Souffrez-Vous des Troubles de la Vision:Cataracte à la Myopie… Ce Remède Naturel Peut vous aider

This natural remedy can help you in case of
vision disorder: cataract, myopia … you will be very surprised to know that the
remedy you’ve always had under your eyes
at home can completely cure your vision problems
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already know the main causes of the
loss of vision, macular degeneration, indeed they are characterized eye diseases
by Slow and acute destruction of vision because AMD disrupts central vision,
peripheral vision is generally preserved. Loss of central vision is bothersome
for everyday life. Watch TV, drive, sew
become difficult Reading is difficult: letters or
parts of words are hidden, characters appear distorted. These three images illustrate the vision of a
visually impaired person, affected person advanced AMD and advanced AMD. 
  the main ingredient of the remedy that you
I’m going to share today to find sight is nothing more or less than garlic
I invite you to watch the full video so you know why
this ingredient is used to restore vision , we also talk about
best ways to prepare it now ; let’s already see the symptoms and how
it manifests The first symptoms may go unnoticed,
the healthy eye compensates for the loss of vision. * Sensitivity to dazzling lights
* Impaired color vision * Less perception of contrasts * Decrease
night vision * Sensation of deformation of straight lines
* Difficulty reading, performing tasks accurate * Faces appear blurred
, I will tell you that garlic has been known for centuries as one of
best remedy to take care of vision Thanks to
its high content of certain nutrients, before continuing
I recommend sharing this information with your contacts, friends, family, to
that it affects as many people as possible we said garlic is composed of
sulfur as well as selenium and vitamins who act in favor of
patients with macular degeneration reduce symptoms
its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action protects vision cells and
prevent To be destroyed, to fight the action of radicals
free, is one of best foods to control high blood pressure
and hypercholesterolemia two conditions strongly linked to damage
ocular and vision loss Here are some details about it
blood pressure and its relationship to eyes: patients with blood pressure
high are more likely to have problems
visuals this is due to the low traffic causing a
negative impact on retina activity this part of the eye depends
a lot of oxygen levels Same for cholesterol and visual health
excess cholesterol in the blood triggers
dangerous reactions to cardiovascular level and is linked to accumulation
fat below the retina, this substance
liquid reduces capacity visual and long term can lead to La
vision loss garlic contains sulfur compounds and
is a powerful antioxidants that hinder the synthesis of
bad cholesterol, now get to know the top three
ways to use garlic as a remedy for vision
number 1 crushed garlic, first peel and mash the garlic cloves
To get a thick paste to enjoy benefits of garlic it’s
recommended daily consumption of 1 to 2
cloves of garlic on an empty stomach and raw because they are cooked will lose up
90% of their properties number 2 garlic with lemon as in the first recipe
you need to peel 1 to 2 cloves of garlic and
then crush or crush then press the lemon juice and mix in a small
glass or even consume them separately, know you can also add oil
of olive, consume a spoon on an empty stomach morning,
In number 3 You will need about 4 garlic cloves
2 to 4 lemons, 10 tablespoons of honey, 200 grams of linseed oil.
the first thing you should do is crush the garlic, put in
a large pot that closes well, add the oil flax seed and honey and mix it
all with a wooden spoon especially not
aluminum or steel, it will hurt the benefits of
this remedy mix well with your juice
lemon you’ll take a spoon before each meal .you can keep it at
fridge with this simple remedy you can improve your
vision in a very short period of time Consider taking some precautions. * In the presence of one of the symptoms, consult
quickly an ophthalmologist * Regularly test each eye with
Amsler grid * Do an eye exam every year at
from 60 years * Protect the eyes from the sun’s rays
* Eat healthy * Quit smoking * do it regularly
some exercice * Control blood pressure So here
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