Taylor and Lauren Perkins trust KCH to care for their son Teddy

I think the main thing
is that when people think of Kentucky Children’s
Hospital, they think of all the big scary
things, which you don’t want to think about when
you’re thinking about your child, cancer
and just devastating things, and because they are amazing. They are the number one. You know, US News has UK
hospital as number one, I think, right now. And of course, you want
go to the number one place for those scary, scary things. But you don’t think about
them for the little things. You know, little
to us would be– you know, like a cold or an ear
infection or ear tubes, RSV, all the things that
nobody really talks about. Nobody told us that he would
be this sick being in day care. If they did, I must of
totally blanked on it, because I had no
idea that he would have a cold twice a month. And you just don’t– people just think,
oh, we’ll just run to UTC or the Kroger Little
Clinic or something like that. But UK is the best– so from
ear infections to surgeries and to lifelong care. I just– I want to be with
them every step of the way, even if it is just the sniffles.

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