Steven Raichlen’s Pork Loin & Red-eye BBQ Sauce on a Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill

Talk about going whole hog, our next dish
combines a pork loin, pork tenderloin, and rack of pork chops, in one awesome monster
roast. Think coffee based java rub, think red-eye gravy, I call it smoke-tisserie pork
loin. One of my favorite techniques for cooking a big roast is what I call smoke-tisserie
grilling, or smoke-tisserie smoking, and it’s cooking a cylindrical shaped piece of meat
on a rotisserie. Adding wood chips or wood to the fire so it both smokes and spit-roasts.
Now you’ll need to special order this pork loin from your butcher. It consists of the
rack of pork chops, the pork tenderloin, and on the other side, the pork loin. If you cut
the back half of this roast crosswise you get a pork porterhouse. Step number one, make
the rub. The rub starts with ground coffee, brown sugar, paprika, sea salt, freshly ground
black pepper, and ground cumin. As always, mix the rub with your hands, breaking up any
lumps in the brown sugar with your fingers. So next, sprinkle the rub over the roast on
all sides. The coffee in the rub pays homage to the ham with red-eye gravy cowboys used
to make around the campfire. And last of all, don’t forget to rub the end of the roast.
Once the pork loin is rubbed, insert the rotisserie spit, and run it the length of the roast.
You want to feel it come out the other end. Then insert the front prongs, twist and use
a fork to tighten up that lock nut. Then insert the rear prong, then again snug up this lock
nut. To cook this over sized pork roast, I’m using a Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grill. Pull
out the fuel tray, lighting a gas grill always with the lid open. When you hear ignition,
then light two of the main burners. I have two pecan logs here, lay them on the main
burners long enough to ignite. Now close the fuel drawer and come back in 15 minutes. So
the logs are lit and nicely charred. You want to move them so they run parallel to the spit.
Take the pork roast and insert one end of the spit in this hole, the other end in the
socket, and switch the rotisserie on. The cooking is going to be done by this front
burner, and the smoky wood will provide a smoky flavor. Close the grill lid, cooking
time about one and a half to two hours. Well the smoke-tisserie pork loin should be done,
wow does that look amazing. Just turn off the rotisserie, let’s check the temperature,
we are looking for 150 to 155, bingo. So now, arm yourself with grill gloves. Now that is
a pork roast. So, first thing, remove the prongs. Then pull out the spit. Make a cut
along the backbone, it’s really tender. Then stand the pork roast back up and start cutting
it into chops, and with the cleaver. Then you can turn the roast over, this is the pork
tenderloin. Look at that. Place the pork roast here, slice the tenderloin crosswise, into
finger-thick slices. We are really lucky to be using a Duroc hog. That is a heritage breed,
super flavorful. You know, how your meat is raised, where it comes from, matter as much
as how you smoke it. And to serve with the pork, the red-eye barbecue sauce. The recipe
is on our website. We also have grilled heirloom tomatoes, grilled organic green onions. I’ll
take a mighty pork chop, and a piece of pork tenderloin, and a spoonful of the red-eye
barbecue sauce. This pork chop is so tender, so juicy, and what’s really nice, this is
just a light perfume of wood smoke. Now I’ll try the tenderloin with a little of the sauce,
obviously that’s the most tender part of this loin roast. What’s nice about the sauce, it
contains bacon which ties back to the pork, and brewed coffee which ties back to the coffee
in the barbecue rub. So the next time you want to knock it out of the park, spit-roast
and entire pork loin.


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