The Best Laptop Stand

Is the angle of your laptop a pain in the
neck? Is the angle you are typing at, awkward? Is overheating a problem? After tests and researches we have picked
a solution for you. GEOTEL’s sturdy cooling laptop stand is ergonomically
designed for greater comfort! Let’s see the benefits of this laptop stand This stand positions the laptop keyboard and
trackpad to a comfortable 18-degree typing angle and elevates the screen to a more comfortable,
neck-friendly viewing height. Thus helps reduce neck strain and eye strain. The open wedge design increases cooling and
airflow around your MacBook or laptop while working Cable management keeps connections handy and
accessible during use, and in place when you are out and about. Made of a single aluminum frame with non-scratch
Silicone pads to increase stability. Composed of 90% recyclable materials. stabilising front edge prevents laptop from
sliding off stand. Compatible with Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook
Air and other laptops. This Laptop stand is available in two different
colors silver and gold Elegant, simple
and effective

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