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– Hi, I’m Natalia Dyer. – Hi, I’m Charlie Heaton. – And we’re gonna break down a scene shot-by-shot from
– From. – Stranger Things Season 3. – Where is she? – I don’t know. – Are you sure this is the right room? (lights zapping)
– Yeah. (tense music) – She’s gone home. We were hoping it might come back. – We shot this over two, was it two days? Two full days. 12 to 14 hours, so it’s a lot of time. – It was the craziest night of filming, ’cause it was a late night, again, you have these flickering lights, and then here’s this guy. – [Jonathan] Whose blood is that? – Tom, whatever you’ve done, it’s not you. He’s making you do this. (vase shatters) (Charlie laughs) – Had to rehearse that so many times. Safely, to get the choreography. – When I had to hit Michael with the vase, there was one that’s like
a breakaway sugar glass? Is it sugar glass?
– Yeah, I think so. – It’s like a breakaway
vase, and then one of them was a rubber vase, ’cause
we did it multiple times, and you have to, like the guy was– – One time, you really got him. – I know, really, he said
if you hit him harder, it’s gonna hurt less,
that is what he said, and I was like, really? – Very kind to him.
– And Michael was great, He was really up for it. He was like, “No, no, no, I
really want you to hit me.” And so it’s was one of
those where you’re like, (Charlie inhales), and then– – Hit me.
– You just say hit me, and I won’t, I think I–
– Yeah, you really got him. – I got him on the ear, I just
remember his ear being red, and it was like we’d do a–
– Yeah. Oh my God.
– Smash him on the side, and then we ran, and it’d be like, cut, and I’d come back and be like, are you all right?
– Are you okay? (Charlie chuckles) You all right? – Good sport. – But he was good. (vase shattering)
(intense music) (Nancy pants) – Owie. – A lot of it’s practical, real makeup. – A lot of it was practical, all the blood and the sweat. They made his eyes darker. – Yeah, scary. He’s really tall, too. Really towers over you.
– Yeah. Go, go, go! (Nancy and Jonathan panting)
(intense music) – Run! – Oh, the stairs.
– Oh, yeah. The stairs, the stairs, the stairs.
– We did this about 15 times.
– So many times. – Obviously, every time you
reset, you’re back up and down. – And, well, there’s different
angles of every shot, so you’re doing it quite a lot, it was a very physical– – It’s good. – Running day, yeah!
– It helped. And also, when you reset, you
stop and they change cameras, you get a maybe 10, 15 minute break. You reset, but you’re not out of breath and you’re not running,
so you do a lot of running before the take, just on the spot. (Nancy and Jonathan panting) – Was it Bob doing steady cam? – Oh, yeah, that was hard. – When we were doing the
steady cam, it was like, he had to chase us down the
corridor, but backwards, and then at times–
– And getting the timing of that was really tricky–
– I think we ran into him a couple of times. I slammed the door on him once. It was quite a painful day, yeah. – It was, yeah, it was
a lot of physical work. – And your shoes, running in high heels.
– Running in those, they were these flats, these sling-backs, and they’re very cute and
they go great with the outfit, they’re really, really hard to run in! They’re really hard to run in. – [Jonathan] This way, this way! (Nancy and Jonathan panting) – It was amazing. They had this whole empty
hospital to play around in, it was quite eerie at times. It’s also that crazy
thing about we’re running, and he’s just walking,
but he’s right there. (intense music) (Nancy panting) – Nancy! (intercom buzzes) Hello, hello! – Here! – I remember at this point,
our characters are not– – We’re not okay. – We’re not okay with each other, we’ve argued at this
point, we’ve fallen out, things are still not okay with them. But then, when it matters– – Yeah, survival. – When you put your lives at
risk for the other person, so– – Puts things in perspective,
– Yeah. – When you get attacked by monsters. (door shuts)
(lock clicks) – It’s ringing! – I don’t care how good her pie is! No, I don’t want her in my damn house. (Charlie laughs) – She was amazing, she was so great. – Come on, pick up! (lights zapping) – Nancy? – Come on, come on, come on– (window shatters)
(Nancy screams) – Hi, there. – [Charlie] Another breakaway glass? – [Natalia] You only
have so many of those. You really gotta get it right. – I think he got glass in his eye. – Yeah, I think he did at one point. Still kind of sharp–
– It’s not real glass, because it breaks away.
– Oh, yeah. – It breaks into small pieces, and they kind of rub against you. – But they also throw other kind of glass, that if you step on it,
it gets really slippery. – Basically super dangerous. – Super dangerous,
running around like crazy! (glass shatters)
(intense music) (lock clicks) (Nancy gasps) (door creaks) – I’m here for you, Nancy Drew. (Nancy gasps) (Jonathan grunts) – [Nancy] No! (screams) (surgical tools crash) – We rehearsed this quite a lot.
– We rehearsed this the day before, it was a lot of choreography.
– It was a whole day. – You throw yourself into it a lot, I kind of wanted to do as
much of it as we could. – Definitely got some bruises from that day.
– Yeah we got bruises. Both Jake and Michael were both really good at the physical side– – Yeah, everyone was so
excited for this scene, all four of us were like, let’s do it. (surgical tools crash) (Jonathan grunts) (Jonathan yells)
(body thuds) (Jonathan moans) – Oh that stunt double, poor guy. – There were some
incredible stunt doubles. – Some, yeah the doubles were amazing. – Yeah, they were really good. – A double who doubles for
you also doubles for Eleven, earlier this season
– Yeah. – Yeah, I was pretty beat at that point. (Bruce growls) (Jonathan groans) – Jonathan! (body thuds)
No! Oh, brutal. – Yeah, that was me. – Would you be able to get
up after this in real life? – I mean, I did.
– That’s a lot. (Charlie chuckles) (Nancy gasping) (Jonathan heaves) (Nancy gasping) (intense music) (Bruce yells)
(chair clatters) (Bruce groans) All of the stuff in the hospital, when the lights are flickering, after a while, you just feel sick. It looks great, but–
– Yeah. – Kind of a weird environment to work in. – And sweat, they was always– – Oh my god, so much.
– Spraying us. What was it that they used? – Sometimes they used glycerine? – Glycerine, so it’s super sticky. So you’re just–
– Or, like sunscreen. – So all day, you were sticky, all around your neck, and it’s not– – Or if it gets in your
eyes, it’s not fun. (knife clatters) (Bruce grunts) (Nancy pants) – Help! Is anyone here? – Nancy! – He has such a Terminator feel about him. – Yeah.
– His walk. – [Bruce] Nancy! (door slams) (chair clatters) – Where are you going? – Yeah, it’s draining, really. – It’s a lot of energy. – It’s such a heightened state,
and you do it so many times, but you also have these breaks,
and they’re changing angles, they’re moving all the stuff, so you’re really heightened
for a shot a couple times, then you go sit and then you
be really heightened again. – It’s a lot of psyching
yourself up for the moment and then you say, dropping off. But that also feels really nice, to come home from a
day’s work and feel like you’ve put your body through the ringer. I like it. (Jonathan grunts) (head thuds) (metal scrapes) – Marco. (intense music) Marco. – Polo! (fire extinguisher thuds)
(Bruce groans) (Tom groans) Again, a lot of rehearsal, a
lot of going back and forth between the real fire
extinguisher and a foam one. How does that feel, when
you’re holding a foam one? (Bruce groans) (Tom groans) Go to hell! – I’m just so scared you hurt somebody. They’re like, come on, let’s
do it, no, do it for real! And you’re like, okay, ah. And they’re like, just do it! It was fun, yeah, it was a lot of fun. (intense music) – [Charlie] So the ones that
you see me stabbing with, that cut-off scissors,
they have multiple ones. – Real ones.
– (laughs) Real ones. – Fake ones. – That kinda–
– They’re foam. – It would still putting
them up to his neck. (eerie music) – And then his reaction as
well to the whole thing. How does it feel real? How do you get yourself in this state? But when I was doing that,
– You’re working. – His reaction every
time was just so great. – We hoped you enjoyed this
shot-by-shot breakdown. Please watch Stranger
Things Season 3 on Netflix. (eerie music)


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