The 슬기로운 생활 미국편 The more SEULGIful Lifestyle in USA | 레드벨벳 아이컨택캠📹 시즌3

It’s SEULGI’s Eye Contact Cam, everyone~ It will be fun! Be sure to anticipate~ Good night~ I’ll wash and go to sleep~ BBYONG (kyaah so cute KILLMENOW)~~ [ Red Velvet Eye Contact Cam ]
[ North America ] We’ll begin the tour in the US… I have high hope I can’t speak English… so, I will have to rely on Wendy a lot I should practice English while on the plane A-ZA~
[ Not ASMR ] [ Confession ]
In fact I like vegetables [ Vege-holic’s mukbang begins ] I don’t have much to do on the plane Eat, sleep… Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, movie, eat, sleep That’s why my face often swells up when we’ve arrived So, mask is a must
[which explain why she often has face mask at airports] Actually I really want to show my face for you guys [Mask at airport=Full rest on plane] [Blue Blue Seulgi – finally in LA ]
Now I’m going shopping~~ I heard there is a amusement park which open till 1am of New…Yo..rk… Ehhh… Where are we? Ah it’s LA~ (GomSeul~~) Everyone, we are gonna go shopping now~ “I met a robot at the park” “and then, I happened to wake up here!”
[Irene munching behind] Wendy: Why are you so cute suddenly? Is it ok? Is my pronunciation ok? “I met a robot at the park, and then,
I happened to wake up here!” Right?
– Yeah Today is our first LA tour… Ah wait, not LA… US tour… (ah this bear=)))) ) completed successfully [clap clap clap] (Why so cute Gigi ah TT^TT) Right~ Originally it was one-day show… But, thanks to your energy, we’re able to do 2 shows. Thank you so much I’ll repay by performing fiercely…. …to the point of burning the lights (have no idea…???)… Morning in Dallas! The local date here is 10th… It’s already my birthday~~~ Woa~~
[Clap like a seal=))) ) Manager-oppa has prepared a birthday breakfast for me Here we have tasty seaweed soup,
kimchi, and tuna can~ I’m so touched T^T Thank you for the meal~~ I will eat well Irene: What is this? Just stick it here? [ReVelies preparing birthday cake for Seulgi] Joy: It looks so weird lol ???: Seulgi’s 26
Irene: I’m 29 Let’s go! Yeri: (spoiling) ♫ bam-ba-ba-bam ♫
Joy: Quiet! Congratulation~~~ Congratulation~~ Congratulation ~lation ~ lation ~ [Seulgi’s b-day together with all the members] [Prayer before blowing out the candles] 3 2 1 ♫ Thanks God who give us the chance to meet our beloved Seulgi ~ like it was destined in fate ♫ (Yerim stands all the way there to light up the space for unnie T^T) ♫ This world is joyful, for Seulgi who always understands
even our little thoughts ♫ This life is so beautiful
babam bam bam~ ???: If we’re gonna shop…
Joy: kkkk Joy: I caught you yawning lmao Seulgi: I’m on?
Joy: Yeah It’s so dark in here… You won’t be able to see me Joy: But I saw it clearly!
Seulgi: Really? Seulgi: So it must’ve been so cute~
Joy: What… Manager: Did you record the seaweed soup?
Seulgi: Of course~ I said, Manager-oppa made this~ We are here in Dallas It’s famous for steak… so we came here Steak came out~ It’s not burned~
It’s medium~ So the weather has been much better So we are going to Miami…
Let’s go~ [ Choosing a movie ] Seen it, seen it, this too, not seen… Seen half-way, seen it, seen it I’ve watched all the famous ones First thing to do in hotel room 1. Get wifi connection Now that I got wifi, next thing to do is this… 2. Check for room service The most important to-do
[ ***** !!!!! ] You know, we’ve been to many different hotels… So, we often compare and see
which one is the best The comperation is really interesting! [At NYC shop of a collaboration brand] [Seulgi’s look is so sweet like a miktea glass] We normally wear casual clothes [at rehearsals] so, styling up like this feels good I should go out and walk around Oh, my… Me in Rookie era and now… It’s just the makeup that’s different
[You look the same, Seulgi ah~] Baby Seulgi~ [Where is… baby Seulgi…?]
(In Luvies heart~~) This year’s plan? Exercise… Dieting… No more night snacks… No, not no more Moderately Most importantly, exercise This is nubim~~ So warm~ Manager: Looks like it comes from your closet
[Obviously Seulgi’s style] Yes, everyone’s must-have item~ Come here, Wendy ah~ This place is on the Michelin Guide Staff: No need to choose. They’ll bring 2 plates of each. [Happy news – clapping] Joy: This is not a steakhouse We get 2 of each menu item Thank you~ We will eat well~ I have ramen for breakfast this morning I will eat well~ Ah, there is no kimchi T^T ♫ Tasty ramen ♫ When I return to Korea… I’ll have jjokbal (pork feet) gobchang (intestine)… and, some spicy food too~~ I have to eat a lot~~ #Local_moment
#Seulgi_is_prettier My appearance is much better now… I looked so bad then (You were just a passer-by) Pretending like a local… I know a way around now #Seulgi_has_no_money
#Manager_show_me_the_money Manager: Cashless girls want to buy so many…. We have no money We’re being treated by Manager-oppa #Thank_you_Bye_Lovey
#One_Seulgi_Every_House Staff: Get some air outside
Seulgi: Outside? Annyeong~~


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