The Best Mixed Drink Recipes & Body Shots : Making A “Red Eye” Drink

Hi! I’m Adam. We’re here at the Bird All American
Bar and Grill in beautiful downtown Mount Pleasant, Michigan. On behalf of Expert Village,
we’re going to mix up some drinks today, pour some shots, and have some fun. In this clip,
we’re going to mix up a drink called a Red Eye. The ingredients for the Red Eye are vodka,
beer, Bloody Mary mix, a 16-ounce glass, and one fresh egg. To mix up the Red Eye, we’re
going to start with a full shot of vodka. We’re going to fill our pint glass halfway
with beer. We’re going to fill up the rest of the way with Bloody Mary mix. We’ll top
it off with the egg. That is a Red Eye. The key is to not break the yolk in your mouth.
It doesn’t taste the greatest, but it’s good for hangovers.


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