Taking Care of Horses : Cleaning Horse’s Ears

Aw man, heater stopped working again. I think it’s faulty, gotta take it back. Ya, it’s solid, the horses aren’t drinking
that water. Thick ice. Well, always try to remove as much ice as
you can. So, part of daily grooming or weekly depending
on how often you get to it, sort of checking over the body while you’re brushing and stuff. Another thing that we can do, come here…
is check the ears and we always want to make sure, one that they’re pretty good with touching
their ears, you know, he’s not going to shy away, I’ll pet him and then let him go a little
bit but I’m going to come back to that in a second because what I want to show you really
quickly that when it comes to cleaning the ears out, something to think about when you
do so, come here.. because the inside of the ears can get kind of dusty and dirty, lot
of wax and stuff in there that can keep the bugs out and all that hair which is why you
want to keep as much of this as you can and making sure that things can’t get in, whether
it’s bugs or dirt or dust or water, all these natural inhibitors like the hair and wax and
even some of the dirt in there stops that. So, I’m just going to borrow him back again
and taking a look at his ear, it looks like it’s pretty good but I’m just going to give
it a quick sort of scrub but when I do that, and a lot of horses actually really like this
because you sort of scratch their ear and they’ll get into it a little bit. He’s thinking about eating but we’re just
going to come back over. Now I’m bending him over this way so it might
be a little bit uncomfortable for him, but when I go to scratch his ear, I want to make
sure that I, come around this way, I want to make sure that his ear is down so that
when I do this, the dirt doesn’t fall into the ear and instead sort of falls down into
the palm of my hand or onto the ground. So I’ll give that another go, so I’ll just
push his ear down and little bits and pieces will kind of come off on your fingernails,
here might be a bit better, I’ll let him eat while I do it, and one of the things to think
about with the ears is some horses that don’t really like it or kind of feeling a little
bit uncomfortable, he’s doing ok, but to always end on a good note. So if you just have to do a tiny bit and then
walk away and then come back a tiny bit and go away, a little bit more, go away, nice
he’s kind of waiting and thinking, maybe could you just do a little bit, and we’re always
bringing the ear downwards so that the dirt and whatever else is in there can slope out
and down and onto the ground or into your hand. I’ll give it another go, he sort of shies
away, just pet him, come and try again, leave it on a turn that he isn’t trying to get away
from my hand so that I kind of let him know that I’m not going to pick on you until you
hate it, I’m going to let you go just before you hate it (laughs). There, so I would do both his ears but that’s
just a demonstration of one ear. I’ll pet him, tell him he’s a really good
boy and that would be about it. Thanks for watching!

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