The Reasons Why You Have An Itchy Dry Scalp

Hello everyone this is Breanna Rutter from and in this video I will like to talk about the reasons why you have
a dry itchy scalp so if you’re on this earth in your living and breathing and eating and
sleeping and operating as a person or as an animal you are going to have issues with dry
skin this is something that’s unavoidable because there’s always changes such as if
you’re hydrated if you eat well the area you live in so in this video I’m going to explain
in 8 reasons as to why you may have issues with a try itchy scalp so the first most important
reason as to why you may have issues with the dry itchy out is because you don’t have
a cleansing or conditioning routine so even though you may keep your hair clean and you
may keep your hair conditioned it’s hard to find a way dry scalp if you’re very inconsistent
with how often you cleanse the condition your hair you want a routine that your skin is
used to that you can use to so it stops yourself from having an itchy dry scalp if you watch
her hair too much this will lead to dry scalp or if you’re always putting water on your
hair and scalp and then a couple of days you don’t your scalp starts to dry up or feels
like it’s lacking so you consistent routine you can be up to adjust whether or not you
need shampoo sessions throughout the week or you need to condition your hair a little
bit more to get your scalp in perfect condition so the second reason as to why you may have
issues with your dry scalp is because you’re not keeping her scalp moisturize is really
important especially with African-American hair that you keep your hair as moisturized
as possible and the same thing goes for your scalp water will be your best friend for moisturizing
it is the number one moisturizing product ever to exist that’s where you get moisture
so even if you simply have to use a water spray bottle to mist your scalp you want to
make sure you seal in the water was type of oil to keep your skin hydrated the third reason
as to why you may have issues with an itchy and dry scout because you are dehydrated if
you don’t drink enough water for the recommended amount of water a day where is the water coming
from to moisturize your scalp what’s very important in your body are your vital organs
like the rain your heart and lungs your digestive system so if you’re not taking any water then
your organs are absorbing as much as they can and nothing is left for your scalp and
even your hair so you notice that oh everything I do nothing works my scalp is always dry
and itchy you probably need to drink more water so my 4th reason as to why your scalp
may be itchy and dry is because you are using humectants in a dry environment so depending
on where you may live the climate may always be dry or you are experiencing a dry part
of the season if you use humectants in your hair products during this time your scalp
will be dry the purpose of a humectant is to attract as much moisture as you can but
the downside about this is that if you’re going through the dry times a year we live
in a dry area there is nowhere to extract moisture but from your scalp in your hair
so if you use humectants when the air dry or you’re in a dry climate or environment
this will make her scalp even drier so save this for more of the rainy seasons or more
of cool weather rather than using it when it’s hot out or not as humid when trying to
fix your dry and itchy scalp you must keep this in mind so my 5th reason as to why you’re
experiencing this is because you have product build up in your hair so depending on how
much products you like to use or how heavy of ingredients is this will clog your pores
and stop moisture which is water from penetrating your skin in your scalp so if you have product
build up this often leads to an itchy scalp and then released to a dry scalp because water
cant penetrate through your product enough to give yourself moisture so if you like to
use a lot of gels and serums and hair sprays make sure you wash your hair little bit more
often to stop yourself from having product build so my 6th reason of why you are experiencing
this hair problem is because you have mineral buildup in your water so you got to make sure
that from the last tip you don’t have to many products in your hair but in this to you have
to be sure that your hair isn’t coated with minerals from your water if you happen to
live in a place that has hot water you will notice that your hair will even be unmanageable
at times because you can’t get moisture to really penetrate the hair like you need so
in the description box below I have a link to my website actually talks about how to
more mineral buildup from happening on your hair and the products that you can use to
help cleanse your hair because of minerals so there’s common minerals that are in our
water such as sulfer calcium and even some metals and as these things sit on top of your
hair they are able to actually dissolve into your hair will be absorbed by your hair so
they sit on top of your hair shaft in order to get the most out of your hair to stop your
scalp also from being dry you need to use some type of deep cleansing shampoo to do
so now my 7th reason as to why it may be hard to control a dry itchy scalp is because you
use sulfate shampoo by nature sulfate shampoos are extremely cleansing shampoo that strip
off almost everything so even when you shampoo your hair with sulfate shampoo this often
leaves yoru hair dryer in your scalp even more dry make sure to use the natural shampoos
to wash her hair because you just need to clean your hair you don’t need to strip your
hair so by using more natural shampoos that don’t contain sulfate this is your hair in
your scalp a good clean without constantly battling dry scalp my favorite natural shampoo
that I like to use this to Dr. Bronners Castile Soap or Castile Shampoo in the link below
you can also check it out on the post as I talk about the different shampoos that I like
to use to avoid an itchy scalp so my last and final reason as to why you may be suffering
from a dry and itchy scalp is because you naturally produce low sebum so you’re like
okay what does this have to do with scalp my hair what is sebum, sebum is the natural
oil that your scalp excretes to keep moisture lot into your scalp and into your hair so
by nature naturally African-American people produce lower sebum productions than others
so that’s why it’s even harder to make sure to keep our hair moisturized what you want
to do to help this situation is to use oils that similarly mimic what sebum is which is
jojoba oil and even coconut oil so coconut oil happens to be my favorite oil for my hair
and my scalp in all I do after wash or a co wash or just after misting my scalp and hair
I dip my fingers in my coconut oil and I run my fingers across my parts If I have braid
or twists and it takes away the dry scalp instantly so if you tried everything on the
list sulfate shampoos to making sure that you don’t use humectants in dry climate and
all the other reasons you just naturally produce lower sebum so you have to make sure you lock
in water with some type oil so those are my reasons as to why you may be experiencing
a dry and itchy scalp in this video has been helpful to you make sure to leave any comments
you have done in the comments section below also be sure to go over to
and check out your hair information and videos like these


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