Spring, Texas Ophthalmologist Dr. Neema Nayeb-Hashemi

Hello, my name is Dr. Neema Nayeb-Hashemi and I’m an ophthalmologist here at Kelsey-Seybold. Every decision that I make and that I discuss with the patient, I really want it to be something that they’re comfortable with and I always let them know ahead of time that whatever decision is made, we make it together. It really makes our work a lot easier when we’re able to communicate with colleagues directly as opposed to having to constantly refer patients out and communicate with colleagues through letters and email. And I think not only can we do a better job in managing patients’ medical issues that way, but we can do it much more efficiently. I really look forward to being able to offer patients the best care I possibly can, and alleviating the fears that patients have when they walk into the clinic initially. Our colleagues in Optometry help us with a lot of routine eye care, along with contact lens fitting and monitoring patients for diseases that may need to be referred to an opthamologist for further medical or surgical management. I really develop immense satisfaction from this work, providing a great service to patients and really offering them hope in a lot of cases where they really feel like they don’t have any. I have the ability with skills that I’ve obtained over a period of time to really impact, make a difference in people’s lives, and there’s a certain confidence and sense of privilege that comes with that.

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