Teen Wolf News Quick Click Canon Werewolf Eyes Explained

All werewolves within Teen Wolf mythology
start out with golden yellow eyes – it is the default setting so to speak.
We’ve seen it time and time again, young or newly turned werewolves with yellow glowing
eyes. If a werewolf’s eyes turn blue – it indicates
they’ve killed an innocent. This is a process we’ve only seen on screen
once – when Derek killed Paige but we’ve seen a number of Werewolves and one Werecoyote
with the same condition. Once a person rises to the level of Alpha
– their eyes automatically turn red. This is true of those who took the status from
another like Peter Hale and those who attain the level by force of will like True Alpha
Scott McCall. While all Alphas have red eyes, not all Alpha
eyes look alike. For example we saw a great deal of difference in the eyes of the Alpha


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