Snowy Hydro Innovating with RedEye

Snowy Hydro is a generating business with a mix of generation of gas, hydro and diesel We operate across three states.
Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia Our business is really to keep the lights on when the demand is at its maximum. Snow Hydro is one of the largest renewable energy providers in Australia with more than 1,700 employees
and they have more than 600 RedEyeDMS users. RedEyeDMS is a drawing management
and engineering solution. It allows our clients to store all of their information
in the cloud and have access to it on their mobile devices so it makes it
available at any time for them. Basically, RedEye came along at just the right time. We had some old systems in place, in place for you know the best part of 20
years. We had a huge drawing collection which is a critical corner stone for pretty much all of our technical staff. One of the biggest problems RedEye solves
is a single point of truth, with other systems you often
send your information out, as soon as that information
is sent out its uncontrolled and it opens you up to financial
and safety risks. With RedEyeDMS you
have the advantage of inviting people in to access that information there rather
than giving them potentially old information. When you’ve got access to the latest information you’re more informed you can make better
decisions and you’re less likely to get hurt What we’ve really been able to do
is have the people that are working with that asset that are familiar with it
they’re able to quickly markup that drawing and the turnaround time
for that drawing to be visible for the rest of our Snowy population is very important. Our digital transformation is
about making that information available to all of our employees, anywhere, at any time. Contractors are a big part of our workforce and so it’s very important that not only our internal users
see the drawings but also that we can communicate
those with all of our contractors. As far as a single point of truth and
being able to access that single point of truth
RedEye provides that. One of the great components of our
software as a service contract is the fact that we both share
each other’s business values and that sets the foundation of
expectation for that partnership. We’re not just delivering value for
Snowy’s current projects we’ve partnered until 2022 that
means we’ll be delivering value for projects like Snowy 2.0 and delivering
value continually into the future.

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