Hey, guys it’s Ro, welcome back to my channel. Today I’m hanging out with my friend Justine Hi! You guys know Justine we’ve done so many videos together. I love her so much. But if you are new to my channel, I’ll be putting her links down below so go check her out, show her some love and subscribe. If you like seeing videos of us hanging out, give this video a thumbs up. Ba-BLOOP I did my own sound effect there. It’s
perfect! If you would like to show some support, hit subscribe and ding the bell so that you’ll get notifications when new videos come out. Thank you for coming over. I invited her over because I had something that I wanted to test. So in front of you, Justine, they said this was a medium, but I think it’s like a universal medium or maybe it was a dude medium? It just looks too big for you. That’s okay! More coverage. We should have got you an x-small because this is a small. That might be a little too small. And it’s really big! Are you kidding, you could fit this. Maybe! And just for the record, this is not a wet t-shirt contest. Oh, okay good. So don’t worry, I didn’t invite you over for a wet t-shirt contest. Hopefully, this is a dry t-shirt… stain… contest. I saw these shirts online and they say that they don’t stain. The brand is Threadsmiths. How is that possible? They call it, like, “the t-shirts of the future” and I got so excited and they had these videos online of like pouring all sorts of things that would stain onto the shirt and then a little bit of water, and it just came off. Really? It didn’t even stick to it and I thought these are so cool. I’ve got wines, wines stain. I’ve got Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir. Cuz you’re more of a white wine. I think you like the white wine, I like the red wines. And then we’ve got condiments that stain: soy sauce, Sriracha, Mustard, Mm-hmm! Ketchup. Yep, and… coffee. So now we’re gonna take a break, change into these shirts, go outside, and try this out. Ooo! How much are these, are they expensive? These shirts are fifty dollars a piece. This better take me to space. We have both changed. We are now outside, and notice, we are about 10 feet back. We just came out of the sunroom, we just opened up the wall. Yup. And now we are ready to spill stuff. I guess so, I think I’m gonna pull my hair back, I’m a little scared. Yeah, good idea, I have a hair tie. I definitely didn’t know what we were doing today. I’m so sorry! Okay, so you’re gonna go for the white wine. Okay. And I’ll go for the red. So this is like if we’re hanging out at a party and I get really excited… Okay, are you ready? Are you spilling it on me or are you spilling it on yourself? I’ll just spill it on your shoulder. Okay so if I was like, “Ro, how are you? It’s so good to see you!” And I’m like, “Oh, hey girl!” “Oops!” Did it? Okay now I have to put water on. Wait I’ve.. Oh, okay. Okay … let’s see… “Oh my goodness, Ro, it was great to see you, but now you’ve spilled on me!” Okay, and then spill on me. “Oops!” “Oh, no!” Okay, and then it says you’re just supposed to take water and you can just wha- rinse it off. Did it work? I think so. It didn’t- Oh look! Oh. OH! Color me impressed! We’ve tested the wine and it came right out. Yeah, that’s- look at that! It’s actually shocking. Okay, so, the first test was quite successful. *shocked* And this was white wine, so like it actually did nothing at all to you. Yeah, let’s test the red wine. Let’s like really… Let’s pretend I’m really clumsy. “Oh my gosh, I just got great news,” right? “Great news, okay I’m delivering some great news, here’s some great news!” (gasps) What? Here, could I- should I just use this? Yeah. This feels weird. Is it staining? Okay, I… Are you kidding? This is – actually – I’m actually impressed. Like, look at this. You just put a little water and it comes right off. I used the white wine. It just rolls right off. What is this? We need a movie marathon night. I know. We can wear these shirts and eat whatever we want. Pour stuff all over ourselves. Wow!! We can order pizza and nothing will stain us. We can eat the pizza off our bellies, like that’s what I’ve like always wanted to do. We could put ketchup on our shirt and just dip fries in it and eat and it won’t stain at all. We can do that now. (Gasps) Let’s test it. Okay. Oh my gosh, shut up. Oooh, look what I have here, ketchup and mustard. Are you ketchup or mustard? I’m actually a really big ketchup fan. Okay, here you are. Did you know that this is made in Pittsburgh? Originally Heinz, not any longer, but it used to be. I didn’t know that! Yeah, I’m from Pittsburgh. Little hometown pride. Oooh! I’ll put this on my body. Okay, let’s try it. Oops! Okay I’m pretending we’re having a movie night and I’m just putting some mustard on me, “Oh no, I spilled mustard on me!” I think I it got it in my eye. Okay, ready? Pull this forward a little bit so I get a good diagonal. Oh no, you’ve got mustard all over you! Oh yeah, it’s like… Like you’re supposed to rinse it off. It’s kinda stuck on there. Ew, ew, ew, eww. Is this working? So I think the problem is it’s super chunky. It was too much maybe. Yeah there’s a lot in there oh wow. Okay, here we go. Oh yeah. Can’t just wipe up- okay! Wow! I feel like I could go out on a date like this. Yours is like gone! Look how good I look. Hey, I’m here! Okay, mine’s kinda staining. I think I smudged it into the fabric. All right, I have discovered that mustard is a little dangerous. All right, let’s try something else. What else do we have? Oh, speaking of hometown pride, let’s try some Starbucks cuz I’m from Seattle, home of the original Starbucks. We both love coffee. Let’s do that. Let’s do it. Cheers! I’mma take a little sip first. I mean, it just rolls right off of it. And then it’s like, what if you’re drinking and like, the lid was a little loose, right? So like… [Laughs] Wait the lid or your mouth? [laughing] Oh my gosh! So this would be a disaster, right? Let’s see what we got with these coffee stains. Wow, it is really crazy that it really does just kind of roll right off. How is it doing this!? This is impressive. H- how?? Can you believe how beautiful we look? As long as it’s more of a liquid, it really just rolls right off. If it’s a little bit more solid it’s a little tricky, but- Yeah. Your ketchup came off. Okay, I’m gonna go with the hot sauce. Okay, I’ll do the soy sauce. Okay. Here, I’m going to put it on your shoulder. ‘Kay, ready? I don’t know where I would ever be doing this, but it’s like, maybe I was like, baking and not paying attention, and then I accidentally- “Oops!” Okay. Does it come off? Let me see. This is so cool. Watch this. (gasp) It comes right off, Look at that! WHOA! That’s awesome. Well should I put a little sauce on your shoulder? Yeah, okay, here I’ll make, like, do this. ~shoulder sauce~ Like, “We spilled it!” But this is just rolling right off. It is? What is happening? It’s not even like, it doesn’t even do anything. Okay, you’ve gotta really splatt- yeah! Well there we go. Do you wanna- Okay let’s see if we go… if it will come off. It just comes off. It rolls right off. This is crazy! Make like a diagonal, uh, slope. Okay we’ll get it off. Lemme see! Look at us! I mean, I’m definitely not… dry. I have mustard on my toes! Even my jeans are stained. I smell like a fast-food dumpster. Me too! I hope you guys enjoyed this video.


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