The Importance of Flicker-Free LED Lighting

Hi We’re Energy Focus. Flicker is
modulation of the light output in normal operation. It is not to be confused with
the sputtering that fluorescent lamps do when they are about to die out. In the
US most light sources operate from the AC grid which results in light hitting
your eye 120 times per second. This is much faster than our eyes can
actually see. It’s kind of like flipping through a picture book. Our brains
interpret it as one constant input. TVs refresh at 120 Hertz as well but we
don’t see the TV images refreshing for the same reason. Although you cannot
perceive it in normal time this flicker has been linked to eye strain and
headaches which we’ve all experienced at 3 o’clock after sitting under flickering
lights all day. While this discomfort is an inconvenience to most some people are
more sensitive to fluctuations in light output than others. For example
photosensitive epilepsy or visual hypersensitivity such as those with
autism experience heightened symptoms from flicker. Instead of a headache
the increased stress on the visual processing varies from distracting to
painful. Some schools put filters over the lights to block out sharp spikes and
light and disperse the flickering. However a cover over the lights is not a
true solution. All Energy Focus tubular LEDs are flicker free because we add
componentry to our driver to remove the flicker. This is a design decision. The
extra components cost money but it is our contention that it is better for the
health and wellness of the people living under the lights. Of course not all LEDs
are created equally. Some modulate the light to operate even faster so it’s
less perceivable to your eyes but the flicker is still there and you can see
it in slow motion film. However these not so flicker-free LEDs
will interfere with scanning devices such as barcode scanners so be an
educated LED shopper and make sure you’re looking for flicker free LEDs to
find the best quality of light for you. For more information visit and stay tuned for our next video.

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