Stupid Logic of Dead Eye Refill

Ah sh*t! I’m out! I can’t help I’m pinned down! What do we do?? Uhh – okay! Sadie – throw me your repeater! You got it Argh damn! Okay, I need to refill my dead eye! Your what? My dead eye You know, so I can go all “slow motion” like What’s slow motion? Just cover me! Ooh-wee! **Unhealthy amount of coughing and spluttering** Arthur – stop it! Hang on hang on hang on Cut it out! Hold up My dead eye is nearly full Ooh-wee! Okay! That’s better! Well let’s do this! Alright! You’re a strange man Arthur Morgan The fuuuuuu– Hey guys – don’t smoke. That was the actual worst. I still have a sore throat The least you could do is make it worth while, and subscribe Did you have some things you wanted to say? Yeah! You can follow me on social media in the links below Links to her below Chea. Thank you! **Cough**


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