TCTV: Episode 3 – Ear Infections

Hey everybody welcome to episode number three of Thera-Clean TV. I’m your host Kyle Darling in this episode We’re gonna talk about ears and more importantly ear infections something that most dog owners know all too well including myself Here at thier clean We’re going to show you How Thera-Clean Microbubble Technology is changing everything on getting your dog’s ears both clean and healthy So what causes an ear infection in your dog? we respect and Understand that groomers have always been taught not to get water in the dog’s here, but that statement isn’t entirely finished It’s not so much getting the water in the dog’s here. It’s the bacteria That’s in the water that is causing the infection to give you an example my wife And I have a five year old boxer and he likes to go on this one lake Every summer where I throw the stick into the water, and he goes in and gets it and comes back in Every single time he gets a lovely ear infection now when we’re bathing him at home He never gets an ear infection. It’s always when we go in that lake. It’s telling us that the bacteria That’s in that lake is causing the infection We asked dr. James Zarowny his thoughts on ear infections and Thera-Clean Microbubble and let’s see what he had to say So there you have it an actual veterinarian who has experience using Thera-Clean Microbubbles in treating ear infections now Let’s take you to one of our own clients head to tail pet spa in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada And we’re gonna talk to Bridg et who’s gonna walk us through one of their cases
Where the owner thought their dog was deaf? But was it Hey everybody welcome to Thera-Clean TV episode number three We are talking with Brigit from head to tail pet spa in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Hi Brigit. How are you? Hi, I’m really good And we picked Brigit today because they had a very unique case when it came to Cleaning a dog’s ears how old was this wheaten Brigit. I think about 9 I want to say not young yeah, okay about a year We’ve been seeing the same dog off and on but the first time was the most Impressive because they were very blown away by the results okay the dog’s name was Bailey and the story we had got was that the dog was either deaf or Very close to being deaf the owners believes the dog had been deaf since it was a few years old. Okay, they didn’t know they just never were able to communicate the dog had severe allergies and always had ear problems So they’ve been doing a lot of things and when they tried Sarah clean the day we did it a lot of green Group came out of the years well I want to say tablespoons, but I don’t know how much because we never measured yeah Now was that right in front of you this gook started pouring out of the canal It was right in the tub and I know that we had cleaned ears after with some ear cleaning solution But this was just due to having strictly Thera-Clean which we were using the green enzyme After the first bath we got out a lot and it continued to come out I guess that night But we had told the owners to come back in three days for their second bath We’d advise them just based on the condition of the dog right and when they came back they told us that Their dog was not deaf anymore and they thought their dog was deaf, right? But their dog was responding for the first time in as many years as they could remember Bailey knew was named Had recall all of that stuff Yes, and that was the first time that the owner could remember that happening in a very long time many years I’m not too sure how old the dog was but she’s much older gotcha Okay, so they came back a couple days later for their second Thera-Clean bath was there anything else more noticeable like swelling or any more of the goo coming out of the ear? less redness But there was a lot of other was still like a lot of goop coming out Not as much as the first time The skin on the dog around the ear definitely had like it was a more pale looking right it was less amount But then the owner did point out how they were so impressed That they wanted to buy stock in Thera-Clean because they they felt it was it was a miracle for their dog That’s great. That’s great and again. You know to everybody listening and watching this episode We loved this case mainly because you know the owner of this poor Wheaton fur was you know somewhat deaf or completely deaf and and the owners were just Comfortable with that and and that’s what they were rolling with until they got a Thera-Clean bath and those magical little bubbles went down into the ear and Attached itself to all the organic matter especially that yeast and pulled it out naturally and look at poor Bailey here We were never deaf We just had so much buildup in it in the ears that it needed to be deep cleaned and removed and that was You’re only one bath. That’s that is great that is fantastic now. Do these people just come in for the regular baths No
They do It’s been probably Since well since we got the machine in September because they were one of our first clients in the first couple months So it’s been about a year We’ve seen them off and on the dog is aging and has skin allergies and problems, but every time they come in They always say to us that they should be coming back more often than they do so they just haven’t had the time I think To come in as much yeah, and that’s understandable, but they bought a five pack and They come as often as they can and every time we end up making that dog feel a 100 percent better right Baily’s skin was quite Dandruffy and flaky, yeasty, but the ears especially where the main thing Fantastic, okay, I mean that that’s about it That’s the story we really wanted to get out of you because we found it so unique and such a wonderful ending But thanks Brigit for doing this and again Brigit is from Head to Tail Pet Spa in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada you can look them up on our website and Pet owners of Saskatoon get down – head to tail. It’s an amazing system We have helped so many clients, and I can’t be happier to have Thera-Clean in our shop great Thanks so much for as we appreciate that Thank You. Kyle, okay, take care of bye-bye bye What a great story and you can see why we picked that one Thanks to Bailey’s owners for Letting us tell this story and Brigit as well and you could see why the importance of Asking your groomer or veterinarian about a regular Thea-Clean bath You know what why don’t we share a couple of clips from two other salons and showing you video of How Thera-Clean baths are done in and around the ears take a look? There you have it and you can see how non-abrasive that is those clips are courtesy of Okay that wraps up another episode of Thera clean TV. Thanks so much for tuning in guys Listen demand the best for your pets the Thera-Clean Microbubble bath, North America’s leading microbubble system with now five years of proven reliability and results Okay, don’t forget to Like us on our Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube page subscribe to our YouTube page, please Tell all your other pet owner friends to get on there and know that there’s something else that is Changing the way that we keep skin clean and healthy why? I’m Kyle darling. Thanks again and tune in next time To see Thera-Clean Microbubble technology live in action find us at a tradeshow near you throughout the year

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