The NEW ROBLOX HACKER IS AFTER ME!? | Roblox Creepy Mystery (Not Clickbait)

Hello guys its Alex and today, I am going to talk about something very serious. If you guys have been watching my most recent videos and you guys know that I have been talking a lot about the blocks watch Basically the blocks watch is like a group of hackers who are threatening to hack me? They’ve sent me really creepy emails and a lot of you guys Send me emails and screenshots of these blocks watch guys Threatening to hack my account. It’s all pretty Spooky and if you don’t know what the blocks watch eyes are it’s basically a creepy pasta of Roblox Where you see these really creepy eyes in the most popular games in Roblox And I mean this isnt a myth this is true because a lot of you guys have seen these eyes I have seen these eyes in popular games they appear from time to time. They’re a complete mystery right now So not so long ago. I was in a game, and I was just shopping with my friends just buying new clothes on Roblox And this random guy just joins us out of nowhere and he is not on our friends list.. And he tells me that he works for the blox watch this guy’s like Alex Alex, I have to show you something! What you see here, this is the guy right here at 000 56 he is about to show me the secrets of the blox watch 0000 56 has betrayed the blox watch and Decided to warn me about what they’re going to do and show me this game So let’s just interview him. He said it was okay. If I record it, so that’s good. Hello YouTube Alright. Show me what you plan on doing here now I’ve got some of the squad members here of course and he is about to show me this Look right there. It says the blocks watch and this already looks a lot like prove it. You know the game prove it It’s really creepy. It’s full of Hackers and Guest 666 always makes appearances there every time I go to prove it. There is always a guest 666 so they are planning to take all things down What do you mean by that like your hairline? Dan no, but they like mostly want to Target you Why me what I’m wondering is why they want to target me? What did I do cuz they said you were making vid about eyes? Oh, yeah, the blox watch eyes Again this started because I got an email from the blox watch (not blocks watch) corporation and they threatened me to delete my Roblox account and so that’s why I started making videos about the blox watch after they put you in the account targets come Alright So he’s about to show me another thing account Targets THAT’S ME!!! My avatar is crying! wait so Denis!! Poke??? So it looks like they have two empty slots So they don’t know who else they’re going to Target I got sad when I saw you there And why did you use outfit you couldn’t use the better outfit who do you work for Dan? He makes do something like watch eyes But I don’t how did you join them I wanted to join them cause I used to exploit too and Hack oh, so he used to be a hacker something I noticed about all of these hackers Is that they all have big heads But it’s kind of curious that there are two Empty slots, but why me who is your boss? come Ok yeah, so he’s gonna. Show me his boss As I told him I want to know who is behind all of this who is telling these guys? to make an entire team hackers and target me I wanna know who it is Let’s see. Oh my goodness. There’s so many stairs so many stairs okay? Oh There you are oh Whoa, what is this? So here’s him. This is your boss. Yes, here. He’s your bosses kind of handsome yeah very handsome Mm-Hmm he has robux. I don’t know So his boss is mean because he doesn’t pay them in Robux Wait, why does he have a number in his tag thing does it mean anything? Because he does have some kind of weird number, not sure what it means What does it mean we all do? What does it mean so you guys just go by numbers? This is like? Zero 12 I can’t tell what that says Blocks watch, so it’s like every blocks watch member gets a number. He is a part of the blocks watch He made blox- oh So he owns the blox watch, so this guy people were shocked So this guy right here is who started it all right? Is he the leader of the blox watch When they saw him think this is the leader of the blox watch wow, I Don’t know he didn’t told me anything There’s basically two owners wait. If he is an owner, then who’s the other owner? So there’s another mysterious guy Wait, is there any way I can talk to the owner. I’m Gonna get to the end of this I’m gonna figure out who owns the blox watch and why they want my account. I am gonna figure it out Um I don’t know really wants to talk to the owner This is honestly really Really scary. He is pretty nice if but he is nice, and why does want to hack me? It’s because of my valk isn’t it I? Want peace I’m really proud of this guy Because he worked for the blox watch But he decided to leave the blox watch and tell me all the information that he knows I really want to know how many People are in the blox watch lots. Should I trust this guy like do you think? Do you think he’s really being nice or do you think he’s setting me in a trap? I don’t know should I trust him. This is all very creepy account targets two empty slots There is me and my avatar as I cry and they they chose my ugly outfit This is just all very confusing I wanna know more okay? So I just looked at the creator of this game Blox watch HQ, this is his profile. I’m after Inquisitor Master don’t ask. Why we are the blox watch Corporation? I’m the office Co-owner and elite explorer of the blox watch Corporation I see all I hear all I know all but why? Why me I kind of want to take a look at all of his friends? So I’m gonna open them all up in different tabs and spy on each and every one of them Who is he following? he’s Following me! Okay, so this is This is his friends list All right, so let’s take a look at all of his friends. This is one of them. We are the blox watch Corporation Alex I’m the leader of the whole blox watch corporation. I’m coming for you Alex and I’m also a Demon hunting my name is Astra is this the second leader of the blox watch. I’m not sure Blox watches only only blox Watchers are allowed here? All right, let’s take a look at the group Okay, let’s click on this guy Alex is Gonna be hacked Alex is next oh Well, he’s a fan of the darkside group. So that’s good curious about this like lets look at his friends, right? This is another one of the guys. He’s never taught looks kind of creepy, but That’s okay. We are the blox watch Corporation!! We are coming Alex, huh our blox watch….? so these guys are all blox watch members a Society that will live forever the community we are the blocks watch Corporation oh my gosh!!! Let’s look at his friends. Oh my they’re all like So what a lot of them aren’t weird accounts with numbers, and this is weird What? Why do they all have zeros ah all right? These must all be members of the blox watch because they go by numbers! It’s kind of weird though like come on 000056. Let’s go Hack ALEX! alright. Well this still continues to remain a mystery, but if you guys do Stumble upon any clues any hints if you guys stumbled across on the air of the blox watch Make sure to let me know because I want to figure this out I want to know what’s going on But anyway that is all for today if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you hit that like button and also don’t forget Subscribe to join the dark side with me please alright ;D Well, I guess I’ll see you guys next time until then God bless you, and I love you, so so much. Bye guys


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