid nitrogen that is a cutaneous horns it’s a growth of a lot of keratin keratin being that protein in the skin that’s a nails and hair and a lot of it group to form this we can actually call it a horn because its height is greater than one half of its diameter that’s just the definition of it they tend to grow where something is there’s always something under them oftentimes it’s just a precancerous spot like actinic keratosis which we know you had but it can be a type of skin cancer and that’s why we need to shape down get the whole thing out and set it off and check it but most likely it’s just a precancerous lesion like we know awful freeze off when they come up oh there’s one there ok and we need to get that too so we’ll get this shaved off with a shave biopsy and we will begin so we get that numbed up and then I’ll get some sterile gloves on alright sorry this is going to hurt to get a shot yeah yeah it hurts in the wrist this is the worst part of the whole thing now that should be nothing it up enough that I can push in here your skin is already cleansed with some medicine that’s an antiseptic that we use called hibiclens you got to view their seasonal yeah you see what’s going on there that we’re going where it’s numb you’re able to watch that you’re able to watch that Kors changing a little bit there ok so its route will send that off to the pathologist to make sure that wasn’t a cancer in it and it was to see if we got it all some good old wounds seal I don’t know interview with the poor for me let’s go ahead and dump it on and tell me when the camera says it’s been a minute so we push on it for a minute and this will create a scab for you so you don’t have to make their off so once we get this done all grab the crowd therapy spray and will spray that leaves in there on your own you’re right thing straight frosh yeah we’re gonna hit we’re gonna have another time you get one more chance if it doesn’t go away then we’re going to do the same thing to it we’re doing here alright let’s see how it looks Lucille does its things let me brush some of that off that’s what it looks like after we’re gonna fill up the cryotherapy thermos so that liquid nitrogen is just porn in there now this here you notice there’s nothing keeping this from rising up so as the liquid nitrogen evaporates off it can safely get out if this was sealed it could cause an explosion so that’s why liquid nitrogen and stored so we can get out actually we have a comment on our last liquid nitrogen video by I think the channels called liquid nitrogen vs and he shows a lots of objects putting liquid nitrogen if that’s of interest to you so I’m going to challenge it on YouTube things liquid nitrogen vs or something similar that ok Cecil you remember this right the tiny little nozzle that sprays so this this is our third time doing it third time spraying the third hand so that this crust this keratin on his finger for correctness lesion keeps coming back we’re going to hit up one more time we’re gonna hit kind of hard and if it comes back again we’re going to have to do a shave biopsy to see if there’s any cancer cells and their into to get rid of it for good the reason we don’t jump to that this time is because it’s right on the finger there’s tendons underneath there’s not a lot of skin that you’re right on the local group I know and you’re going to feel it when it’s cold stuff gets oh yeah sorry about that here we go so I like to get the whole thing and a little color around it and I’m going to get this and other better actually has extended the have-it-all stay white here for good oh say 10 to 20 seconds and then we hit a second time because we have much better results with two freeze-thaw cycles and if we just do one we are indeed causing frostbite they’ll be a blister hear that hear that will heal up in the following week or two and then we just ask that you well its moist just try to keep stuff from getting in that moist part you can keep some aquaphor or something like that on it ok here’s the next one where it is that takes care of that hate thank you for joining Cecil myself if you like these sort of videos please do subscribe and also you can watch some other videos that are similar to this until next time this is cecil and dr. mark on telling you to stay good

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