Sound SHC: Lyric – The World’s First & Only 100% Invisible Hearing Device

Hi, I’m Dr. Melissa Wilson and here at Sound Speech and Hearing Clinic we are very excited to start fitting the Lyric hearing product. Lyric is a very unique hearing instrument, it sits deeply in the ear canal just a few millimeters
away from the ear drum and it stays in the ear canal for up to a
months at a time its benefits go beyond its cosmetic appeal of being coined the world’s first truly invisible hearing aid because it sits so close to the eardrum it takes advantage of the outer ear’s shape and ability to naturally localize or find where sound is
coming from and it also doesn’t require as much power because its so close to the eardrum, so its able to have a small battery and run for up to months at a time. Because Lyric doesn’t have to be removed everyday patients can go about
their usual activities they can sleep with Lyric in they can shower, they can exercise, they can go to work. Patients love Lyric because
it’s a hearing aid that goes in your ear and gets out of your way!

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