Stupidity & Ache Din in UP | Ep.7 The Dhruv Rathee Show [Science, Evolution, SBI Bank Fees ]

Hello Friends Welcome to “The Dhruv Rathee Show” On this show we will talk about news which is generally not shown on main stream media. Doklam region, which was an area of conflict between India and China a couple of months back was the topic of discussion in news for a while, now there’s no news about this region and whats the reason behind this is not known. China has fully occupied the northern part of Doklam region. This news has been exposed by retired colonel Vinayak Bhatt for the newspaper – “The Print” After observing the satellite imagery, the colonel came to this conclusion He saw that China has brought in Armored vehicles, erected their concrete post and has built around 7 helipads. This news proves all the previous other news shown far as wrong and fake, where-in it was said .. Government of India has pushed back the Chinese and is touted as a diplomatic win for the government In other news, recently our politicians in the last few days have given out of the box, stupid statements that after hearing them you will also be shocked. for example, Chief Minister of state of Haryana – Mr. Khattar You must be knowing that in the last 5 days there have been 6 different incidents of rape in Haryana Not a single arrest has been done after all these incidents To this the chief minister commented that the girls are faking these rape incidents and the media is showing this as sensational news. In the Indian media this news hasn’t been much shown or discussed, but the same news has been caught by the world media Another such stupid statement was given by the Junior education minister of the central government The minister says that ‘The Theory of Evolution’ by Charles Darwin is wrong when asked as to why did he say this, the minister replied by saying that no one has ever seen an ape turn into a man basically, just because no has seen it so its not true What I think is that the minister has seen to much of Pokemon and he thinks the meaning of evolution is to DEVELOP like Pikachu develops into Raichu within 10 seconds Similarly, he expects that the ape will develop into a man within 10 seconds or so and someone will witness it Friends, he is not only the education minister, he was an IPS officer first this is the condition of the education minister in our country Friends, some people still have the misconception with evolution that since man evolved from an ape then why do monkeys/apes still exist in the world ? How did our ancestors who were apes evolved into humans and why didn’t the ancestors of the ape didn’t evolve into humans? This is a very bad understanding of evolution, evolution means that both the ape and the human had a common ancestor. It doesn’t mean that if you look at an ape, it will turn into a human we have common ancestors and they are not alive anymore Theory of Evolution is not a theory per say, its a common misunderstanding. Evolution is a FACT and based on FACTS, the scientific theory have been developed. All the scientists in the world accept the “Theory of Evolution” is a FACT Third stupid statement was given by the honorable Prime Minister of India during his interview with Sudhir Chaudhary on Zee News The PM was asked that he promised to increase employment and provide around 2 crore/20 million job vacancies what happened to those jobs, to which the PM replies … The fried snack vendor outside your Zee News studio ……….. Please listen to it yourself, I can’t even quote If there’s a fried snack vendor outside your TV studio, earns Rs. 200 throughout the day and goes back home in the night, would you call that person has employed or not ? Basically, the PM is considering this fried snack vendor who earns a mere Rs. 200 a day as being employed and is taking credit for providing the employment to this vendor. Mr. Modi, I wished if you would have cleared this back in 2014 when you were giving speeches about providing jobs etc that you were going to count these Rs.100/200 a day income positions as jobs, I don’t think anyone would have voted for you Cervical Cancer, this is the second most commonly found cancer in our country found in women Every year there are around seventy thousand deaths in the country because of this cancer Their is a vaccine for this cancer called as HPV Vaccine This Vaccine was supposed to come to India but the Government blocked it now you will ask why, its because the financial wing of RSS wrote a letter to the Prime Minister stating that the vaccine is not good and has various drawbacks reading this letter the Prime Minister gave the decision to block them, in the letter it was also mentioned that these vaccines are ‘pervert’ Friends, this vaccine is vastly used around the world Hundred countries including developed countries like USA, Australia and countries in Europe use this vaccine to the save the lives of women and girls. But our government said no to this vaccine because a person from RSS had an issue with this vaccine. Friends, decisions like these and statements about Evolution are just a few examples out of many which aren’t new and for a couple of years they have been quite commonly said by renowned ministers I want to call them as “ANTI-SCIENCE” They are fighting against Science and Logic by giving such statements and taking these decisions. Earlier if you might remember, one minister said that cows inhale and exhale Oxygen, another minister said that by applying cow dung on your mobile phone, it will prevent one from cancer by restricting the radioactivity and once speaking on the topic of Climate, Prime Minister said that the climate hasn’t changed, our ability to resist the cold has reduced Attacking Logic and Science is a common sight in countries across the world with right-wing governments. such as The President of USA – Mr. Donald Trump doesn’t believe in Climate change and calls it as FAKE news. whereas 99% of the scientists and educated people of the world accept climate change as a reality and are afraid for the planet. people like our ministers and politicians attack Science and don’t listen to scientists, they want the common man of the country to stay brain washed and follow them blindly and believe in whatever they say They don’t want people to have proper education, capable enough to think critically; because in case that happens and people start to think themselves then they will loose votes. Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh – Mr. Yogi Adityanath I would like to call him as ‘Clean Chit baba’ because you might remember that last month he gave clean chit to around twenty thousand corrupt people and criminal politicians without any court proceedings stating that he wants to clear the cases registered against them After giving clean chit to these twenty thousand criminals, now he is preparing a decision where-in the 2013 riots which took place in Muzaffarnagar all the cases registered against BJP leaders, they should be cleared too and given a clean chit. This is beginning the cleaning process in the state of Uttar Pradesh where all the politicians are giving themselves a clean chit without the consent of the Judicial system. In the next news, friends you might remember that last year the State Bank of India had applied a minimum balance fees. which meant that if you do not have the required minimum balance, you will be charged with a fine Either it was a thousand rupees or five thousand rupees limit, different accounts had different limits, but if your account had an amount less than that, they charged a fine. Between April and November 2017 The State Bank of India collected One thousand seven hundred and seventy one crore, by charging this minimum balance fees This is a very big amount, even the yearly profit of State Bank of India was less than this amount That was only One thousand five hundred crores According to me, this is very shameful what the State Bank of India has done, they are looting the poor If the bank was so desperate to recover their money they could have collected their loans from the millionaires and billionaires, there are plenty of bad loans still pending Still no bank shows the courage to recover those bad loans. In this episode we will not have ‘Picture of the week’; instead we will have ‘Video of the week’ and I would like to show that video to you This video was taken in Dal Lake, Srinagar; where a small girl is collecting garbage and is giving everyone a message. Please have a look Today, I will tell you that me and my father did a little bit of cleaning and I want to say to other kids, that go in your own boats and clean the surroundings and keep the dal clean and we have to make the dal beautiful because it shouldn’t be dirty. and this Dal is very beautiful but we have made it dirty this is why I ask all of you to take your boats and go and clean the garbage This is a very powerful message given by the little girl in the video Cleaning garbage is not a work for sweepers/custodians alone Cleaning garbage is the responsibility of every citizen and the responsibility to keep our surroundings, lakes and rivers is also ours One of the biggest reasons of garbage litter throughout the country are festivals we have so many different festivals around the country through which waste is generated, you must also know In one of the festivals we submerge the idol of Lord Ganesha in water bodies like river etc. after which those idols remain stagnant there itself and slowly slowly effect the surrounding environment and ecology To control the spread of garbage because of festivals, one state has come forward once again – Kerala They have issued a Green Protocol for every festival celebrated in their state Reduce, Recycle and Reproduce, these are the 3 instructions related with Green protocol to be followed during every festival Friends, there’s a very good news for every INDIAN The Fertility Rate of India, fertility rate means that the average number of kids born by women in a given area Fertility rate of 2.2 is considered to be the best if any country stays on this Fertility rate then the population level remains constant and the problems of over and population are overcome According to the latest data from 2016, India has achieved the Fertility rate of 2.23 In 2013, India has the Fertility rate of 2.34 There has been a substantial decline in the Fertility rate, even more than what was predicted This is a very good news for India, the over population problem can be controlled, a hope has risen Out of the 36 states or union territories in India, 25 have reached the fertility rate of 2.2 or low. and only two states are left where the Fertility rate is still 3.0 or higher Those 2 states are Bihar and Meghalaya Bihar is the worst state in India in terms of Fertility Rate Fertility Rate in Bihar is 3.37 according to the 2016 data There hasn’t been much difference in the Fertility Rate of Bihar since 2013, it was 3.40 Thus, Bihar has to do a lot in this area and if it succeeds, within 1-2 years India can achieve the Fertility rate of 2.2 Another good news coming from Delhi, where the promise of installing CCTV cameras is finally being implemented. In every government school, classes and corridors CCTV cameras will be installed What I think is that they have gone a bit beyond, what was promised was ok now they are saying that parents will be given access to view the CCTV footage according to me it interferes with the ‘Right to Privacy’ law and it shouldn’t be allowed I saw a video in which they conducted a Pilot project in one of the Delhi government schools in which they asked the principals, teachers, parents and students and everyone said that CCTV cameras should be installed earlier things used to be misplaced, someone might take something and things used to happen, now they don’t because of the camera Books and notes used to be stolen Now parents don’t say anything and we have fun at home and in school if everyone wants that CCTV cameras should be installed, then ‘Right to Privacy’ just becomes a philosophical question Should the government install these cameras in the schools, considering the ethical viewpoint and “Right to Privacy’, even though everyone wants them installed or not is a very good topic for Debate. along with this, Door to Door delivery services have also started taking place, this was an initiative taken for the first time by a state in India It includes all the government services, like if you want to apply for a new passport you don’t have to go to the passport office, they will come to your home and deliver the passport for an extra charge This Door to Door scheme was initially rejected by the Governor, but now its been finally accepted This weeks ‘Entrepreneur of the week’ is Mr. Aayush Sharma He has designed a website for online shopping – The website focuses in selling ecologically and environmentally friendly products On the website, underneath every product things that are mentioned – how it was manufactured, what kind of environmental impact the product has and how it should be disposed off into the environment and whats the Carbon footprint of the product So before buying any product you can find out the details and what kind of impact it will have on the planet and environment Their website has a tie-up with many North-East Indian organisations There is a tree planting organisation in Assam, therefore if you want to plant a tree you can pay on the website and the associated organisation will plant the tree on your behalf please visit If you are also an entrepreneur and want to get featured in my show please send me your questions on [email protected] I want to thank all my Patrons who donate on and because of whom I am able to make these videos and able to show them to you If you also want to donate, please go to We will meet in the next video Thank you


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