Taboo of Black Eyed Peas Becomes Red Wolf – Marvel Becoming

What’s up everybody this is Taboo,
and today I am Becoming Red Wolf. It’s a really fun job being
a costume designer. It’s always really fun to introduce new
people to the hobby and the craft, and to kind of bring out the wonder of dressing up, and kind of releasing your
inner child again. It’s kind of fun to be part of that
process, for somebody who’s never done it before. Well Red Wolf’s an interesting character
because he’s not as much of a cut and sew costume.
It’s not very tailored. It presented some interesting challenges
from the costume perspective because it wasn’t just like
oh we have to make a shirt and pants. No, it’s this tunic and bead work
and headdress and all those pieces have to come
together to kind of bring Red Wolf to life Growing up, my direct link to my culture
was my grandmother. She was the person to tell me to go after
my dreams. Believe you can achieve. And she always spoke about our culture
being something that we hold really high and we’re very proud of. First of all as a Native American myself,
representing Shoshone nation, I’ve always wanted a superhero
to gravitate to. Growing up we didn’t really have a lot of
heroes that were Native on the big screen or in music. And when I found out that there was a
superhero with the Marvel family, I said to myself- if I get an opportunity
to do something with that, I definitely want to have a connection. But I’ve got to find the right cosplay,
and I think I found it- Red Wolf. Even in the beginning stages of my career
with the Black Eyed Peas, I used to wear the war paint, the feathers
the garb, just to represent my culture. Some people would be like, “Aww, he’s not
real”, “this is a publicity stunt,” but in actuality I’ve been putting in
a lot of work. And I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of
groundwork, alongside other allies. Whether it’s Standing Rock, whether it’s
fighting for indigenous equal rights. Speaking on medical heath on the Res.
We need that. And this is like a visual of what Red Wolf
represents to our people. There’s more to it than just appreciating
the comic book or the character, it’s about culture, and I feel like this
is the best way to represent that is to speak to the kids, and the people that enjoy that part
of cosplay, but also to educate them about the
importance of having heroes, especially in the Native American
communities. Native American superheroes do exist. Becoming Red Wolf is just an extension
of how I pay homage to my grandmother, and the influence she had of me having
so much pride in my Native communities. This is just the beginning of our journey.


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