The Ray White uniform – behind the scenes

So it’s called established 1902 which
we think fits with everything Today has been everything we’ve been working on for the last eight months. It’s so nice to see everything come together and see
how amazing the uniforms look – everyone looks amazing. When we launched the Ray White shop one of the first things we wanted to do was replace the old Ray White tie and scarf. It was time for a refresh, time for an
update. We set out to replace just that and we’ve ended up building on that concept, to ultimately end up with a full range of women’s suits – really a full
range of gear that our people can wear. I was ecstatic was how they actually came out and the quality is exactly what we wanted it to be from the hundred
per cent wool suits through to the cotton shirts, through to the silk ties; we
couldn’t have wanted a better outcome from our range of uniform for the new
staff. Just seeing the corporate team now together today doing this whole shoot it’s just been so lovely because they’re all so excited, they’re
all going ‘wow it looks so good’. The fabrics with regards to the ties, we
immediately went to silk we sourced the best possible fabrics we could and
created six new designs which I’m sure everybody will love. It was very much a decision to make a
pattern that was unique to Ray White and to our history. Sam White brought her
great vision and her styling to the project which was the most important
part of this whole project because it has the Ray White feel to it, it has that
premium quality to it, but it doesn’t feel like a uniform and we will stand
out from all the other competitors out there. I am absolutely blown away, they
look so good and I’m so happy with the the ultimate result. A collection of flora that was really native to the Shed, where the Shed is in Crows Nest in
Queensland and so we did some research about you know what grows up there in
the bush and that’s what we’ve come up with this beautiful collection of
Australiana. We’ve ended up using it for the lining of the suits, we’ve had
four samples of one specific shirt because we wanted to get the buttons
right. We’ve looked at really beautiful cottons that are beautiful to wear.
We’ve looked at silk fabric rather than polyester and nylon so women can wear a
silk scarf in North Queensland or you know western suburbs of Brisbane and not
oil and you know it’s a beautiful natural fiber everyone loves wearing it.
We’re gonna see the pattern on other products that we’re going to be
launching in the near future. We own the pattern, it’s our pattern and it’s
unique to us.

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