STRANGEST Animals That Are Hard To Believe Are REAL!

From regenerating its own limbs to breathing
through its genitals, here are 14 of the strangest creatures ever. 14. Leafy Seadragon
Another creature from ocean that is sure to make waves when you realize it’s real, is
the Leafy Seadragon. A perfect name for it! When you look at it, it looks like a simple
piece of seaweed, yet, it’s actually alive. The creature was found off the coast of Australia,
and is proof that the ocean still holds many secrets. The only way to notice that this thing is
alive is to look for its eye, or to see it move in an unnatural way as it goes to get
food. Like sea horses, the male takes care of the
eggs until they are born. They are some of the best camouflaged creatures
on the planet so their population is unknown. A lot of divers started looking for them and
keeping them as pets so the Australian government passed a law protecting them and listing them
as critically endangered. 33. Angora Rabbits
What is there to say? This is a rabbit that has so much fur, you
honestly can’t tell that it’s a rabbit. I bet you were expecting something much different
when I mentioned “rabbit” in the title, huh? Well, to give you a few facts about this rabbit,
it’s found in Turkey, and it was once a prized pet for French nobles. And, obviously, these rabbits were prized
for their fur, which is why they were bred in decent numbers, so their hair could be
shaved and used for other things. Like making nice, cozy sweaters! Do any of you have this rabbit as a pet?? You can watch them getting blow-dried on youtube,
which makes them even fluffier! 12. Pangolin
There are a lot of weird creatures out in the world, and some of them look like fusions
between other animals. One example of this is the Pangolin, a mammal
known to roam the lands of Asia and Africa. It’s also one of the most trafficked mammals
in the world. Why? Just look at it! This is a literal armored mammal, something
that doesn’t exist in the world outside of its native lands. That shell is made of Keratin, which is the
same material that is in hair, claws, hooves, antlers, and more. While certain mammals have shells or hardened
skin, it’s nothing like the Pangolin’s. Thus, it’s rare, and thus, people want it,
and because of all that, it’s now a Threatened species, despite its defensive capabilities. It also is great at pest control and loves
to eat ants and termites!! 11. Komondor
Take a look at this breed of dog. Do you think that this breed was made to look
like this? You’d think someone spent hours and hours
creating dreadlocks in this dogs fur, but nope! This it the Komondor, and that’s exactly how
it looks without anyone touching it. That not strange enough for your? Well, these dogs don’t shed those locks. In fact, they barely shed at all so that’s
good for you with allergies! Or if you hate getting pet hair on your clothes. What’s more, despite the weight those hairs
put on the dog, they’re actually very quick and agile. Also known as the Hungarian Sheep Dog, or
the mop dog, they were bred in Hungary to protect livestock. They are very protective of their family group
and the major challenge, is keeping them clean!! If they get even a little bit damp, they start
smelling like mildew. Seems kind of an impossible task!! 10. Axolotl
From the weird to the creepy, I present to you the Axolotl. Yes, it really does look like that in real
life, that’s why it’s on this list. Anyway, the Axolotl is a rare creature in
nature for many reasons. First, it’s a type of “mole salamander” (which
most people have never heard of before, I only did because I also included the Axolotl
in an animal superpowers video!! It is only found in Mexico in a special lake. Second, it looks like that because its larvae
fail to change during its natural metamorphosis. Which, makes it as large a salamander, but,
keeps it an aquatic creature, complete with gills and other underwater features. Just from a looks standpoint, the Axolotl
is strange. It looks like a creature a kid would make
in a drawing, that face especially, Yet, it’s very real. In fact, scientists study this creature because
of its interesting ability to regenerate. It is believed that humans might be able to
use this superpower to regenerate our own limbs in the future! 9. Glass Frogs
It’s incredible the evolutions and adaptations that animals will go through during their
lifecycles on this planet. However, you have to question some of them. While the armor of the Pangolin is understandable,
this creature’s evolution is a little mysterious. Here we have a frog…that’s see-through. Now, by “see-through”, I mean that you can
literally see through its skin and view the insides of this frog. Full stop. So if you ever want to study the anatomy of
a frog without having to cut it open, this would probably be your best bet. However, it gets stranger, for the translucence
of this frog is only on the underside, on its belly. Why? I have no idea. The most recent species of Glass Frog was
discovered in Costa Rica in 1973, but there have been other documented cases of Glass
Frogs all over the world. Which really makes me scratch my head as to
how this happened. An also strange fact, the one found in Costa
Rica is only one inch long. So why would this tiny little thing need a
transparent belly? No one’s really going to see it….
8. The Dumbo Octopus
The name isn’t referring to these Octopuses being stupid, far from it. They’re called this because they have fins
near the top of their heads that resemble flappy ears. Just like Dumbo the elephant from the Disney
movie. They’re also curious creatures because they
live really deep within the oceans. They’ve been documented as going as deep as
4800 meters below sea level. That’s really far. This no doubt is one of the reasons why humans
don’t get to see them very often. Scientists have started to study them more
closely because it is believed they can grow to be quite large. It’s also been discovered that they like
to hang around hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, likely because it’s nice and toasty
down there, and probably because of the nutrients that come out of them. It’s creatures like these that make you wonder
what else is waiting to be found on the bottom of the ocean floor. 7. Saiga Antelope
From the depths of the ocean to the vastness of Asia, three countries are home to a very
curious breed of antelope. It’s called the Saiga Antelope, and it’s
a pretty strange creature. “Why the long face?” right?? Well, that’s actually not its face, but its
nose. What’s more, that nose is flexible, not unlike
an elephant trunk. Now, if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen
this creature before, it’s because of the fact that it resides in Russia, Kazakhstan,
and Uzbekistan alone, so if you’re not there, and if you’re not obsessed with BBC’s
Planet Earth it’s fair to say you’ve never heard of them. So…what does that nose do? Well, not unlike our own noses, the Saiga
Antelope’s massive nose is used to filter out dust that it inhales. Though…you have to wonder just how much
dust it inhales because of said nose. A more interesting bit is that the nose also
somehow regulates its blood temperature. That would be convenient. Don’t think, just accept. Finally, I want to make a note of that fur. While some versions can mimic their antelope
brethren, some take a more snowy approach, mainly, their fur can be pure white! Making it look like something out of fantasy
novel…or Game of Thrones. 6. Pacu Fish
Piranha are one of the most dangerous fish in the world, and have sometimes even been
considered some of the most dangerous animals in the world. But their cousins, for lack of a better term,
are definitely one of the strangest animals in the world. They’re called the Pacu fish, and they’ll
give you nightmares for different reasons. First off, these fish are huge, and are much
bigger than regular Piranha. Second, and the thing I’m most thankful for,
they’re vegetarians. They only eat plants and seeds and nuts that
fall from trees. So far so good, right? But it’s their teeth that make people freak
out because they look like human teeth. Yeah, while Piranha have sharp and angled
teeth to work their way through meat and muscles, the Pacu fish have more human-like teeth. Why? Well, it’s because they eat hard objects like
nuts and seeds. Thus, they use their teeth to break them down
and get to the sustenance within. They also have a reputation for eating other
kinds of nuts, so men…watch out!!! 5. The Mary River Turtle
This one not only looks strange, it acts strange. This is the Mary River Turtle. It can be found in Queensland, Australia,
and yes, it has green, spiky hair. Why does it have green hair? No idea, but you have to admit it looks kinda
cool, right?? Anyway, this turtle is by and large the weirdest
turtle on Earth. Turtles have to come up for air to breathe,
and this one does too, however, it can remain underwater for up to three days by breathing…through
its genitals. I swear I’m not making this up!! The turtle has gill-like organs in the same
place used by reptiles for excretion and mating. .
This turtle was once considered a good pet option during the 60’s and 70’s, probably
for its alternative punk hairstyle!! On a sadder note, the Mary River Turtle is
an endangered species. 4. Gharial
Let’s talk now about one of the strangest and rarest animals in the world, from a family
that you wouldn’t expect to see on this list…a crocodile. Specifically the Gharial. Now, the Gharial is a species of croc that
can only be found in India. But, as you can see, it’s also one of the
strangest crocodiles ever because it has a really thin jaw and mouth. Think about it, when you think of crocodiles
and alligators you think of their huge chompers that are used to break down deer, zebra, and
other rather large four-legged creatures. But for the Gharial, it’s not like that at
all. They use their very thin mouth, which has
110 teeth in it, to catch fish. And apparently, it’s very good at doing that. Now, sadly, there aren’t many Gharials left
in the world. At the last tally there were around 235 in
the wild, but there’s likely fewer than that now. They’re critically endangered, and it’s unknown
if they’ll be able to bounce back. 3. The Sun Bear
Another type of animal you might not have expected to see on this list is a bear. Yet, there is one bear that most definitely
qualifies, the Sun Bear. So, why is it on this list? Well, two reasons really. One, it’s very small. It’s actually the smallest bear in the world. In fact, they’re called the “Bear Dog” because
they don’t grow much larger than 5 feet, and can only weigh up to 150 pounds. Not much bigger than a dog. That alone is strange, but it’s not the only
thing. The Sun Bear has a very, VERY, long tongue. In fact, it’s famous for its long tongue but
it seems like an oxymoron. Why would such a small bear have such a long
tongue? They use it to stick down termite mounds and
also to get honey out of beehives. They also have extremely long claws which
they use to rip things apart. 2. Sphynx Cat
I hate to break it to you but Sphynx cats didn’t originally come from Egypt. These cats are born hairless due to a genetic
mutation and started getting bred on purpose in the 1970’s. It might surprise you that these cats have
been known to have very outgoing personalities. So clearly it’s not worried about its looks! Some people think they are the cutest things
ever and other people think that they are pretty ugly, but beauty is in the eye of the
beholder!! There’s a catch with these cats though so
be careful! Because of their lack of protective fur, the
Sphynx cat has extreme risk of getting sunburned or catching hypothermia depending on the weather. 1. Platypus
Ah, the Platypus, or as some call it “nature’s reject”. Why? Because this animal literally looks like it
was sewn together by a mad scientist. Or as one cartoon depicted, God running out
of ideas and just throwing something together. In my opinion, it’s extremely cute! The Platypus deserves to be No.1 for a simple
reason. When they were discovered in the wild, the
scientists thought it wasn’t really real. That it was a hoax put on by someone. Yet, they’re real, and they’re strange. They have the beak and webbed feet of a duck,
the body of an otter, the tail of a beaver, and the males have toxic stingers in their
heels! It’s also one of only two mammals in the world
that lays eggs. Can you name the other one?? Let us know in the comments below!! The answer is coming up!! It’s native to the waters of Eastern Australia
where it feeds on bottom dwelling invertebrates. It has unique electroreceptors that allow
it to see perfectly underwater. The duck billed platypus is a monotreme, an
egg laying mammal along with…..the echidna! Also known as the spiny anteater. It’s a miracle that there are any at all
still around. Especially when you look at their evolutionary
history. Most of the monotreme ancestors were wiped
out by marsupials and it is believed they survived because of their ability to take
to the water. Scientists are still unsure about this theory
for the echidna so it remains a mystery! Thanks for watching! Have you ever heard of any of these creatures? Did they live up to the hype of being strange? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to subscribe and see you next time!


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