Surprising Tool for iPad!|Pro Manga Artist’s iPad Setup

How does Clip Studio on iPad compare to the PC version? You want an eraser right?
-Oh right… I don’t really use an eraser so much When you become a pro… Well that’s not it but… Thank you for coming
-Hello Mikey is here again This time some special new tech It’s better than the ear pick last time
– Still going on about the ear pick I found it btw! At “Sekaido” There were so many of them This is iPad pro.Why did you choose iPad? I wanted to work outside home When I am away from home or moving I bought it to use on those occasions I have just bought it so still not in full control of it all But the software you are using is the same?
-Clip Studio You can draw at this angle? I can do it but it still moves so it’s not perfect For the “name” or draft level I can do it with this For this keyboard, does it work when detached? I don’t think you can use it Yeah doesn’t work So gotta use this angle But should work with a regular bluetooth keyboard too Another interesting gadget there
-Numeric keypad Why are you still using this? You have keyboard I register the shortcut keys here and use it Can you assign numeric keys to any function in Clip Studio? To some extent yes What kind of function do you use? Let’s say I select an area here With this button I can make a frame around it So you can do your manga work at a very fast pace
-Something like that The no.9 key is the zoom So you don’t use your fingers to zoom?
-I do it all on this pad So it’s an iPad but you are using like a computer
-I guess so Right now I am using this one but but I’m waiting for the Clip Studio short cut gadget. The Tab-Mate You can’t use it right now? You can’t use it on the iPad at this moment I am expecting it to come out Please do it, Clip Studio Please do I use the “+” to move the canvas Filling in the color in black is the “-” button only for painting selected areas? It works as a full screen bucket fill too Do you use that function a lot? Quite often. You can also designate a spot and fill in the color there as well When I do this, and do this, Fills in only here
-Very useful This arrow is undo That is important UNDO no.5 is save Just the no.5 button saves the file I always forget save No.4 is copy Copy and No.6 is paste Do this and it will paste You have 2 there This button for enlargening the one I just drew It’s no.2 Instead of using Shift + something or Command + something, you can do it only with numbers? Well, when you use it often, your fingers will remember it That is the fastest It is much more efficient this way so I use the numeric keypad I was really thinking personally but In the apple keyboard, the command button is in a strange place When you want to copy, on a normal keyboard, you use the pinky finger It’s ctrl+C On apple keyboard, you have to cross your fingers Oh really? I just do like this, so… Oh it’s meant to be like that…? You can do it normally… I had been wrong all along How useful is the iPad clip studio compared with the PC version? or how much do you need to get used to it? For the clip studio itself, if you can use the PC version, there isn’t much of difficulty there What’s easier on PC is still easier on PC though but when you are moving, or in a situation like traveling when you can’t take the PC with you, And if you want to do work, it works wonderfully I see. Since the file format is the same and the software is the same You can do actual work on it For the screen size, which size is this? It’s 12.9 inch size. You can pretty much use it for art work I haven’t felt any difficulty on using it Compared to the LCD tablet you use on PC, how good or bad is the apple pencil? For me Apple pencil is easy to use, but it doesn’t have an eraser on the back You can change the function when you tap twice but.. I actually want the eraser on the other end Oh really. Since I don’t use much of the eraser… When you become a pro… Not sure that’s the case but… Pros don’t need erasers! I do use it sometimes but I just have to tap here to erase it so so I don’t use it much I wasn’t using the back side of the pen on the LCD tablet either I use it quite a lot So I don’t have any difficulty there What do you have on the smart phone?
-This? Since I haven’t been able to remember what functions have been designated to each key so So I check this while drawing So you use it when you forget This is just a picture? Yes Oh really So it’s not connected to the iPad or anything? If I did, it would use some space on the screen It’s not so big so I don’t want that So it’s just for reference? I just put it there
– It was really just picture I thought it was an app that extends the iPad display Not related This type of numeric keypad is bluetooth?
-Yes It’s an easy addition to an iPad but how much was it? This wasn’t expensive. Around 2000 yen This one is smaller than my hand size so it’s a bit hard to push but when I get used to it, it may become useful after all But I still want the Tab Mate Please do it Please Are there many people using tab mate in the Manga industry? At home on PC many are using game device or the Tab Mate If not Tab Mate you can use clip studio with other gaming devices? The one I’m using at home is the Logicool gaming device so you can use that as well?
-Yes Celsys, please make it That’s today’s video. Please make the product. For those who already have a Tab Mate, I hope they do a trade-in deal so we get it cheaper Good idea Please make it cheap Is the current PC model wireless? What I’m using on my PC is wired I have to use USB to connect it You don’t really want to connect cable to iPad, right? One with bluetooth would be ideal This was introduction of iPad Are you the type who doesn’t rest the palm on the screen? I don’t do that I don’t think I can draw in this angle For me a bluetooth keyboard is better than the Apple keyboard That may be better Since Mikey doesn’t put the hand on the screen so you can draw it like that Mikey’s Twitter, facebook, Instagram is on the description Please follow Thank you Please subscribe to the channel Please do g’bye!


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