Stressed? Pain In The Neck?

Hi welcome to My
name is Vincent Woon. In this video we are going to talk about neck pain, waking up having
neck pain This an answer to a question from my Facebook friend, waking up having pain
on the neck. How do you get a neck pain from waking up? How?
The number one reason is the way you sleep probably sleep off the pillow or the second
reason will be probably stress and the third will be you are not feeling well.
I think her reason was because she’s getting married soon so she’s probably
under a little stress. Today we are going to focus mainly on how to release the pain
on the neck. In another video series I’m going to show
you how you should put your pillow, to be able to sleep well and to wake up without
pain. Now I’m going to show you how to stretch or loosen up the pain in the neck.
First stretch is: Let’s say the pain is on the leftÉ take your hand push your head to
the opposite side, drop your shoulder and relax. Put your hand further down the ear
to get a better stretch
and push your chin to finish up the stretch. If you have pain on the right side. Drop your
shoulder pull your head to the opposite side and if you need a better stretch go down a
little further and pull. Push it to the opposite and push to finish up.
The next stretch is to loosen up this area here, right here! Put your hand like this
and turn forward and backwards. Try to exaggerate more push all the way, make sure your hands
and whole shoulder is moving up down up down and forward up down up down. Do the same thing
if your pain is on the right side. If you Still have pain, use your finger pad.
Put light pressure, press into it. Move your neck, stretch your neck and move your hands
too you will add movement into it and will help loosen up much faster.
Like I always say when we put pressure and movement into the area it brings circulation.
It brings blood to the area, when there’s blood in the area there’s no pain because
blood creates oxygen and when there’s oxygen the pain is gone.
Thank you for watching. Hope you are feeling better now. Please visit my blog at
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