Soundtrack (With English Subtitles)

Thousands arrive here to shape their destiny but only a fortunate handful manage to make a mark. Raunak was destiny’s cursed child but he still left a lasting impression. “You’ll repent..” “ depart today..” “..when will you return?” “Will you return?” Listen… son, keep some change for the bus ride. Wow… you pull some wool over the world’s eye. You can see, right? No son… I was born blind. I can’t see, but I can see. I always knew you’d show up someday. I’ve known Raunak since he was a kid. His father was like an elder brother to me. He was also quite a talented musician. He spent a lot of time in Bombay, struggling.. but… Mihika, I’ve come from so far to play catch with you. Raunak, some water? Sure but… – I’ll be right back then. not neat… with a twist… please? I’ve walked so far, I definitely want to down a Johnny Walker. Get the ice – Not for me. It ruins the taste of whiskey. Hmm… it’s been 20 years since I drank before lunch. And it had to be a Kaul to come change my ways again. It’s never too late, Uncle. Cheers. – Cheers. Hmm… your mom knows you’re here right? Sorry? One more… Enough. – Last. So, how about assisting me? Sure thing. Just one question, should I call you Uncle or Boss? Here we are then, welcome to my world. Tango Charlie Charlie is the owner’s name – And Tango? His split personality! You’ll meet both of them very soon, come. Come. “Conquer.. conquer..” “Conquer.. conquer..” “Conquer.. conquer..” “Conquer.. conquer..” I used to be a DJ at Tango Charlie back then. In a way, Raunak’s journey begins there. “The winds render open many a blank pages..” “..moments bitter-sweet, ripe and sour are being revealed.” Actually we bonded over music. We’d be going on about music for hours, over drinks. He drank a helluva lot. “The winds render open many a blank pages..” “..moments bitter-sweet, ripe and sour are being revealed.” We used to commute together to and from the club. Soon as he got home, he’d plug into his headphones and be making music on his old computer. “I proceed to conquer time.” “I proceed to conquer time.” I didn’t think that we’d have a third wheel with us in the band, but he was cool. He was that small town guy but, he adapted, blended in. We first met Raunak at the club, right? Actually he dubbed us ‘Tango Charlie’s Angels’ “The eyes seek the advent of dawn, I proceed..” “My intentions yearn to taste trouble..” I liked Raunak… actually everyone liked him. He was just this really fun, ballsy guy. “The eyes seek the advent of dawn, I proceed..” “My intentions yearn to taste trouble..” “Experience undermines my courage but..” “Behold! My ambitions have grown wings!” “Like a unique comforting whiff of air..” “Like a unique comforting whiff of air..” “I proceed..” “ conquer time.” “Conquer.. conquer..” “Conquer.. conquer..” Hey… hero… what are you upto up there? Come, let’s have some tea, come… come on. Your dad also used to drink in the mornings. He’d say, when you rise with a drink, It’s anyone’s take on how high up he got in life but he sure did manage to escape it. Now you come down, come on. Uncle, join me up here. – Raunak, I said get down, NOW! Alright, fine fine… Easy easy easy… Don’t compare me to my father, Uncle. I’m Raunak Kaul, he was Parth Kaul. You’re still peeved at him, aren’t you? He loved his music, so he left mom. Fair enough. And who am I to complain? I did the exact same thing, didn’t I? Proved to her that I’m his son. I left mom. You even talk in the same phrases. And you talk like an old man. That I am… old. All I have are memories. No dreams anymore. That’s for you youngsters. Spot on, Uncle. The dream is what keeps me ticking. Easy Raunak… watch it… – The dream… Raunak! Raunak! Raunak! I think I should sleep off now. Why? Already realized your dream? That I will Uncle, take it in writing if you want. And even your booze buddy, Parth Kaul, will look down from up there and say… I should sleep off now. Huh? – Get me off this ledge, Uncle. Come on son, that’s what I’ve been trying to do all along. Come on, let’s go. Uncle, if we rise and drink, we get high. What if we get high and drink. Then that’s where we’ll end up, son. Come on. Daddy’s here now, daddy’s here now… let’s drink some scotch… drink some scotch… Hey… what are you singing Whiskey and Rye songs to my little angel for? Here, take this. What’s this junk now? This is Parth Kaul’s treasure chest. Some records, his recordings, demo tapes… stuff like that. Father’s? – Hmm. What do I do with it? Well, this is all he’s left behind. Your inheritance. Surinder Chacha, I know all his tunes inside out. Every time he made a new tune or demo, he got it to me first. This is useless for me. But I thought Smriti didn’t let you meet him? We always found our ways around her. How was your mom okay with you coming here to be a musician? Seen me work out, Uncle? She’s just too old to match these muscles. Like father, like son. The singing sensation, Mak! Makarand. He’s got the voice of a prophet and he fits our budget. As in, for free! You’re such a cheapskate. Your father respected a man’s talent. Always rewarded his musicians well. And left me dusty tapes as inheritance. Shall we give it a go then? One, two, three, four. Guyss!!! Sir… sir… it’s dawn already. C’mon.. What a voice you have sir. Here’s your fee. Set a deadline. I’ll be back. Raunak, where’s Soni? Where’s Soni? Shonali! Shonali! -Get out of my way, Raunak! -Shonali! Out of my way! Let go! Let go! Leave him! The music stopped, so I stepped out and what do I see? Shonali – she always had anger management issues, is beating the crap out of her boyfriend, in full public view. Sonic, stop it… stop it… bouncers… get him off. Take him in. Man the console, get the console. Shonali enough, enough… stop it, stop it! Just walk outside with me… come on. Stop it! -I’m not doing anything. Let me go. And then this song came on, Fakira, Fakira… I was like, what the Fakira man! “O poor boy, it’s a show, whether it’s wealth or poverty.” “This is the method, this is poverty..” “This is poverty..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” I was there when he recorded that song and never once imagined that it would play in a club and people would trip out on it. What a lot of folks didn’t know was that his musical knowledge was profound. Rock, jazz, Indian classical. His set went on long into that night. But I knew it right at the start; Raunak had mojo, man. “O poor boy, i’ts a show.. ..whether it’s wealth or poverty.” “This is the method, this is poverty..” “This is poverty..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove, poor boy! Groove..” “Groove in esctasy..” “Praise the lord.. praise the lord..” “Groove in esctasy..” “Praise the lord.. praise the lord..” Hey, your highness! King of the turntables! Welcome to Charlieland. Gimme your hand, bro. You’re a freaking rockstar man. I’m your biggest fan since last night. Here, check my facebook status “There are DJs who play music, and there are DJs who play the crowd. Last night I saw them both!” That’s you, bro. Read the comments, read the comments. bro. You’ve got oodles of talent, as did Parth Kaul. Oh don’t look surprised. I knew Parth. I know everybody. But Parth didn’t have the one thing that you’ve got today! CHARLIE, bro!!! I’ve got the blueprint to your career. I can get you the albums, I can get you the concerts, I can get you the music videos, I can even get you the bloody movies, man. Can you get me a drink? Did you make that song? Doubts? Nope! Just… Bhan said you made it with a second hand computer and a first class bum off the street. He misspoke. Second hand computer and a first class artist! Ooh. But bro, now we need to scratch the next level. Your own studio. You serious? Every hero has a story behind him. Tell me your flashback. Today, if possible. I was six years old when my father died. And he left behind a disconsolate, young mother and a sad little lost kid. It’s a very tragic story, Charlie. Want more? Let’s have a drink instead There’s tremendous drama in the climax… really! Next time. I thought so! You know, the best thing about music? The melodies, the solo guitars… The chicks… bro… the chicks. music is… is like their honey and they… they are like bees. I made two rap songs. Really? – In the 90s. The honeybees… Honeybees… I hardly come this side now. One is that Alibaug is too far out of the city. I considered moving out here but leaving Bombay is not everyone’s cup of tea. Welcome to my villa. Before the divorce we partied a lot around here. The guest house to party at. The pool where I’ve learnt a lot of swimming with a pair of twins. This might go to my wife after the divorce settlement but my paradise of sin is your studio from tomorrow. Raunak! Raunak! We heard about this DJ Raunak blowing the lid off this place. Overnight, Tango Charlie became the most happening club in town. Raunak had something every DJ wanted – magical instinct. He gripped the pulse of the floor in an instant. He’d rev the crowd up, bring them down, make them move to his beat, he made it a crazy trip. I was single again, so we started dating. Oh Raunak! Raunak! Raunak didn’t have a stop button, only fast forward. It was completely mad, okay? Charlieland was like this mad blast. Raunak… get it. No, Charlie… no, no, no, no, no… Hey… who are you? Who are you and what are you doing in my room? I brought you home. You were wasted! Me? Alright. Thanks. Now, get out of here. Hang on. You’re not real, are you? What do you want to hear? Yes? Or no! I thought as much. What’s your name? Johnny. My friends call me Johnny. Johnny Joker, eh? Was a hit song when I was a kid. I know, I remember. My dad recorded a session for that song. Wasn’t it Biddu’s song? Gita Shetty had sung it. “Getting lowdown.” “Johnny Johnny Joker. Fun-loving..” “Johnny Johnny Joker. Loveable..” “Disloyal..” Oh god… still here. “It’s not a toy..” Enough! Now get out of here. I need to sleep. Is this the time to sleep? – I know but what do I do? I keep shuttling endlessly from the club to the studio. I’m exhausted. And these mosquitoes… they’ve screwed my happiness man. Hmmm… it’s about time they had ration cards for these mosquitoes. There’s more mosquitoes in this city than people anyway. Why don’t move out there? Where? At the villa, where Charlie’s studio is. Talk to him about it. What are you so grim for? You can get a HIT spray for these mosquitoes from the market. But where is your HIT gonna come from? I’ll miss you sooo much. – Raunak… you’re moving to Alibaug? Why do you need to move out, son? Go on, go out and play. So now you’re going to get sentimental on me, eh? All right, I won’t go. I’m going because I want to focus on my music a bit. If you say, I’ll drop by twice every week for a drink. Now smile. Love you. One sec, I’ll just get my bags. Recording music is a high in itself. You gotta roll baby, roll… you gotta roll… all night long. Back then, whoever dialled into the radio station would only ask for one song… What the F, what the F, what the F. “The world is up in smoke. The intoxication of the night.” “Don’t worry here.” “Is everybody lost here or have they found this path?” “Just tonight..” “I’m just gonna be.. get sombre..” “All the night.. waiting..” “Stop me if you can!” “I’m going down.. down.. at his home..” “Dance.. dance.. down.. down.. at his home..” “At his home..” “Oh it ain’t over..” We’d record our sessions and push off. He’d be at it, mixing it all night long. “Tell me what to do..” “See, my life..” “ closed in a bottle.” “Whether it’s dawn or dusk, day or night..” “..what is this intoxication?” “Tonight’s the night..” “C’mon take it over.” “Gonna do what I like now..” “Match my steps..” “I’m going down.. down.. at his home.” “I’m not coming over.. oh yeah!” Club, music, life… everything was on top gear. Check out his pose, man. He’s so cool. Wassssaaapp! – What ya, Charlie, I’d have spoken to Gudda to design some nice stuff. What? The doll. The black jacket is so 80s. Whatever, man. Dude, do you know where I got you a gig? And would you call it an action figure, please? Doll sounds really gay! Yeah call it whatever ya, who cares… what’s up with her, man? Dude! I’ve plugged you to play at Sunburn! I’ve heard of a suntan. What’s Sunburn? I don’t believe you man. Sunburn just happens to be Asia’s largest music festival bro. I’ve got you a show there. You serious? – Yes, I’m serious. You’re going to Sunburn. – Charlie, you are the best! Aren’t I? Thank you, thank you. It’s okay. – THE BEST! I told you, didn’t I, Charlie can do anything. Can he pass the sun tan? – There she goes again. Sweetie… sweetie can we leave now, please? My masseuse must be waiting. Here, sweetie! – What the… GUDDA!!! Seriously man, what are you still doing with her? Is she keeping you by force? Honeybee! What you’re saying! Multiple entry? Nice! Good boy. Keep at it! Baby? Baby? Raunak had changed a lot, the way he thought, his behaviour. It was Charlie’s influence on him. If you want to keep a mental picture of the most important moment in your life, now is when you click it! Man… your friend piles on the pressure very sweetly. Hi! What? – Uhh… no nothing. No… nothing! I known Charlie for a long time… ever since I came to the industry I’ve known him but I never took him seriously because… you know, he was just… that kinda guy. So he called me incessantly saying listen to Raunak’s demo, listen to Raunak’s demo… he fried my brains out. So I said, alright man, just let’s meet the guy! “I tread on the path of love..” “..don’t blame me..” “..whoever I found with love..” “..I became theirs..” “I became theirs..” “I accept pain..” “I accept peace..” ‘Pain’ reminded me… where’s Shonali nowadays? She’s on a calender shoot. – Good riddance! Looks like her days are numbered. Get your act together man. This could be your big break. Yeah I know. Now get the hell out. Let me sleep. Payday’s knocking on your door. Are you nervous? Yeah! This is what I came here for. Now am shitting bricks so I’m going back. Now leave me alone. I have to sleep. Don’t be an airhead yet. Just because you’re a hot DJ in your little club doesn’t mean you’ve become AR Rahman. They call him the Mozart from Madras. You’re not even a Beethoven from Bandra yet. Just admit it. You’re scared of messing it up now. What if you’ve inherited failure as well? Your highness, get the TV. Your Sunburn interview is on. Music is everywhere in Goa, in the shacks, pubs, discs. There’s music outdoors, there’s music indoors. You know Doors? My friend Jimmy Morisson? Turn up the volume. A little more… a little more. Turn down the damn volume. Now I’ll ask you a question. Why do people keep coming back to Goa? I’ll tell you. Because Goa means Go – Aa Have you gone and lost your mind? – Go – vaapis aa. Have you gone deaf? – I know it’s a little philosophical… You know Raunak, if you drink a little less, then maybe you’ll say something sensible. I’m just an ordinary fuse… I’m fed up of you. You’ve become a bum. You don’t even shower until afternoon. What is the matter with you? – If I blow up, it’s a BANG! How disgusting. You’re drinking before brushing even? What are you going on about? Whatever. Just come down… come down. So in any case, I want this fixed. I’m thinking of landscaping the garden. What do you think? Ma’am, will Sir have breakfast? Sir will break his fast with anything but food. Sir is allergic to breakfast. So what do you think? Wrought iron or cane? How about a bit of both!? I’m sorry, Saraswati, but you know how Madam flies into a temper. Sir, I’m Laxmi. Take care of yourself, Saraswati. Sir, Laxmi. I understand, Saraswati. Keep this until you find something good. Sir it’s Laxmi, sir. Hello… yo… get in, get in. Looks like he’s deaf. Put your bags in. Raunak’s problem started quite sans drama. It crept up on him in small, everyday things. He kept it to himself, kept ignoring it. He thought it’s a normal thing, I’d have done the same thing. Good morning. So what I wanna do is… it’s a Punjabi wedding atmosphere, a real Punjabi wedding. Uhh.. whatever angst they’re feeling, you know people are sitting around, having dinner, she’s sitting on the other side of his table… and they want to say stuff to each other… and then we get to the song. So whatever they want to say… you listening to me, Raunak? The first few sessions were quite dull. Raunak had potential, he had enormous talent but he lacked focus. I mean, in person he’d be sitting in front of me but his mind was someplace far away. So I told Charlie to give him some creative space. That would help him channel his talent better. Cut this crap! Go play jazz in a hotel lobby if that’s what ticks your goat. What’s this chisss chisss chiss crap you’re playing? Hit it hard! Bang it! Do you have any clue what hitting it hard is like? Huh? DO YOU?! You..! Like this, this is what I want. What’s your problem now? – If he’s down, I’m down. It’s a strike! What? STRIKE! Strike? What are you, making music or working in a factory? You want to try union tactics on me? Freaking zoozoo. If you don’t want to work, go to hell. Don’t make this studio a government office. HIT THE DAMN GUITAR!!! “Create.. create..” “Right now.” “Create.. create..” “Right now.” “Praise the almighty!” “Praise the almighty!” “Praise the almighty!” “Praise the almighty!” “Create.. create..” “Right now.” “Purify my spirit, O my dear holy spirit.” “Purify my spirit, O my dear holy spirit.” “Guide the ones who’ve gone astray, O lord.” “Guide the ones who’ve gone astray, O lord.” “Create.. create..” “Right now.” “Create.. create..” “Right now.” “Praise the almighty!” “Praise the almighty!” “Praise the almighty!” “Praise the almighty!” “Create.. create..” “Right now.” “Create.. create..” “Right now.” “Create.. create..” “Right now.” I’m going for a shower. I’m going for a shower. You want me to call the media? What? I asked if you want me to call a press conference? It’s a bloody bath, for godssake. You should file a case on her – Section 332, voluntarily causing grievous hurt. His DJ sets were getting affected. He wasn’t sober when DJing at the club. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… Thanks, you remembered? I don’t need to ‘remember’ it. I know. Happy birthday dear Raunak. What’s happening to me? What’s HAPPENING TO ME? Really. I have no clue! What the hell is going on, Raunak? Nothing much. I’ve just come from a meeting with Anurag’s producer. He said if the tracks are ready, he wants to hear them. Hmm… he’s pissed off, boss! – Ssshhh! What the hell man? Hey dude! The shoot schedule is locked down. They have dates from the actors. So…? I’m on it Charlie! What do you want from me now? – Oh, man! This is crap. Charlie sit the hell down. Or do you dance on my head! Thanks, sir. I just might do that you know. Thank you. I was at the gig last night. Yeah, he’s the man! Rockstar! I know. It was a bit off. Just a little wee bit.. Just a tad. – Oh shut up! What do you mean a tad off? Have you lost your mind? I’ve seen crap before, but this. This was the worse than shit! Of course! Who else would know shit better! Shut up! No one asked for your opinion. Just shut up and get out! Out! – Are you talking to me? How dare you?! Some nerve you got to… And asshole, what are you looking at? It’s all because of you! What? You know what, the both of you, go die, burn in hell – together! It’s over! Do you need any help packing? Leave me alone… just get the hell out, everyone. Listen Shonali, take those arbit childhood pictures of yours Hey bro! Hey Raunak, listen, get up, come on mate, get up…listen to me. There’s no one here now, it’s just me alright? She’s gone… but for a change, what she said made sense. Even you’ve got to agree, last night was messed up. I mean come on, it was BAD! Not bad? You’ve gone deaf! What? You’re GONE DEAF!!! TONE DEAF! You’ve gone deaf asshole! I’m handling the producers here, holding them at bay. Look dude, Anurag is a cool guy, he’s a dude, but don’t think he’ll wait for you forever. Charlie, come on, relax! It’s a temporary problem, I’ll be okay. What do you think this is, a freaking dent on the car You’re barely even able to follow this conversation man! Here’s my advice mate, go see a doctor. Charlie, I have an idea. I think I should go see a doctor! What do you say? Mr. Kaul, tell me about your lifestyle. It’ll be best if you’re perfectly honest with me. Do you smoke? Cigarettes? Yep! How much? – 1 pack. 2 packs on gig days. And… alcohol? Drinks, Mr. Kaul? I like drinks. – Lovely. How many? Two, four… sometimes up to six. – Six? Wait, does this include beer? Of course. Even beer gives you a high, right? Do I count a bottle as one peg or two? Two, let’s say two. Say Fifteen – round figure. – 15. Hm… What about drugs? What kind? Ayurvedic… grass, weed… the stuff babas do. Anything else? I tried Heroin, but it didn’t suit me. Why? – I was too drunk at the time. Hmm… must’ve gotten mixed. Ecstasy pills. I have a rule with those party drugs only at parties. Anything else? Nope… Never tried Cocaine. too expensive, you know. Tell me something, why are things that get made in a lab, so costly? Cocaine is super expensive, isn’t it? Ya… so… what about, like… sex? Do you practice safe sex? You should meet my girlfriend. Even a conversation with her isn’t safe. “Do not give up..” “You’ll reach eden by treading the path of thorns.” “Do not give up..” “You’ll reach eden by treading the path of thorns.” “O wanderer..” “O wanderer..” “O wanderer..” “O wanderer..” Mr. Kaul, the human body has incredible regeneration skills. Cut to the chase Doctor. What’s wrong with me? Look, don’t panic but.. uh.. you’re going to lose your hearing completely. It’s just a matter of time. You have something called Tinnitus. It comes from prolonged exposure to loud sounds. Your right ear is completely useless but the left is still about 30% functional at the moment. I’ll explain. Mr. Kaul, this… Mr. Kaul. This is your cochleae, and this basically reads the vibrations picked up by the ear and translates them for the brain, so you understand the sounds you hear. Now this cochlea is filled with a fluid which is leaking. I think it’s uh… hereditary. Can’t we plug the leak… Like with an M-Seal or something? It is an extremely delicate area. There isn’t much we can do surgically. You are going to have to extricate yourself from your professional environment. No music? I’m afraid so. Mr. Kaul, I only have one piece of advice for you, absolute silence to preserve the fluid. There is a chance that your hearing gets better. Like I said, do everything you can to rejuvenate your body. Quit smoking, drinking, drugs, all that, and you’ll have to get proper hours of sleep. Is there nothing you can do, doctor? This is a hearing aid but only use this when you have to. How could we have figured? Music is always blaring in the studio or the club. He’d stare at the screen like a maniac, we assumed he was high. Professional side effects Raunak’s ailment is quite a common one among DJs and musicians. Especially rockstars… like Pete Townsend. And of course, Beethoven, the greatest composer… he finally turned deaf. “Neither companion, nor a reason..” “..this is your test of fire.” “Neither companion, nor a reason..” “..this is your test of fire.” Do you know what your problem is? It’s become imperative for you to entertain people all the time. You’re always performing for them. You’ve got too used to people around you, music and crowds. It’s become your addiction. And if you don’t have that, you need this right. Drink it. I gotta quit it all… and I can’t with you around. “Let nobody stop you..” “..calling out to you.” “O wanderer..” “O wanderer..” “Do not stop..” Should I tell your mother? She won’t like it. I’ve kept this from everyone, Biscuit, Banjo, Shonali. Some inheritance he’s left me. Thanks dad! Okay sir, thank you, sorry again. Anurag’s producer on the line. That was Anurag’s producer, on the line. What did you say? Same old line. That you’re going through some personal shit. That all geniuses function the same way. Charlie, you know what the doc told me? He’s asked me to rest my ears. I won’t be able to work for a while. What do you mean? Charlie, this is my only hope for getting better that I rest my ears, completely. Please! Rest? Rest!!! What the hell else have you been doing for the past three months? Look, they’ve finished shooting their dialogue scenes; now they NEED the songs. And all I know is that you HAVE to deliver it! The producers even revised their shoot schedule for you, you spoilt brat! And you know exactly what happens to our contract if you don’t deliver this time around. And the huge advance we took for this job is blown to dust… on your vices! You don’t DJ anymore, so that stream has run dry as well. I don’t give a damn. You just have to finish this project. You think I haven’t thought about this? This isn’t easy for me either but it’s the question of my entire bloody life. I, me, mine, my life… You are the most self-centered bastard I’ve ever seen, Raunak. I don’t give a damn what you do after this project is finished but you got to get this done. You want to rest, rest it out. You want to kill yourself, be my guest. It’s just a couple of weeks; get into the studio and wrap it up. This is bullshit dude! Why so grim mate? Let’s finish this song and get the hell out of here. Hello! Do you have any values? What bullcrap is this man? We’ve kept our traps shut this whole time. Taken your nonsense, your whims – all that to listen to this shit mix? What? – Are you fucking deaf? You’re deaf? Almost. Since when? Been a while. And it’s getting worse. Why didn’t you tell us? What would I have said? It was my secret man. No one goes around broadcasting their impotence now, do they? Right ear’s totally out, there’s no hope. See, nothing! There’s some hope the left might recover though. But I’ve got to be careful. This hearing aid helps a bit. But the doc has asked me to use it only in emergencies. I can hear a bit with this. What? – Man, he just… he just… Same shit, another day man… let’s go. No… no! “This life..that we are living” “This life that we have..” “This is..the lovely colours..and beauty..” “There is a little sorrow!” “A little bit of happiness..” “A little bit of sorrow..” “A little bit of happiness” “This is..this is..the shadow of the sun light!” “Yes..this is life..” ..”And in this life..” “..This is only the true colours of life and beauty..” “This is a life” You haven’t worked on it at all, have you? Shit man! Look man, leaving our friendship and personal equation aside, that’s cool but I don’t think I can continue with you anymore mate. Charlie, I can’t hear a thing anymore. I think you ought to leave now. Oh man! Been to a doctor? Go to a doctor, or go out into the hills to find some peace. Do whatever it takes but take care of yourself, mate. I’ll handle things here. Just hope the bloody producer doesn’t sue me, man. All the best, Raunak, all the best. Mr. Kaul… Please sit! this is an alternate therapy. Give it a shot. It might just help. Read up on it. Ok – to begin with, I will put this liquid in your ears. Don’t worry, it’s only oil. See? Then I will take this candle, it’s like a pipe, open from both sides… and it will create a vacuum. Turn around. Then, I will light this candle up. You’re going to start feeling warm now as the oil slowly flows into… Excuse me… how much time will it take? Aaah… oh my, God! Oh, my God. Help! Help! There’s a fire! Get up, get up!
“With my eyes..” “When our eyes met..” “When our eyes met..” “When the eyes met..” “When your eyes meet mine..” “When your eyes meet my eyes..” “When eyes meet..” We had no news. Charlie was mum. Even that Shonali wasn’t saying anything. Yeah, but Banjo did say that he was in some combat ashram… In Coimbatore… in an ashram; meditating. Yeah, the complete silence types, you know. So inspiring, no? “When my eyes met your eyes..” “When eyes met..” “When the eyes met..” “When your eyes met my eyes..” “When eyes met..” “When eyes met..” Raunak had shut himself in a room. He was convinced that if his hearing had to recover, he’d have to insulate himself from any kind of noise. “Why do you come in front of my eyes..” “O my beloved..” “Why do you come in front of my eyes..” “O my beloved..” “Now you tell beloved.. how would I be able to pass time.” “Now you tell beloved.. how would I be able to pass time.” “when our eyes met..” I could have stopped him from moving to Alibaug. I could have stopped him from moving to Bombay. But he’s Parth Kaul’s son. “When my eyes met your eyes..” “When our eyes met..” “When our eyes met..” “When your eyes met my eyes..” “When our eyes met..” “When our eyes meet..” This was the worst phase of Raunak’s life. I doubt if he stepped out of that room in those couple of months. He’d receded into a very dark state of depression. One’s heard that all geniuses lose it at some point. He was probably going through the same thing. “My beloved life..what did life tell you..” “When the eyes each other..they asked why?” “My mind is not set here!” “O my beloved life..” “When eyes..met ” Good morning, sister-in-law – Good morning. Don’t you have to go to the club today? No, they’re in talks to sell it off, so we’re shut for a few days. Do you want to see him? I can take you there. He’ll come here when he’s ready. You said the same thing about Parth. He didn’t come though, did he? At least not while he was alive. Oh, shit! Oh, shit! Help me! Help, help! I’d completely lost hope. I wasn’t sure he was coming back. I never doubted whether he’d come back. The only question for me was when he’d come back and in what sort of state. I was going through my own crisis at the time. I was selling off the club. The divorce settlement was heavy on me, I was in dire straits, financially. Dark clouds loomed larger than ever. But you know what they say right, it’s darkest just before dawn. What’s the point crying over spilt milk? Raunak, what the hell are you doing? – Stop! Stop there! Stop! You’re finished… you’re dead! Why did you do this to me? Why… tell me why! Who are you… who are you? Tell me who you are!!! Tell me! Good thing you’re here, Mom. Now I’m absolutely alright. Just… also permanently deaf. No, no, no… don’t give me your filmy line about how God’s grace might be delayed but is never denied. Excuse me… ma’am? Hello? Ma’am. Ma’am… I’m talking to… Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you but, I’ve been calling out to you since then and… I didn’t hear you. I’m deaf. Deaf… I… Really? But you don’t look deaf! How does someone LOOK deaf? You thought I’d have my ears missing? I’m missing my ears too. I’m deaf. Hey, do you remember we’ve met before? I almost ran over you, I was very pissed then. I’m sorry for that uhh… Gauri. Gauri. Gauri. – Gauri. I’m Raunak. Raunak. Raunak… Would you like to learn lip reading? I can’t… Lip reading. Lip reading. How much time will it take? Raunak, in a way, it’s a good thing that you’ve gone deaf later in life and weren’t born that way. You have the memory of sound in you. You know what a sound or a word sounds like. All you need to learn now is to connect those sounds to visuals. I think maybe you’re overlooking the fact that I can’t lip read yet. I can’t understand what you’re saying. Isn’t there an easier way for us to communicate? Lips… Lips? Okay. You can recognise any sound or word by reading my lips or tongue. And of course, all facial expressions as well, yeah? You need to focus on these now and feel it. Shall we try? Try? – Try. Try… That’s what I’m here for. Aaa… Vee… Pee… It could also be ‘be’ right? Pee… Bee… pee.. bee… Pee… Tuh ree… tuh ree… tree Tuh ree… Gau ree…. Sau ree… Aaa… appple… A for apple. Buh… Baa. Bas! He’s just like his father. Are you fucking deaf? Banjo. BHUH! Are you hungry? Go to HELL! Sho – naa – lee. CHUH – Come on. Chuh – CHA – CHU Raunak Chachu… Charr lee… The honeybees… Is an asshole. Dude! DHuh, Duh… D for desolate, D for drinking, D is for doodoo too. Gaa – Gaa – Go… Buy Gauri some flowers. I’ve got flowers for you. Foo. – Fuh. Gaa – Gaa – Kaa – Kon – Chin – Tate! Muh… – Memory of sound. Muh… I’ve got MOM on my side Suh… Self centered bastard, Raunak! Shhuh… – Chances are, you SHALL never hear again. Shh! She’s sleeping. The – ka. Tho – ka. Dho- ka. Vuh – Don’t Worry. Vee. Whiskey. There’s no exam for lip reading. RAW – Think you’re a Rockstar? DJ Raunak. Raunak, Raunak, Raunak. The – quick – brown – fox – jumps – over – lazy – dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. That man is pointing to his heart. Oh no, no, no, he’s getting a pen from his pocket and asking the other guy to write it down. Nine – Nine.. B… Damn it! How the hell am I going to do it? Raunak, don’t panic. Don’t give up so soon. These things are bound to take time. It’s difficult to understand language without sound but not as difficult as it is for a blind man to understand colour. The day will come when you can just look at a person and know what he’s saying. Okay? Most important thing is, get comfortable with your deafness, and the fact that it’s never going to change. Accept it and automatically, your other senses will become stronger. Your world will change, trust me. I’ve never heard a sound in my life but I can fully appreciate the beauty of creation. Come on, try again, with a different pair. Let’s practice. Okay. That man is demanding money from the woman. 3 lakh rupees. The woman’s saying it’s too much. The man says the job’s too risky and he won’t do it for any less. The woman says she only has 30 thousand. The man is threatening to torture her. Oh damn, Gauri, this woman’s putting a contract out on her husband. Didn’t you just ask me to strengthen my other senses? When everything’s a blank page, one resorts to imagination, doesn’t one? I got you… I got you! – Easy, easy there. What did you feed him as a child, sister-in-law? I’m gonna sing a song for you now Now I’ve gone completely deaf, I can’t hear a thing I say… but even today in my heart I can hear this tune… He’s still trying to make music. Youth and madness, they’re one and the same thing. I know you guys are talking about me. Isn’t it, Uncle? Mom, now I’m not one bit depressed. Whatever happened… bygones. I don’t regret anything anymore and neither should you. I’ve made this a NO ENTRY for sadness. What say, Uncle? Cheers? Gauri had definitely spun some magic on him. Raunak wasn’t telling me much but a mother always knows. He had changed. Gauri, you are a rockstar. ROCKSTAR! This means I love you I love you… I love you. Hello there, what’s your name? I am Peter. Could you up the volume, please? I can’t hear a thing. Yes Ma’am. I just asked him to up the deck volume because I couldn’t hear a thing. Do you know how funny you look? Anthony, did you see how funny he looks when he’s kissing? I’m your teacher. I can’t do this with my students. If you want to kiss me, then take me out first, on a romantic date. Let’s go! Where are you taking her? I don’t know. I’ll decide after I pick her up. Plan to marry her? Do you plan to marry her? Mom! I’m taking her out on our first date tonight. Too early to talk about marriage. Why? There’s nothing like ‘early’ if you love her. Romeo and Juliet are still etched in the world’s memory. They only met thrice and on the third instance, they died even. And you want me to get there on my first date? Anyway, how do I look? – Very good. Bye Gauri. Hi. Do you remember that I’m deaf? There’s no point banging on the door. Every door in the neighborhood will open up, except mine. So how does get in? WOW! There’s always another way and it’s usually more beautiful. Shall we? Good evening ma’am, good evening sir. What would you like to drink? One fresh lime, sweet and salt – mixed. Mixed. And for you, ma’am? Uhh… scotch please? Sure ma’am. What did you order? Wait and see? Sir your fresh lime soda. Ma’am your double whiskey. You ordered whiskey? – Yeah, why? No it’s just… I used to drink whiskey earlier. Quit it. I had visions of Johnny Joker. No one ever went deaf on account of alcohol, Raunak. God gave us booze to show he loved us. Cheers to the DJ. – And cheers to you. I was talking about that DJ. You miss it a lot, don’t you? Never wished for anything more than music. Anything less than silence would’ve been okay. It’ll come. Nonsense. Only the bill will come. Miracles can happen. Why are you so optimistic? Because it doesn’t cost a dime. There’s music even in these ruins. This temple is around 500 years old. The rulers back in the day told the artisans to create something memorable. The most interesting thing is if you tap these pillars lightly, they emanate musical notes. How does it matter when you can’t hear a thing? Don’t hear it. Feel it. In your heart. Come. The world sees with its eyes, he began to hear. Raunak developed an ingenious system. He started studying the waveforms of the songs he knew from before. He was beginning to see music instead of hearing it. He started finding the rhythm in everyday things. He immersed himself in the music of life. “We will fall in love with each other without any fear..” “Now we both wont be scared of this society..” “We are in love and we have not done any robbery” “Its our heart that has met now..and is joined.” “I will do only those things that will keep my heart happy” “Why are we bothered of the society!” “We will fall in love with each other without any fear..” “Now we both wont be scared of this society..” “Hey look at them..they are hiding and romancing! “What is the fun..when you are scared from inside.” “Now we have to look after each other.” “Now what ever is happening..let it be!” “I will do only those things that will keep my heart happy” “Why are we bothered of the society!” “We will fall in love with each other without any fear..” “Now we both wont be scared of this society..” We will fall in love with each other without any fear..” “Now we both wont be scared of this society..” “We will fall in love with each other without any fear..” “Now we both wont be scared of this society..” Sounds good. Come on, enough for the day. Just give me 2 minutes. Hmm… NOW! Or else, I’m going to run around the whole house naked. Really? – Hmm. then the work is done. No trouble understanding that, eh? Come here… How do you plan to escape me today Gauri… Stop. Gauri, stop! Gauri, careful! I’m here to say sorry, Charlie. I know you were depending on me. I screwed up. That’s what you’re apologizing for? Charlie, I can’t hear you. I read lips now. Is that what you’re sorry for? Do you seriously believe that no one else besides you has problems in life? What of Charlie’s problems? Tango!? Do you know, I had to… Do you know I had to sell off my nightclub? You know what it’s called now? ‘Soundtrack’! I can’t even say I heard about this because I can’t hear anything now. Look Charlie, I’m sorry things turned out the way they did but I can’t do anything now except apologise for it. Nothing at all. Give this a hear please. Your opinion matters to me. Bye. I’m sorry. I’m sorry you had to leave the villa. My wife got it in the settlement. That’s quite alright Charlie. The verdict on my hearing was settled before yours. Don’t forget about this. I’ve worked really hard. Hey open the door, man. Hey, Raunak! Hey Romeo open the door, man. Somebody, anybody home? Look behind you. Behind you. Charlie. Holy shit, Raunak. – Charlie, relax. Oh, sorry. – Charlie – Gauri, my mom. Hello. – Hello. Hi, Charlie. – Hi. She’s also deaf, like me. – Your mom? Dude, is being deaf some kind of family business for you guys? Pch… not my mom Charlie, Gauri… Gauri. Tea? – Charlie doesn’t drink tea. Right, Charlie? – No, no, no, no. Come. – Lets go. Ok buddy, be honest now. Did you make this? How is it? What did you think, I’ve come in the middle of the night because I was missing you? Charlie, please tell me how it is… I’ve never heard it. What do you mean you haven’t heard it. Charlie, I’m completely deaf. Completely? – Pin drop silence. Then this? Charlie, I can’t hear, but I can hear. Oh man… bro… bro come here, man. This is good… this is damn good! This is DAMN GOOD. You have no idea how… Charlie relax, control. I can’t hear you, no point shouting. Oh, oh, okay. Good, good, good. Boss you have no idea how good this is. When we release this album, it’s going to make you a superstar, overnight. And folks DIG your kind of triumph of the human spirit stories. You watch reality shows right? Yeah! Charlie, I don’t think we should tell people about my handicap. Why not? – I don’t want any charity. Bro, are you kidding me? Musicians are a dime-a-dozen in this town. Has anyone ever heard of a deaf composer around here? No! That’s exactly what we should take advantage of. Wisen up my boy! Charlie, all I want to know is if my music is good, despite my deafness. Oh my love, take it from me… screw me. Take it in writing from a guy with an ear for music. You are going to be a role model for people, definitely. They’ll even make feature films on your life! Get your make up on, buddy. Roll camera, sound… Sorry, no sound, action! I was going through a dark phase. And then I discovered genuine brightness. I took to the New Emami Fair and Handsome, especially for Men. Hi Handsome..Hi handsome. And I found what I was looking for. Hi Handsome. Do you hear me? Cut..pack up! What’s up? Lost your marbles? Why is your hair red? Want me to talk about your nest? Ever slide my hand in there, a pair of sparrows might come flying out. Want me to talk about your face? Looks like you were made in a lab. Now you’re talking just like my ex-girlfriend. Shouldn’t have broken up with her. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? Does it, does it? Now you’re talking just like my future wife. Was that your proposal? Well, I thought you were a fast learner but now, it looks like I’m going to have to stay and teach you stuff, all life long. So does that amount to acceptance? Your highness… Here he is. Hey, the king and queen of subtitles. Charlie, what the hell is all this ruckus about? I don’t like any of this. Please. Here you go. – What’s this now? Keys to my villa. I want you to keep it. Keep it? – Yeah. Keep it. You only gave me a doll for the first album. This time, keys? Aah, the doll reminds me… ta-daan. The Raunak action figure, version 2.0. Pa-dum… how it is? How is Raunak? Charlie, I don’t want any of this showbiz stuff now. Hey listen, come on brother, please. I really don’t have the time for all this… Charlie I don’t want any of this… – Please, mate. The press is on its way, I have to go receive them. You also get ready okay? Bye. He’s doing all this for the publicity. – Exactly my point. Hi, okay. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for coming. Well, just two years ago, he came to our city, armed only with a bagpack and a guitar. Today we have with us a role model and an inspiration. Ladies and gentlemen, Raunak Kaul. Now you can ask him your questions directly. And don’t worry, he can read your lips. Yes, ma’am. Sir..over hear! You could hear once, now you’re deaf. How does that make you feel? From where you are, I may be deaf to you. Similarly, you’re mute to me, from where I am. Nothing has changed, except my perspective. Whoa, I say Raunak! But how can a deaf man compose music? How is it possible? Everything is possible if you want to make it possible. Who made the rules that a deaf man can’t compose music? Didn’t Beethoven? Uhh, excuse me, hello… are you comparing yourself to Beethoven? No. I’m not likening myself to Beethoven. All I’m trying to say is you don’t need ears to make music, you need soul. And I’m not here for any publicity either. I made this album at a point when I’d lost my hearing completely. I had some unproduced stuff of my father’s which I’ve recreated in my own way. That’s it! But how do we believe that you produced this indeed? Be my guest not to. I don’t need to prove jackshit to you subwoofers! Go home, the lot of you. I don’t need to prove myself to these people, Charlie. Hey Raunak, come back man, where are you going? Stop it. He is insulting us. Hey Raunak, come back, man! Damn it? You can’t talk to the press like this. Come on guys, sit down, please… he’s a creative guy, an artist. There was certainly no need to be rude with him. Rude! Here’s another callous comment. You’re the one saying he’s deaf, he’s saying he’s deaf. all we want to know is how he’s composed music being deaf. Or else, this is a publicity stunt? Hey, come on, Raunak Kaul is deaf for a fact, and he has produced this album in his state of deafness. Trust me on this, brother. I mean, here’s a guy who overcomes his handicap and emerges as a shining example, a role model, an inspiration for others. Yet he has to prove his talent, his abilities to us folks. Folks like us, who’ve got what – not even jackshit to show for ourselves. Come on man, being a deaf musician is tougher than being a one-legged footballer or a blind painter. Just because he looks normal doesn’t mean he isn’t handicapped. You got to… I think we should go ahead and do the concert..I have the clearance..we can do this. Let us do it man. Excuse me, sir? You wanted proof? You’ll have it. Ladies and gentlemen, Raunak Kaul will perform LIVE in concert, Saturday night! He’s the man. He’s a genius and he’s a true blue rockstar. Rumor has it that to convince Raunak to perform in concert, Charlie had to shave off all his hair. ALL OF IT! “This world is a small place, every where there are roads that are already known..” “I hope to meet you some day soon!” “I am sure to meet you some day..and I will ask how you are?” Goodluck. I’m going to feel a little less nervous with you two around. What an evening. Some new faces, some old friends. Thank you so much for coming. I would like to thank our sponsors, especially our music label Saregama for believing in us and giving us this opportunity. And now without any further ado, please welcome the man who makes handicapped people look cool. Beethoven from Bandra, Raunak Kaul. This is it bro, I believe in you. Yayy Raunak. Can you guys hear me? But I can’t hear you. So please applaud as loud as you can. Some people believe that I’m not deaf. I don’t quite care about what they have to say. And some others who think I can’t hear might feel sympathy for me, at how unfortunate I am. But I think I’m a very fortunate man. How many people get to realise their father’s unfulfilled dreams. So thanks papa… what an inheritance you’ve left me indeed. For a while back there, I’d badly lost my way. And there was a certain someone who shone the light upon me. Literally. Tonight is my turn. “I belong to her..and she belongs to me.” “Whether a desert or an ocean comes between us..” “I belong to her..and she belongs to me.” “Whether a desert or an ocean comes between us..” “Whether there is a distance or friendship its between us” “I belong to her..and she belongs to me.” “Whether a desert or an ocean comes between us..” “I belong to her..and she belongs to me.” “Whether a desert or an ocean comes between us..” “Whether there is a distance or friendship its between us” “I have seen many lovers, but no one as manic as me” “There may be many daggers, but only one needed to slay” “I have been through many storms, but always found one safe shore” “I know that it takes many beads to make one single anklet” “I have heard many ballads sung in one concert” “I have seen many fools being led by one wise man” “I have been down many roads but I have one destination..” “…one destination, one destination” “I belong to her..and she belongs to me.” “Whether a desert or an ocean comes between us..” “Whatever is hers is mine..” “Whether a desert or an ocean comes between us..” “Whether there is a distance or friendship its between us” “I have seen many lovers, but no one as manic as me” “There are many religions, but a believer needs only one” “I have many desires, but only one that has yet to be realized” There may be many eyes, one bit of kohl can beautify them all “I know that many uneducated can be taught by one teacher” “There may be many who hide the truth” “it takes just one to convince them”.. “I have been down many roads but I have one destination…” “one destination, one destination” “Whatever is hers is mine..” “Whether a desert or an ocean comes between us..” “Whatever is hers is mine..” “Whether a desert or an ocean comes between us..” “Whether there is a distance or friendship its between us” “I have seen many lovers, but no one as manic as me” “There may be many daggers, but only one needed to slay” “I have been through many storms, but always found one safe shore” “I know that it takes many beads to make one single anklet” “I have heard many ballads sung in one concert” “I have seen many fools being led by one wise man” “I have been down many roads but I have one destination..” “one destination, one destination” “one destination, one destination” “one destination, one destination” Raunak, Raunak, Raunak… Raunak, Raunak, Raunak… Raunak, Raunak, Raunak… Excuse me, excuse me. Thank you, thank you… excuse me, excuse me…. excuse me, excuse me…. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You want Raunak Kaul? – Yes! Well, I’m Charlie… and only Charlie can get you Raunak Kaul. So wait here, I’m gonna get you Raunak Kaul. Call him – Raunak! Raunak, Raunak, Raunak… Raunak, Raunak, Raunak… Raunak, hey Raunak! Where are you, mate? Hey rockstar, come on out, man. Where are you mate? Raunak? Bhan…. whatta show man, whatta show! Where’s Raunak? In the restroom? He’s gone. – What do you mean he’s gone, dude? The entire media’s waiting outside for him. I’ve promised them I’m gonna get them Raunak. Man, whatta show! We’re going live in a half hour. Don’t kid around now… where’s Raunak? Charlie… Raunak is gone. We’d never had such a tremendous performance even before he went deaf. It was so nice… amazing. And then, he disappears! Gone! Poof! There was a lot of buzz in the circuit about where he went. You know some say they saw him here, some say they saw him there. I once saw him in the New York subway. He was playing the guitar… and I thought to myself, ‘man, this guy is so incredible’. I wondered why our Indian Idol was sitting idle in America. Raunak, a beggar? No. I was in Ladakh for a medical conference. They’d sent me from here, specially. So I was just driving past, in my car and some Lhamas crossed me and I went, hey, that’s Mr. Kaul… so I even gave him a shout out, ‘Mr. Kaul…’ but, I forgot that he was deaf. Raunak, a Lhama? No. I mean, I’m sure… I can positively say that MAYBE I’ve seen him. I have no idea. But you should ask Charlie. A few years ago, we’d gone to Kathmandu for a show. Now you can’t carry dope from here, can you? So we met a dealer there. He offered us a discount. Ask why. Cos he’d seen our picture in his boss’ house. Who could that be? Kaiser Shoze… Raunak, a drug dealer? No… Uhh… There was a lot of discussion but no one could say anything for sure. He just upped and vanished one day. Could be anywhere. “I want to share a lovely story..” “This story does not have any words..” “But still we could hear..” “The person who wrote this story..we have no address too.” And once every 6-8 months, I get a cd which tells me that that asshole… is out there somewhere. Long as there’s music, there’s Raunak. “Yes.. this is a story..” “..a different story and it belongs to me..” “I have my this life..” “Now please take me to the heavens..where ever it is..” “O the little voices are calling me..” “Yes..they are calling me..” “Now take me to the heavens..” “Now voices come..and try calling me there..” Raunak achieved the impossible. What more inspiration can one ask for? Raunak had talent, serious talent but… Raunak had great style, great flair. I wish I could be like him. A deaf guy who became such a big part of this industry. It’s quite incredible. He taught us that whatever you do, pursue it with passion, absolute passion and never give up. “My life is discribed in just few words..” “I just dont have anything to hide..” “I have pen marks on the blancket of life.” “Yes..thats my story..” “Yes..I have my freedom with this life of mine.. “Take the Heaven..after all..” Now come little voices call for me.” “Call me..” “Take the Heaven..after all..” Now come little voices call for me.” “Call me..”


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