Targus 4Vu Privacy Screens

Targus privacy screens make it easy to
protect your confidential information anywhere you use your laptop our affordable high-quality solutions are ideal when wanna keep sensitive
information under wraps Targus privacy screens insure that
what’s on your screen is only visible from directly in front of it or up to 45 degrees to each side so
prying eyes see only a blank screen Why sacrifice screen
clarity they use privacy screen a low reflective coating that reduces glare and improves light transmittance so you get a bright crisp viewing experience with no intrusive louvers Targus privacy screens are infused with activity Trago sand in antibacterial film that prevents
bacteria from degrading your device and with heavily used touchscreens its
additional piece of min in touch screen users will love this
move by and responsiveness only Targus privacy screens offer three
installation options so you’re in control every step of the
way you can adhere the screen with adhesive strips for a semi permanent solution in maximum privacy Or use the Tab guides for more flexibility this screen simply slides into place
whenever you need it finally if your screen has a frame the
patent-pending under-Bezel tabs offering easy on easy
of solution so it’s too easy to remove the privacy
screen for shared experiences like viewing videos or sharing a
presentation when it comes to securing your privacy your privacy the choice is clear Targus privacy

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