SUB)이삭 토스트 신메뉴 먹방 베이컨 치즈 샐러드 베이글과 종류별로 5종 밀크쉐이크까지 리얼사운드 디저트 toast Mukbang ASMR korean 烤面包片 トースト

Hi I’m boki today is Issac toast special! this is a new menu bacon cheese salad bagel pizza toast double cheese potato bacon cheese bagel ham special milk shake and strawberry juice so fresh milk shake taste so good okay let’s try new menu first (bacon and potato salad in side) (sweet and slaty?!) (it’s full of potato salad) (one more bite!) (as I predicted sweet & salty) (it’s fully filled, right?) (I will cut it in half) wow, It’s really square meal (It should be enough for a meal,, but I’m an exception~haha) (I should open my throat with milk shake) (opening finished!) bread is so good (should go home~) (potato salad is spilling over) (bagel is so fluffy) (opening throat) salad is so good (clear) (little shame but who’s turn~) (first, I will go with milk shake to reset) (good~!) pizza toast (mozzarella cheese inside of thick lips) (I just broiled it and it’s hot so d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s (it has stake ham in it) (is this pizza or a toast) (oh so out of fashion,,) (don’t know just eat) (No CF) boki (25)
wide eating master (affirm affirm) (chewy well chewy well whatever you are♪) (double cheese potato~) (has both cream cheese and slice cheese) (hash brown JMT) (squeezing out cheese paste) so good (little sticky.. ha) what should I drink? (you!) (move~!) (pop quiz) what toast will boki eat next?! (bacon cheese bagel~) (has bacon and egg cheese in it) (egg bacon,, salivary fall) (bagel is so fluffy) (oh it’s a bread) (I will take out the wrap and truly eat it) (egg cheese with bacon..must be..) (wait) (strawberry,, self shake~) (one sip of strawberry shake) (clear fresh) (already last one..) (ham toast~) (this is it.. this is it..) (issac toast=ham toast) (full of cabbage inside~) (go do your seat) filing inside is so plenty (plenty boki) (this is how to end up?) (frankly speaking, five was little difficult..) (yes, Issac) finished all (shake it shake,,) ate well bye~


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