The Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Treatment

Hi Russ Curran here from epigenetics and
nutrition dot com and today I just want to spend a little bit of time on one of the best kept secrets when it
comes to curing the the flu and colds and ear infections and a
whole host of other things and it’s from something that actually
cost pennies however most institutions and doctors don’t want
you to know about it for the simple reason that
they can’t make money on it. Big Pharma can’t make money on it and a lot of doctors don’t know how
effective it uses are and that is something called hydrogen
peroxide I know everybody has heard of it because everyone tends to pour it on the cuts or spray it on their cuts especially our children when they get
nicked up or dinged up right with a cut, burn or abrasion or whatever
because it’s such a great antibacterial right hydrogen
peroxide so I wanted to talk about how effective
this is in the ear how it works in the ear canal to whip out colds and flus before they ever get
started okay especially when the onset of symptoms is just
starting to show I’m gonna show you how to do that but also I can tell you from personal experience with this this amazing product hydrogen peroxide which cost just
pennies has helped me as I had chronic
sinusitis my teenage years into my early twenties and it was because of a lot of different things combined
number one I used to drink milk not excessively but I drank enough of it and what milk does is it builds and forms
mucus colds feed on mucus and it goes to work in the ear canal ear infections the whole thing kinda
comes together and I used to drink lattes from
Starbucks all the time with milk before I knew any better this was many many years ago twenty years ago and that fed to the chronic sinusitis
when I found out about the amazing benefits of hydrogen
peroxide a lot of people don’t understand you can actually get this intravenously
right into your veins like a vitamin C drip and there’s all kinds of different things you can put directly
into your veins intravenously but you can actually get this and I’m gonna
share a week with you below the video for one of the doctors that has pioneered this and I actually want to see him he’s in Scottsdale Arizona doctor Gordon
Joseph’s and as a result of ten quick treatments one a week I wiped out the candida in my gut which is a result of antibiotics which is a result that taking them over
many years for sinusitis gone. What this will also do
treatments of this is bring your lungs back to what they
were when you were a kid so nice and pink and healthy and remove tar and gunk and all that
kind of stuff of the lungs it’s amazing okay so back to the original intent of the video is for you or your child when you first start feeling the onset of a cold or flu here’s all you need to do go get some
food grade hydrogen peroxide I think everybody has this in their house and or go to CVS Walmart 3% percent hydrogen peroxide is all you need and and get yourself a little glass dropper a little dropper like this okay because all you need is about three
drops simply tilt your head you can lay down on the
couch on a bed have somebody or yourself put in three drops directly into your
ear and let it sit there for five to ten minutes and you can hear it’s going to sound
loud and kids could get a little nervous with that the the bubbling sensation in the ear
it’s not going to hurt them not gonna do anything you know do any
harm to them so worry about that and it’s gonna work extremely well after
five or ten minutes and then maybe a little slight stinging I’ve never felt that myself but you may
have that once it’s gone away just simply drain the ear on a tissue and do it on the other
side that’s it and what you’re gonna find is those
symptoms for the cold in for the flu are going to be wiped out for eighty to ninety percent of the cases by the next morning It’s proven it’s worked for over 100
years it’s amazing so the next time you start feeling
onset of a cold or flu I urge you to go get your peroxide a little
little dropper get them in your ear canal because
that’s where it happens and most people don’t understand colds don’t start from what gets in your nose you know as
our filter or in our eyes generally it starts from the ear canal
and ear clogging and ear infections so when you get peroxide in there peroxide goes to work on attacking all kinds of
viral bacteria and viruses and knocks it out
completely and very very quickly so for me it wiped
out sinusitis and candida in my gut and I don’t get colds anymore okay and for for thousands of others that
know about this treatment they’ll get colds or the flu anymore so stay away from flu
shots you don’t need it here is something the cost pennies and can do a whole host of things for you so
hope that helps if you have any questions the leave me a comment below the video
call me directly I’d love to help you but this is going to save you a lot of
pain, aggravation and a lot of antibiotics and keep you feeling better year round so thank you so much cheers to your


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