Suspended for Bloodshot Eyes

administrators at that byron nelson high school
in texas just suspended a seventeen year old student because uh… he had bloodshot eyes
bunnies erica so they immediately assume that that this uh… student with smoking pot even alleged that he smelled
like marijuana turns out that at uh… displace father had died two days
ago and he decided to return to school because he needed the comfort of his friends and he had bloodshot eyes because he’d been
crying his father was murdered now look this is sometime on zero tolerance all this stuff
in the schools that use some human judgment and discuss you
see bloodshot eyes that kids in school coming up in a different
things that could mean they were out late last night i mean they didn’t get sleepy could mean they
were crying could mean who use the storm pot head without any evidence you don’t have the pot
you don’t have the marijuana use and catch a smoking he does have a on him you’re our rep blot
bloodshot eyes they are good as it yet guilty yeah that’s
crazy this situation escalated to the point where the
administrators forced him to take a drug test and prove it that he was not smoking marijuana and then baby lifted the suspension but they are decent suspend two brothers who
is a jury comes when i go about really get your gun but in a macomb subject and all the stuff
bio barring smelling the kids i mean how creepy is that you chris what comes
up is that i mean back to me is worse than any to do
in part main i think and etc led by the way is it possible that he was doing but theoretically possible they have no evidence
of it and i did it seems to be a lot of evidence
of the country and i have to which i would say and then what imagine if you want his dad
just got murdered i think that’s what my problem this whole varum on being illegal if there is some crazy pure libertarian even
if your conservative you should only be against this policy they tell you how to live your life all nonreligious reavis without acknowledge
agreed that way and if you agree that way that missus venue as that ten out of my life get out of my life and
stop smiling stops sniffing okay so obviously were on the skids side and get get rid of these dumbass policy you know
it’s also interesting about this is as you mentioned if she he didn’t have any pot on
him there was no evidence right let’s say he did smoke pot like before he
went to school it is not bringing the substance on campus
wise any of the administrators business but i can see if there’s concern anyone to
talk to the pair in about a buchanan needy leases than to stand for that who died of the theory that abut i want them
to give a fuck it overlaps really do amino


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