The Strangeness of 120fps Film – This is Only a Test 522 – 10/17/19

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Thursday October 17th 2019 welcome to this is only a test the official podcast
of testing comm right and then suddenly the enterprise DS
bridge it’s not the D that’s the a oh the sound effects are wrong no that’s a
decent no oh that is the ACA is that the a or the nothing it’s nothing
yeah everybody’s wrong no blasted a your the C or D the Dax on this thing
wah I’ve never heard the richness in the tone in the dubstep intro like I have
from this bed alright we realize that we are the fine intro music and the
interstitial music that our fans out there you the listeners out there have
made for us we’re actually in stereo and we didn’t until we yeah on this new
mixer we didn’t realize it and so but we still I’m sorry we still mix down to two
mono well you out there podcast so cat should be mono it’s great for us here
but for you out there could be mono I disagree on that by the way I think they
should be stereo I don’t think people care about bandwidth and storage anymore
well but but we record mono we use all the views in stereo mics well that’s
true but this is Jerry as said and we could split the voices across get the
sound can I tell you what happens when you do that cuz I did that when we first
started making this podcast and I had to start mastering the podcast every boy
once systems can’t don’t get the center channel audio no tight I on the first
few episodes of this is only test I did in stereo and I put norm a little bit to
the left and a little bit to the right people were upset really profoundly
angry why because they said it was like listening to a tennis match the whole
time just left maybe you were too extreme rally
I mean maybe but ping-pong I thought it was cool you went full Beatles hey
welcome to the podcast this week I’m norm and as you ever heard them already
Jeremy’s here hi Will’s here whoa cashiers not here I’m the time this
week’s Kishore that’s right and now a moment of silence
it’s too early way too early on the podcast and not in Stara either let’s
kick things off how are your past weekend’s what’s been going on lately
chairman Williams I told you begging for Santa Cruz right yeah that’s true I got
a night of it you went to the boardwalk yeah we didn’t
yeah as I said I guess already told you did y’all watch the Blue Angels this
weekend it’s Fleet Week we just go yep this past weekend I mean I had an
earthquake I had a we had an earthquake we had a
shocker it was a big one 24.5 was 4.7 did they downgrade it it was how I was
out in the East Bay and I had the thing remember that xkcd when they talk about
how fast seismic waves travel versus the speed of light it’s right router’s yeah
early I literally opened Twitter to tweet
oh fuck an earthquake and by the time I had open Twitter I was seeing the East
Bay people tweeting so it’s like well this has got to be far away from me I’m
probably okay yeah it wasn’t East Bay and people in Santa Cruz didn’t feel it
until like 30 seconds later yeah what struck me about this earthquake was it
was the first one I can remember since living here and I’ve lived here twelve
years that we’ve had two earthquakes in such close proximity to each other it’s
a good thing I completely missed the second one we didn’t feel the second way
I mean the one a week or two ago yeah oh one last week I didn’t feel that one
either oh really no okay life’s light alright it was
during New York comic-con is over the weekend right and is in the morning that
was like a moving nine o’clock one and then this other one I think they were
along same fault lines but 10:30 they felt similar to me this point were low
and rumbly this one was long long and it made a noise it made like the it was
weak by the time I got to us in Pacific Wow
but you mentioned the Blue Angels I had a nice experience driving home across
the Bay Bridge me too and the Blue Angels flew over the baby almost over
the Bay Bridge I had you stole my story really Jim William what that was a
Saturday no it was a it was probably Friday I had wait was it
what Saturday was a Saturday about 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. it was moves mid-afternoon
we were on the Bay Bridge at the same time and what that took me back to you
your bridge sees his twins San Francisco rush oh yeah yeah and I loved that game
to death and I played it in the arcade before I ever lived
and in that game you’re driving over a bridge or at one point you’re driving
over there over the Golden Gate Bridge another point you’re driving over Hill
and the Blue Angels fly over your head and it just I saw the SF skyline and
there’s the Blue Angels on the mono bridge and I was like how many people in
the world would kill like I appreciate this for the video game reference before
the big game reference whew I did the concrete start exploding around you and
like the whole city crumbled you could swerve and just kind of ghost back and
yeah position traffic was moving smoothly weather was wonderful that day
and I was saying you could not plan for this I was so bummed you know why I did
not have my dash cam USB key in because I would have missed I was gonna push the
button to record to back for chord using the dash cam on the car and it was
literally like it said on the Bay Bridge and it was between the pylons and it was
in the dip in the suspension bridge and it was right through and right was I was
driving was wound four of them in formation wow I could hear them and you
could see them coming they’re gonna do it oh my god I better slow down when I’m
right across and then over to the mark Darrow so they used to do go under the
bridge in the old days and they stopped doing that now so now they just fly
really close over the bridge really close how high were they I mean it
looked like they were could you reach out and touch them no you can reach on
that is way better than mine they just flew near the bridge no I went between
the suspension pilot that’s amazing that’s yeah 400v Crenn I hate to
schedule this it just needed to happen normally you have as always you’ve lived
you’re living a blessed life yeah yeah baby that’s enjoy – look my name is now
I’m gonna say that’s that sounds less good my wife hates it’s Fleet Week oh
because she’s that she is and not a fan of loud noises mmm that’s great
I didn’t hear it’s a little bit scary because like it does feel a little bit
like a you know you’re in the medical Bay transformers movie
yeah Starscream is you know combined they don’t make the you got yourself
yeah great they’re fine and your pretty good right I am they used to fly they
used to like circle up and regroup over Pacifica and then last year SFO changed
their traffic patterns they’re mostly using the they’re flying over Pacifica
now so that means the Blue Angels can’t do that anymore
so I don’t get to see it all week practicing anymore during Fleet
Week which is a bummer it’s amazing yeah it’s very cool a chance to watch an
airshow I mean a lot people do but in a big city that’s really cool anything fun
this past weekend will for you oh man it’s soccer and bass and and and
basketball season kids soccer kids soccer
so the pacifica under seven league is rockin it’s very friendly nobody else
it’s very nice yeah nothing exciting I want to talk about this maybe better
Texas yeah let’s talk about now you built a computer I built a lot of
computers for for a friend dozens hundreds maybe thousands well you built
specifically guerra what does new PC oh yeah how was that experience this is I
think the second or third PC I’ve assisted Gary with after the last time I
did it when he said when he said hey that PC you help me build by which he
meant you built for me I think on camera a tested needs an upgrade I was like
there’s this great company called Origen you should go call them and just buy a
PC from them and it’s terrific because when you have a problem with it there’s
an 800 number you can call and they will help you out I did that I did a falcon
northwest and I don’t think it was like I don’t think it’s great idea
I mean something to be said for putting your PC together you know how long have
you known Gary long enough to know this not for him yeah exactly
so he because he’s an influencer now a big time influencer he got a bunch of
free hardware and couldn’t get Origen to put the free hardware into a PC for him
so he asked me if I would help him because we’re friends I said yes but I
was only gonna give him 48 hours of customer service that was it at the end
of 48 hours and problems become his or the Geek Squad so whatever I don’t care
I just don’t hear about but know is great we put it together he got a really
sweet Corsair case with tempered glass sides that looks very fancy and there’s
all sorts of cool lights and shit inside can you see it on camera on this Twitter
stream I believe the I’m not plugging Gary’s
twitch stream here I’m here to put my twitch stream sir no yeah he it’s good
it was fun he actually he did way more of the assembly this time that he did
last time we did it on camera I think he put in memory I did the scary stuff like
CPU sockets and stuff like that but he screwed it into the mother
the case and a lot of that stuff it was good we did not do it on stream because
it’s an incredible pain in the ass to stream a piece built you know it’s right
live mixing it your hands get in the way there’s there’s no way to get light
inside the thing that makes it look good you did one with Lloyd look a few years
ago good knife mix that was the VR box I build yes yeah I mean I followed your
your building made that very same piece Norman I did what probably five or six
when I was a tested what a year I think the woman and we use a shuttle style PC
which you could mini X in the itec so it was easy to kind of the right size is
that what that’s called yeah the Cubbies shuttle the only
problem with those is you don’t have enough PCI Express slots down yeah well
especially one put USBC on there yeah let’s BC for week four link in the
future well yeah they just get a new USB new motherboards not a slot for that
there’s not as if you’re using mini ITX not as many PCIe there’s only one slot
Lane is there just the one for the graphics card no there’s a next one okay
there’s a but some people use that for yeah right no no most Mini ITX ports
only have one slot just the x16 just the big one yeah so no then okay that meant
a lot I have one that’s very similar to the one that you guys built that I used
as my travel PC before laptops could do that I do I’m due to build but no point
is I’m due to build PC again well you should I got I got like half the parts I
need a sponsors I have been playing a lot of Asgard’s RAF and and the loading
times on a regular old hard drive are killed me so much that I ordered an SSD
Jeremy you only have a regular old hard drive for my gaming hard drive like my
systems on an SSD like the windows right but then I installed because they were I
wanted like a multi terabyte drive for my games and two hundred dollars versus
SSDs used to be so expensive they were so cheap now now it’s like well it was
well under to those Intel obtain three Dean and ones our two hundred bucks and
they’re not perfect but like they’re great if you want one and now it’s not
in my SSD now get like RAM memory yeah storage so anyway I swapped over
last night I can’t wait to try it out okay yeah yeah tell me tell us what your
load times yeah everybody loves to hear about load times right oh I’m sure
everyone loves the rest of this intro segment talk about Gary’s PC build so
it’s the thing that was struck me building the PC because it’s been a
little bit since I since I built something from scratch
like without moving parts and stuff over like it is there’s essentially like five
components because it’s like CPU motherboard Ram cooler power supply SSD
video card it that’s that you haven’t come back in half an hour that’s not
true what takes the most time from cables routing cables and getting
everything so it doesn’t look like a rat’s nest and and it’s still the
prairies I told it if you want to do cable management you take it all apart
and do it himself yeah the biggest the thing that takes
the longest time for me is the the cooler the cooler stuff still is I
always use the self-contained water cooler yeah of course there has and then
there’s a massive fan he just for CPU just for CPU yeah yeah so they’ve made
the those easier to put in in the modern cases cuz like his case had a little
like a piece of metal that you pull out and you bolt that on to the cooler and
then you just slide that in and screw it in with one screw and that made it a ton
easier but yeah the the lighting getting the lighting I doing his doing his
computer made me want to like get a really gaudy lots of RGB LEDs it’s all
ours you know right like oh dude they’re all addressable RGB is you can you can
program them do all sorts of weird like even the graphics card has RG B’s on it
yeah the time yeah the where’s his geforce on the side of the 20 or the
r-tx cards yeah it’s crazy the ram if you get like high-end PC 3200 Ram that
has it has programs programmable RGB so plenty the motherboard so the gigabyte
motherboard that he got that I told him to get has has headers out to just plug
RGB strips in mm-hmm so you could make your whole PC a game
frame Jeremy yeah but you couldn’t draw on it what would you lay on it you know
the coolest Mon I’ve ever seen along those lines yeah somebody put instead of
a critic panel as your window an LCD display with no bow I’ve seen that yeah
that’s also and so the light from the inside of the case illuminates panel yes
black is off and so it’s transparent whereas colours are opaque and so it’s
like a hologram so it looks like a smart window so it opens up to look inside the
PC with an animation it’s a window with that you can you know what that is it
also a display that’s that’s the thing I want so there’s been some weird display
stuff come out lately right like the RGB cubes that Samsung that used to be like
a commercial installation thing and now they’re starting to sell them to
consumers with the microalgae micro LEDs where instead of having like pickles our
screen it’s just a grid of LEDs RGB LEDs that you can like click together with
other cubes to get the resolution and screen size when you say cube you mean
square e means rectangle okay I mean a square they’re squares
square panels that are modular not not three dimension so like each each panel
is like 300 pixels by 600 pixels okay like that and they’re like four by four
two-dimensional two-dimensional but they’re mean they have thickness because
they’re but but they’re not like you on the brother okay yes they’re not exert
our a they are a dimensional I’m with you yeah and you can hook them together
to get up to like 16 K resolutions I have been there like wall sighs yeah
so you basically could make this whole basket right we took very expensive we
talked it years ago about turning game frame into an art installation I still
want to do that like Nintendo resolution how’d you address her all that you try
that’s where that was bad and the power required were why didn’t I think I don’t
know you could do it now wirelessly oh right as long as a controller can manage
it hmm well they need to run their own controllers yeah but there’d be a server
that would sing at all yeah calibrate everything yeah I think
that’ll be a lot easier to do now that would be before because you just use RGB
strips and build a frame that goes on top yeah yeah yeah absolutely
people have done that for sure all right enough of the chitchat all right it’s
good to hear you guys had great weekends okay
let’s talk about top story top story this week that’s like I was
blind and now I can see Terry oh man holy hell oh I thought you’re Doug Matt
his his efficiency in moving the show alone no no this sound Norman’s always
been the segue master yeah but the sound is just I can’t believe that you’re not
letting people at home hear this I’ll be tried and like too much work too much
too much work all right mix down it’s gonna be it’s gonna be
mono I’m sorry top story’s gonna be well this October 15th but three two days ago
as you listen to this podcast Google had their pixel for a launch event well a
bunch of stuff Eliz announced but primarily pixel for
new hardware new phones the most leaked phone intentionally in probably the
history of google it’s a shame too short snot areas the Android rep yeah yeah
well Android there too two sizes a pixel for pixel for Excel and the kind of for
flagship features of the fix form over last year’s big camera right cam would
night night site the TV commercial for that a wonderful feature that worked
well now kind of propagated amongst other Android phones and iPhone this
year and the iPhone followed suit with its own long exposure computational
photography low light mode well the pixel for still has to camera
still has your standard camera a telephoto camera improve night sight
they did demo on stage where it’s like you could see the stars they will know
that your shooting stars and they will combine those exposures so that you can
actually make out the night sky that’s great but the cameras are actually not
the focus of the features for the next two for number one they want to talk
about face unlock the fix afford and like the iPhone 10 as of two years ago
now has a face unlock samsung said this already that’s why the phones also have
not a notch but that’s definitely have a forehead I’m totally fine with that if
Apple wants to do that too fine really yes for the forehead or not need
symmetry yes on top and bottom yep huh Wow interesting
you really don’t like the nod train you know I feel like the notches is okay but
it bugs me more than it should I think Apple loves the cemetry yes more than
they think the right I’m surprised I didn’t put a notch on the bottom of the
screen like please hop not to the bottom like
having that notch cut into your movie if you go fullscreen is not accepting you
that’s that means if that happens on the movie that means the movie is rendering
wrong the movie’s supposed to not render in this job there’s two just double chop
yeah yes because sometimes you’re watching like Netflix Ranger things and
those are shot of two by one essentially yes you want really wide screen and it
goes and say no it does not if the software just doesn’t know what to do
with it really regardless what guards your interface guidelines have gone to
shed at an Apple and the forehead is there on the pixel for because there’s
face unlock and from all reports the face off mock here is exceptionally fast
they’re doing kind of like a are blast type thing with their with their with
the reason ours aren’t they using rate that is a separate we’re getting there
we’re getting rid of that’s that’s the fourth but that’s exciting
yeah okay anyway really fast base unlock of course highly innovative with Android
OS that’s gonna be sort of place any place you need to put a password or if
you ever pass or you’re keepin and people who’ve used it at the event said
it’s so fast for the demo purposes they had to artificially engineer a slower
version just so you can trigger I didn’t hear if it supports like a tension
awareness so with iPhone face unlock there’s an option you can toggle do you
need to be looking at the phone so if my kid holds the phone up to my face and I
don’t look at it it won’t unlock it I think it does okay and that’s not
difficult for them to do because the way the iPhone does the attention awareness
is it blasts IR and it takes a picture and as long as your two eyes because I’m
sorry the the light goes right to the back of your retina and bounces right
back yeah so as long as it sees your cat eyes
essentially it knows you’re paying attention so like redeye is finally good
for something exactly exactly yeah and then the other feature is it’s not
necessarily new in the Android world some other phones the oneplus phones
have had this feature for a generation now razor has had this feature but it is
I think probably one of the biggest features it is a higher refresh rate
screen now you do hurts wait what did you sense the first time
that a real phone manufacturers released a higher than 60 Hertz screen now that
would presumably say that razor and oneplus Armour go phone manufacturer I
don’t know what one plus has 90 Hertz this year as well
okay plus seven Pro in the 1770 Pro but this is an oled screen with a variable
refresh rate and they’re calling it their smooth display and it’s 90 Hertz
nine yards so sometimes sometimes yeah it does on the system level and only
when the app called sport otherwise it goes to sixty Hertz is kind of the
standard state but presumably any app that Google makes you know Chrome web
browsing those are the things that were you and most notice obviously in the
that you’re at the home right the the launcher yep so the OS will just be
smoother and the big fear that people have with high refresh rate screens on a
phone specifically is battery life train right what does this mean for battery
life because you’re running the the phone what if you’re doing nothing but
browsing the web or Twitter do you really need that smoothness at the cost
of better life my experience with it is that it’s negligible the impact on
battery life yes on the iPad 120 Hertz I’ve had pros 100 Hertz is wonderful and
they have the capacity for a much bigger battery which is why it makes more sense
for tablet to adopt those first but I think it’s kind of ridiculous that Apple
has not put a 90 Hertz panel ridiculous ridiculous they’re saving it for next
year because they need people to buy iPhones next well I will say the nine
Hertz is gonna be great for daydream that is a really good point wait always
bad on the head so well and I guess as a related to that and we might as well
mention it here and not in the VR minute is that support for daydream is going
away Google is kind of abandoned its phone VR strategy so I mean Google is
completely out of the VR game now forever they’re just backing away I mean
everyone’s working toward AR yeah presumably some kind of Eric or stuff is
all gonna feed into an AR play as long the daydream stuff with our goals 2020
that’s what I say I feel bad because none of the phone based VR stuff and
that I’m two of two minds about this one who got developers paid and got them
because never ride a bridge and during those lean early years yes exactly
allowed developers to experiment in that space
and they could tell user bases but also overhyped EVR format that really didn’t
have legs well the three top stuff you mean throw off stuff and also the phone
base stuff I mean everybody the thing is the three top stuff was so disingenuous
because everybody including the people manufacturing 3d off stuff knew that
three Dolf wasn’t good when oculus release oculus go
they knew go was better like no no’s bad unless they be they sold it was highly
successful them one not just cuz price point because of the intent for media
watching only well yeah and it’s also nice to have things to put in your
drawers I think if you chatted with them and they talk about like user retention
and what people are doing people who bought goes and we’re watching movies
maybe eg porn yeah they loved it we’ll get the porn the pornographers love go
$200 cheaper than buying a phone and a samsung was selling for before they’d
attack a particular things for free oh you could get him for freaking MSRP $100
for a plastic shelf I mean the the bummer is there was a there were a lot
of really neat games like virtual virtual reality came out of daydream
yeah and that’s a really cool weird thing that wouldn’t probably exist
otherwise right like like it it’s it is unfortunate I mean I guess that stuff is
all found homes on other platforms at this point and daydream had that whole
they tried to do a second wave with sixth off with Lenovo stuff right they
had the inside out tracking it just they couldn’t reconcile the three-d– off old
legacy apps and they didn’t fund the six off apps and it was all still phone base
was that a Google thing was that Lenovo just doing six no it was I don’t know
that either Carmack gave a homage no no much because eulogy thank you went to
gear VR at oc6 and he mentioned that he thought maybe a daydream pulled it off a
little bit better than gear VR I mean it definitely took somewhat form learn just
the ease of ease of inserting and yeah but the controller and stuff was better
I think for a daydream to yeah I mean also on the problem on the
Android side is that there’s so many different form factors for phones in
screen sizes and lenovo has that problem with their Star Wars
slash Marvell AR at set where you slot the phone in it does the the combiner
because you basically need to crop into the slowest common denominator phone
screen which is knife own for them my my favorite thing about the
dream was that you could put the controller inside the inside the headset
storage folded into the things he so like you always had it it was really
good back to pixel for the other feature is
the radar there call it motion sense this is a thing we’ve heard about for
literal years like the patent was years ago they bought a company that did that
that came up with this technology right yeah project project soli was the
project internally and where does it’s a hemisphere the Richer creates a
hemisphere of about what’s the radius two feet in diameter okay not that big
but enough that you can it can know when you’re reaching for it and it can then
do predictive what you are you know start displaying stuff activates you
know things like the face on lock ahead of time before you grab the phone so
that extra you know half second second of knowing your intention is to
potentially grab it and use it that is useful for making the kind of user
experience like an extension of your intentions in mind yes and you can swipe
above it to go fast horsepowers go ahead and rewind your tracks when you’re
listening to music mm-hmm I wonder seems super useful I wonder I like how it like
it what else what can this do that they haven’t actually figured out or unlocked
yet to is it only working is it working all the time what I mean you can work
whenever they want to no but I mean like is it on all the time I don’t know
presumably for power saving it uses the IMU and gyro know that when it’s on a
table the imsr not moving and maybe that’s when it turns on and turns on or
has a kind of a little bit like say in your pocket presumably you don’t want to
exactly just get radiating no they can’t tell when the phone’s your pocket to all
the fitness stuff yeah it was that but I also wonder like how much of this could
be done with just visuals with a camera especially like what the Hammers are way
more yeah Howard I don’t I doubt our live I doubt that they have a wide angle
that’s true maybe that’s that’s part of it the computation part oh right cuz
you’re doing computer vision versus but this is well okay it’s easy to do our
pixels changing it’s hard to do is there a hand above me it also wouldn’t work
because the cameras are facing down yeah so if your screens facing up does this
work in either orientation well there’s a camera on both sides of the phone
Jeremy right but the the fancy wide-angle cameras at least on the
iPhone you know only question I don’t know if it works I think their demos
were phone face-up yeah well and Google’s had wide-angle cameras on the
front of the camera for a long time as why does the new they what they do why’d
you be able to do wide selfies 404 since the three or three AI camera which one
I’m very interested like this is an interesting concept to me I don’t know
it seems like it a feature that they’ve rolled out without maybe knowing
entirely what people should use it for but it but if it lets them turn on the
phone faster yeah that’s probably a good thing I guess I don’t know so only one
selfie camera now speaking of which on in terms of so they got rid of the
wide-angle selfie camera the wide-angle it’s 90 degree field of view and so it’s
right in between the pixel three had 75 and an 97 and so it’s gonna be a little
wider one button to probably crop in as a default and kind of DoubleTap to
expand it one that makes I mean resolute given the resolution of those sensors
that’s probably entirely adequate yeah and of course they needed more space on
their forehead for all the face unlock stuff just I didn’t upgrade did you want
to talk about it I didn’t either you didn’t get one
no Gina got one it’s been very hard for me to not get the new forgot the green
we know you got the phone I got the green though Gina got the green – you
guys are twinsies she got the big boy though oh yeah it’s very big it’s like a
small iPad I got the white initially and I didn’t like it oh really and I have
passed that I gave that to has a present to Danica Wow hey here’s something I
didn’t like enough to keep it you’ll love it so I got to I we have a child
he’s almost a year old we need pictures for his birthday I’m justifying all
sorts of things you took thank you thank you baby we took 18 thousand pictures
the first year our daughter was alive that’s the point
yeah that is very much the points ridiculous speaking cameras going back
to the pixel for there were now two cameras in the back you ever standard
wide-angle and now their second camera they chose telephoto so still you could
say imitating Apple in terms the second camera felt telephoto although well I’m
11 it’s on the iPhone is wide and ultra while I think they diverge there now I
think the telephoto is a better choice telephoto
is 100 not the more useful choice yeah because from my experience if you want
to talk about the iPhone set the ultra wide iPhone I’ve been disappointed by
the image quality the fixed focus has been very because the light doesn’t have
focused pixels right no no focus changing at all oh it’s just
a fix in fitful focus to infinity a meter out to infinity I so look the
thing is you can do really neat things with the wide-angle camera sure but it
is not a general-purpose right our speculation is the Apple chose that for
two reasons one is so as they differentiate between the 11 and the
11pro the 11 Pro is a $300 upsell and really the only functional difference
yes has a OLED screen yes high resolution blah blah blah blah battery
life but the only real functional day-to-day for difference is the total
telephoto lens which I think we all agree is more useful than ultra white
and so that’s what they’re getting people like I know but yeah
the second reason and the second reason ultra white as a standard lowest common
denominator across all their 11 phones and presumably going forward is better
for a our kit and world mapping right so that’s why I think that the the wide
angle wasn’t differentiated like that it needs to be the common denominator which
is novel for photography purposes but useful for a slam purposes so then why
not do an ultra wide in the telephoto and because the sensor nations not good
95% guy will still yes okay since your fusion is definitely like the the you
get the widest aperture with the sweet spot lens
oh okay so they have the portrait lens they have the okay that makes sense
you’ve used the ultra wide then yeah it’s crazy it’s like a fisheye
I um I hundred twenty degrees you could absolutely shoot a scape video on that
and look you know make it look rad so that here’s the other thing when video
it crops in yeah just like always a little bit you’re right it’s not as wide
I so I used it to do some like product shots and stuff like that
I used it to do some portraits of our daughter I used it to take some soccer
photos which were very silly with like soccer ball huge and the and the kids
small it is very much if you like got down low on that thing on a skateboard
and hooked it on the front of your skateboard you could do some
go pro ass business and I I’m just I don’t I just I don’t know I feel like I
get going all for white I feel like changing the entire product line to
feature this to work with this future technology that isn’t out yet is a real
sketchy sketchy call I mean that’s apples mo they seed these technologies
into lay the foundation for the future so that when they are second to market
or not first to market with a tech with a class of technology they have the
better developer sort face and they thinkin yeah yeah no I know
the other big thing of the camera night mode or sorry night sight is still there
it is still separate mode do automatic it’s not automatic install to change to
it I don’t know why they did that because it should auto detect when so
the light is low have you found your switches to night mode when you maybe
don’t want it to on the iPhone on the iPhone no I always wanted to see Gina
Gina has had hers go night mode sometimes when she wants the dark
picture but it’s so it’s but the default should be to switch the for the better
equality and then the toggle off then is to switch to the I guess I’d switched to
night mode on yeah I don’t like I said when I had the pixel to I did not like
having to switch manually to my night mode right I found that to be
frustrating I think from a user experience opting out of night mode is a
better experience than opting into it and majority people want the image
quality and you can theoretically always get one of the images from the night
mode Milosh no I’m just saying if you wanted to go back you could Oh surface
that ya never know em yeah but Google learning Google yeah Google Google wants
to make things accessible and one of the but one of the features I am super
excited for and I this is something I Apple rip this off is not only low so
I’m gonna go into a little pro tip here puts a ramp photos that people take on
their phones by and large trust auto-exposure too much oh yeah you get
to use the finger thing yes most people and I maybe not you listeners out there
you’re probably smart but most people I know do not adjust exposure tap to focus
to finger down to slop down because auto-exposure wants things to be bright
but sometimes you don’t need things to be bright or somebody’s want things we
brother or often it chooses the wrong thing towards I choose the wrong that
you use halide I do and I take the raw pictures that way yeah I was gonna say
yeah I find that that that maybe one finger very so what Google has in pixel
for is a way to not only tap and slide the exposure but to exposure settings
one for highlights and one for shadows oh that’s awesome so basic and this is
that’s like a real-ass camera feature it’s no it’s better than because you
don’t get that feature on yes right you have to that’s something you would do in
Lightroom and it’s not confusing because that I love that people have learned
this with Instagram and learned it with you know the built-in auto adjust
features that you get on the camera app and editing feature or on on photos in
Google Photos people understand the concept of lowering highlights and
increasing shadows or adjusting those in posts as you’re prepping their photos
for posting on social media to have that in real time is wonderful and there
Jeremy has put up pictures of the pixel pixel for and picks up for date so they
have three cameras now – no no no they have two I just said they only had two
it looks like there’s three no those wise a square those are the lights oh
those are the these four cameras on that one the pricing is of course undercuts
the iPhone side it’s $800 and $900 for the before and the XL starting at 64
gigs and you pay $100 more so the XL does go up to up to $1,000 if
you want on George twenty eight gigs of storage 128 gigs yes that’s plenty
eyeballed is 250 Apple goes from 64 256 because they’re they want to upsell
upsell upsell and it’s a ridiculous amount of money they charge 150 bucks to
go from 64 to 50 seems like it’s I I hate the fact they don’t have a 128 gig
option that’s just $100 more you know you’re right cuz I have a two-year-old
iPhone 10 that I’ve never wiped or you know I
everything basically everything that I’ve ever put on here still on here I
have a hundred and twenty three point three eight gigabytes free on the 256 K
there you go you would have been perfectly fine with the 128 gig model I
would had to think about it your clothes though no I have half the space oh yeah
I would be very close also they’d swine they’re better business strategies get
you to pay for iTunes or iCloud anyway well but the thing is 64 is too small if
you watch movies unlike if you travel in your plan 64 is I think for power-user
people who take 4k video people who don’t want to live with their phone
photos living the cloud 8 that’s why really my pet peeves is like your photos
aren’t really there I google photos and like they’re there I
can watch them whenever I want but they’re seeing their cloud-connected
yeah it’s great I don’t want a future you count on
airplanes I want to see pictures of the baby you should have all around in your
wallet like him like my grandfather day okay I’ve never had that problem I took
a lot of pictures I mean I never had that problem it’s a setting it’s a
setting that default on because for people who have 64 gig storage it you
know micromanage is in the back so you don’t worry about it and just kind of
thumbnail and downs it loads up real time I wish it would just keep the good
pictures get rid of all the bad ones well I pay somebody to do that for me so
that’s the pixel for coming out later this month I believe there are a bunch
of other other features you know the recorder app which is going out to other
phones well there’s real-time transcription there’s real scription of
the video and audio right it’s really cool I think that the language
interpretation is now all done locally like yes they did an earlier the higher
English language natural learning engine is now in the phone that is pretty
impressive is this gonna be as good as the captions on YouTube hopefully better
oh shit they’re the same company yeah guess why probably the same owner
the same underlying technology maybe it will just force people to enunciate more
as they’re recording their audio just don’t I like the pan I’d like the color
schemes here I like an orange button I like a good orange button they have an
orange button also it’s a good price it’s it’s it’s like it’s one Wilder
dollars 800 starting price I think that’s moving into like the high-end you
know Chinese phones of one-plus market definitely undercuts both the iPhone and
the galaxy alright galaxy to galaxy 10 plus so is
they still glass I believe so yeah anything else you want to talk about off
um the Google events can we talk about nest sure so so uh they killed their
works with nest program earlier this year kind of real quietly which was the
third party API is that just anybody could sign up and get a dev key and then
make apps that would make nest work would say smart things or wink or
whatever other smart home hub yet and people were in a real fury about it
they rolled out three new ways yesterday as part of the developer as part of the
this announcement there was a blog post that explained them all and there’s
basically three things that replace works with nest now so like the simple
one and the the whole idea is to avoid like a a big data sharing a data loss
moment because I seems like Google has decided that users can’t be trusted to
protect their data mm-hmm as a citing probably Cambridge analytic
as an example of why that is the case so for low level no data sharing there’s a
thing that basically lets you do home routines to trigger certain behaviors so
like if you want your nest thermostat to always turn on at 7 o’clock in the
morning so it’s more when you wake up you can set your home hub to connect to
that and not get any data back from nest it just sends a signal that says hey do
this at this time ok there’s the normal Developer Program which is full sharing
which will have limited distribution of those assets so like if I’m a nerd and
want to make my nest work with my weird home automation stuff I can but it isn’t
necessarily like something that I can then make publicly available is my
understanding of that and then the third and this is the way they expect most of
this stuff to work is device access where Google pre qualifies partners to
join the program and they only are going to qualify presumably trustworthy good
actors like I assume Samsung and Apple and who you know bad examples cuz the
partner kind of like Apple probably I’m gonna be
the program but the point is it’ll be a partnership that they trust the other
company to not and and they’ve reviewed their privacy policy in terms of service
and all that stuff so that your data won’t go places it’s not expected to go
that’s a good thing they also had a bunch of new stuff like the new they’re
moving all the nest stuff it’s now Google Nest instead of just nest I don’t
know that that matters but they announced new products like the new a
new version of the Google home what it used to be the Google home Mini and now
it’s I think the Google Nest mini it’s unclear does it still work with if this
then that yes okay if this then that though is not great for home automation
stuff because it takes a while yeah a bit of a delay yeah you betcha nest and
of course that is Tony fedele’s company and there’s something I want to talk
about related to that but I’m gonna wait till we move couples to our next segment
but before we do that I do want let you know that this was episode of this is
only a test is also made possible with support from Casa de smart lighting
control from Neutron pioneers in smart home technology a lot of people think
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casada by Lutron Smart Switches learn more at casita about casita at Lutron
comm slash test that’s lu t ro and comm slash test so the Tony Fadell thing I want to talk
about is this past week I watched this documentary and I cannot recommend
highly enough it didn’t come out this year came out last year it’s actually on
iTunes right now not on Netflix but it’s called general magic will do you know
about general magic I know about magic and I know about general no no no the
company general magic is this the most important company I’ve ever heard of yes
do they invent the future yes are they a bunch of brain trust nerds with weird
glasses sitting at computers typing furiously and basically amazing machines
many of whom you’ve heard of so let me Fidel well what about Andy Rubin yes mmm
well let me kick the story off whichever is actually playing the trailer here but
it’s it’s quite quite astounding it is it’s one of those Silicon Valley stories
that like people knew about but we don’t talk about especially in the post iPhone
age I didn’t know about it and you guys know Steve Jobs movie right yeah which
one the Michael Fassbender one yep yeah it was definitely divisive but I liked
the first 2x but aside from Steve Jobs the big players in that that film you
had you had any hurts felt right he was the guy the the the of course the famous
Mac programmer he was Steve Jobs confidant he was big carrot you know
role and in launching of the Mac you also had John Sculley you know it was
Plato who was brought in and of course famously kicks TV off I receive jobs and
became CEO you want to make sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want
to change the world that’s right that’s right
and then you also had Kate Winslet who played saw him no no no the head of
marketing for for Mac Joanna what’s her name Hoffman Joanna Hoffman right okay right
so they they were these like the super team at Apple for the launch
the Mac now Andy Hertzfeld Joanna Hoffman and Bill Atkinson left Apple
after that and they form this company general magic under CEO mark poor at who
ran the Aspen Institute and their idea in 94 with investment from Apple
partnerships with Sony Panasonic and AT&T was to create the first PDA Oh
essentially okay predates Newton they palm predates palm no 1993-94 1995-96 icons on a candy bar it’s the phone of
the future it’s the smartphone as we know it now and both before before there
were really even cell phones right this was a device you need to plug in to 18 T
okay get pre-internet okay so you watch the documentary it’s fantastic and so I
haven’t seen it did they actually have a working prototype they had to market
they swelled it they sold it how much are they like $400 what’s the product
called um ooh really good question it was not called general magic
they had like a it was the magic like the Sony magically magically sony sony
was the one who did the manufacturing for them so i reviewed one of those the
Sony NEX we seen Ars Technica Ars Technica yeah they I mean I don’t wanna
spoil the whole story and of course it’s on Wikipedia because it is so you use
history briefly but they talked about the rush to get this product this was
awesome right this was this was didn’t happen in 95 well it came out late I had
no managers they ran a flat they ran a valve like valve tile itself to
deadlines and so you and the wonderful thing was documentary of course is a
sort of failure and how failure breeds success right because if it was not for
general magic it was not for the magic link Tony Fadell was just a kid fan of
Apple super fan of Hoffman super fan of of Andy Hertzfeld he clammed for job
there he was a low-level engineer and and he left this and then eventually
came back to Apple so why didn’t and create the quiet jobs not go there once
he was fired because jobs – jobs for other people because jobs because he was
he was did you not see why didn’t they want jobs film where his whole plan
explicitly get back in the Apple fine but why not do this instead of next
there is a huge omission in this documentary because it does not talk
about what Steve Jobs talked thought of this oh really
at all Jobs is barely mentioned they have more of John Sculley in this
because one of the big turns in this is the Apple was an investor in this
company and they felt betrayed because Apple secretly was working on the Newton
yeah and had all their insight and so their ideas they got their comeuppance
with Android scoop but and then Android was one of them like one of the legacies
of general magic I did not review this thing ok I reviewed one of the
competitors ok way later ok just for the record Sony magically yeah but it’s a
fascinating document ok but tell me about the device black and white I
assume black and white like Mike touch screen but not capacitive probably
resistive touch resist yeah so Megan Smith was there she’s CTO of she’s she
was the America’s CTO bracha procedure of the United States and they
talk about like buying touchscreens off the shelf and making their own
touchscreens ok and four million new ways new touch screens they wanted this
this tablet form factor yeah and it had no keyboard it was pen input so it was
it was nothing but touch me in pen stylus grip CB it was more like a job
right like home didn’t have a separate area where you drew in the monomer yeah
yeah yeah so was it like that they didn’t show that part of it does not
look like it okay this shows an actual desktop on the screenshot of the magic
link on Wikipedia oh and you don’t mean like a metaphorical tell me I mean I
mean name well it is a metaphorical desktop but also a picture of a GUI is
not the iOS homescreen right it was still folders and it was still
applications running in full screen by the idea was that they wanted a
communications device that people would have on them at all times max title one
bit pixel art they could literally plug in a video rj11 cable and get
and tap into the AT&T business intranet that you would pay a subscription fee
for it had a modem and a modem what PCI my a card I believe a expandability
mobile but the problem was that it got they got scooped by the internet they
didn’t see they were so mired in their dreams and hopes for this PDA type
device that they didn’t see the Internet passed them by by the time this thinking
about the BlackBerry was available to and it had Wireless GSM or GPRS but you
could get emailed one of these great things I mean is in the trailer in the
or to end the film as a like pan through the faces of all the people who work
there they are like the CEOs of all the big core you know tech companies today
this is the failure that spawned this one 15 other companies and the footage
is fantastic because they were smart enough they knew they had something and
they were so high minded about it that they had documentarians filmed them in
film right obviously not video and so they’ve rescanned all that film and they
had like the first day with everyone at the office they had all their late night
ya know crunch time it’s all done in film and it was all in service of making
this image this device that was conceptualized you know 20 years before
the iPhone and it was the candy bar with the icons how about them 480 by 320
pixel LCD yeah Paul and bought all their pens that makes sense yeah because the
palm the palm one would have come out around the Titan same time this thing
came out so a bit later highly recommended I even though we’ve
discussed that there’s so much more in documentary that it’s not spoil it’s
just incredibly fun to watch if you’re interested in technology Silicon Valley
and it’s on iTunes it so check all right cool watch another movie Jeremy you and
I both watch this movie Gemini man oh let’s talk about this yeah first of all
let’s copy OTT and say it’s a 27% Ron tomato score yeah very good
right I mean 27% of reviewers really liked it that’s better than I would have
expected based on the people I’ve talked to about this on your Twitter feed based
on your ad mentions I’m going to tell you my the filters turning off replies
from people who don’t follow you best thing I’ve done on Twitter in a decade
turn it on this weekend but I thought worth watch
and definitely worth talking about me to have two fundamental technologies are
used here that are different one we’ve seen before
yeah which is a digital human the the story is well Smith versus a younger
version twenty years younger 25-year given version I was available
but they didn’t call yeah I didn’t call you for your sprints all right now he’s
born Philadelphia you had been called to be a Will Smith though just say like for
the record you it right I when Netflix was doing bright they were doing a thing
with a bunch of Will Smith’s and they wanted they wanted what I would describe
as aggressive likeness rights so I did not I did not agree to a beer so what a
digital did the young Will Smith that’s amazing that they got Wetty for this
movie well what I did they’ve done fantastic digital humans for a while cuz
of course not with the only with the coulomb but more recently with the
planet the Apes films yeah like they’re Caesar and they’re Apes are exactly and
actually did some work on Dennis as well for infinity war I mean they did a bunch
of work they’ve done a bunch of marvel like they’re they’re like any other
place yeah I guess I say it’s it’s amazing because because in the context
of this film it that feels like a lot of money to have spent all this money this
movie was expense Angley directed Will Smith starred clearly there’s a big
budget movie big budget movie it’s been the scripts been gone around Hollywood
for decades everyone’s been really Harrison Ford at some point what was
gonna be in it it was it was a blacklist thing no it’s a it’s a based on a book
it’s one of those like perfect if you thing about the 90s like oh we can start
doing this feels much more like a nice write does pick a 90s sci-fi like kind
of real one big idea but that’s it right right
anyway like short-circuited in this film yeah instead of six day he did the six
day with clones of himself whatever digital human they finally have the tech
what made a big deal about it not being D aging so it’s not like Sam Jackson and
Captain Marvel where Sam Jackson was there and they just put dots in his face
and then smooth it out and so it was complete head replacement over a body
double yeah wait so Will Smith did not play the younger part no well he did the
face capture and stuff for it presumably did the face capture which they match
then with the body double on set but he was never the other double he was never
the other double really yeah he he they used a body double for all of those
action scenes and then then he sat in a chair and they
shot him saying all the lines and mapped him and then animated yeah hand done
right keyframe okay well of course some some bringing with
the poem was capture yeah so one they felt confident up to put not only on the
movie posters but like front and center this young Will Smith that they’ve I
think they get seventy five percent of the time it looks really good seven five
percent of time for me yeah that it’s probably not even the close-ups the eye
movements yeah the crying emotion well cicadas the little the might then
finesse Y movement so you make constantly are one of those things that
totally uncanny valleys made yeah they asked me how I know the the thing that
how did you know what we’ll talk about yeah we don’t talk about the the thing
that I think where the digital human fails is in really bright scenes
actually nighttime stuff the low light stuff that makes sense work really well
the there’s one final scene where they’re saying this bright college
campus and that looked just not the video game you know what the body the
body double stuff is probably why most people went to see it right but it is
not not the reason this film was made definitely not there like anything I was
thinking about the whole film like it was always in the back of my mind this
is the thing that was front very center was the HFR high frame rate that this
film is projected in which is it minimum oh actually I shouldn’t say that cuz I’m
sure certain theaters are showing it in 24 Majoris majority the theaters in
United States are showing it at 24 okay it’s like Dolby cinema and some IMAX
laser or something meters in the United States that’s it
well are showing it at the maximum it was the only the second film the first
one was also another angry film to be shot at a hundred and twenty frames per
second and it is being displayed in many theatres like IMAX at 60fps which is a
now a new standard thank you Peter Jackson for getting these projectors
installed there’s plenty of theaters showing it in 60 you can probably find
that yeah that for the 120 not so much do you do either of you guys have a 120
Hertz monitor for games at home no no so I I would 120 Hertz is makes things look
real oh no and and that’s you’re talking about talking rendered things rendered
motion because there’s no blur here it makes filmed real people look
like they’re you’re looking through a window into the space okay so that
that’s exactly it and and I have mixed feelings about this Oh totally look let
me just say the violence felt more visceral all the action it felt like I
was watching the blocking of a airsoft paintball a play with my eyes yes yeah
like I I felt like when people would get hit in the face with something in right
in front of me I felt like there was somebody getting hit in the face I
didn’t mean like I was watching a movie of it where was special effects it just
felt like this was even without 3d no okay
and so I I’m not sure like I I like that like I kind of like thinking that the
violence this is it’s a fantasy and they didn’t cut away you don’t never get the
slow motion they you slow motion maybe yeah once in the film they have
lingering action something long shots all the action is all these fights them
the more I was like are they gonna do like a martial arts I’ll fight and they
did they did this like hand a hand combat and you feel those punches yeah
did here is an action scene where young Will Smith like basically used some
motorcycle – I’ve seen a lip yeah the old Will Smith it’s much longer than
than in the trailers and it looks painful
yes yeah and that said like that that scene what I think lends itself to it 20
something percent rotten tomato like I thought there was a little goofy as well
yeah just from a from a writing standpoint but the violence felt real
but for whatever reason the lighting in this movie felt completely natural and
unfill m’q like I I did not like the lighting in this film at all well the
lighting almost felt see cuz the movies set around the world and one of the
media things because you think of when you try to communicate what does the
high frame or experience look like you can refer to the Hobbit which is 48 and
people always talk about the soap opera soap opera effect I would say this is
more of a Best Buy TV demo effect oh go to a showroom and
you see those screen savers essentially where they’re talking where they have
basically landscapes of like travel videos and the earth out travel videos
of like Venice or the beaches of Khan or something right like this looked like
that the shimmer of the waters like is this this
this sounded like a vacation video that’s what it looked like yeah cuz it
was so present yes but what about the lighting so the lighting to me not you
said look naturalistic to me yeah are you like a like a home video
like this shot with natural light like not composed all and I think that was
intentional but to me all the set lighting was so glaringly obvious the
key lights the back lights like all that set light I could see almost off frame
the big Airy lights with the silks right there
yeah because all the actors they lit it intentionally from 120 but it’s like
that’s did they have to over saturate it before the high frame rate did so I mean
that I did not like that I I want they had to show super show that everything
had to be super well lit before the super high lit like all in the framing
too you know when you typically have a movie and you shoot and for instance
when you have conversation you go over to the shoulder and you verse it and be
two cameras and then your ISOs it was all ISOs actors would be Center spaces
there would be Center screen looking almost down the barrel right off the
side of the camera and you would get a cut the cuts would be I’m looking at you
and then you’re looking at me never over the shoulder rarely rack focus with two
people on screen because it was so shallow and for the 3d it was almost
confessional in that way it felt like hanging out with Will Smith in a home
video so it looks like a reality show like it was childlike every allottee TV
show almost no it was it was like he was there it was like they needed to hire
Will Smith because they needed an actor who would exude charisma so much that
you would go okay you would not see the acting and even then you saw the acting
at 120fps the acting oh yes so it made any bad line that you could kind of get
away with in a filmic look that much more cringy it yeah it felt like you
were watching them shoot a movie you know it felt like you were watching the
real people in a movie so they drop a thunder like them no they didn’t shoot
Hamilton this way they need to make artifice of a play or musical yeah and
that you are overacting and it’s meant to be seen in person they need to put
that in front of that so anybody I say you say Hamilton because I was talking
to my mom about this and she’s a ballet choreographer
and I was thinking I can’t think of a good use for this technology because
it’s definitely not an action film and she said well what about a ballet like
what about a stage production other that’s perfect but even a stage
production you couldn’t block it the way you could
because I was trying to count the number of times they would go for when they’re
ISO shots like a basically chest up versus how many times you would show
full body they rarely show full body because the full body look then makes it
look like they’re you’re watching these giants and the resolution in the US at
least it’s 120 yet 2k only the UK can you see at 124 K yeah but it’s not high
enough resolution with these projectors to give that detail unless while
shooting basically ISOs on your face as a caveat here I saw it I believe in 60
and that would have been the 4k version hmm and I firmly for honest to god I
could not I’m not sure I could have told the difference between 60 120 cuz I
looked there were several slow-motion shots which are I assume lots of CG
going on yeah well you see embers flying around the screen and I couldn’t discern
a frame from the last like it was smoothly moving you don’t get any motion
blur and and all the CG that’s not the face the face of I thought they did well
which was impressive because it was at 120 but there are these action scenes
where they’re running from a car to car and every hit on the car like the sparks
glaringly a post-production spark added explosions look incredible yeah that
I’ll give you that underwater looked incredible I like the
slow-mo stuff too but but I would think that your effects work that you’re used
to doing at 24 Hertz is not gonna plug that at that hundred twenty are all your
animators doing any frames Brendan yeah twenty-five hundred twenty frames of
animals so part of that is that you do the keyframes and then you let it fill
in and then you touch up a little bit so it’s not that it’s not like it’s like
six times as much work but it’s a lot more worth six times much time and I
think even beyond that I think it’s way more than I think it’s I think your end
you’re gonna end up having to do a lot more work to make the same things to
make it look as good as it would look in twenty four it’s there’s one of the
things that came up with the Hobbit like they were spending a lot more time on
the faces and stuff because the minor hair is to get motion blurred out at 24
frames a second don’t at 48 my secret hope for this
is that James Cameron is looking at this and he’s thinking for avatar he’s doing
it right now avatar avatar five four and five or
120fps because the underwater stuff look so good so do you think that’s because
your brain doesn’t have context for what underwater stuff is supposed to look
like maybe and also because underwater you have natural particulates with but
there’s natural particulate and the light behaves differently cuz ya get
more red filters so clear and maybe by the time Avatar four or five comes out
just like you know he would push to have more theaters where this would be the
standard way to see it like this is what would get me and I think people
interested in this you know to go to theaters to watch an experience that’s
new I’m recommending Gemini man because I don’t know if anyone else is gonna
make a movie in 120fps and I think it would be a tragedy if people didn’t
understand at least what this can do because well this film may not be great
yeah the amount of ideas coming out of it
yeah like Emily wants filmmakers to watch this just so that they can make
their own movie how it was the action shot oh like only did a great job
you generally does a pretty good job with action I thought action stuff was
where I loved the most okay really the handheld stuff handheld
3d high frame rate and then I had to take my glasses off it was too intense
well and I was think about this in VR you couldn’t do this or VR when you
watch your video at 60 frames or whatever so at most 60 frames 3d you’re
never gonna get fast movements but when you’re within the borders of a of a
frame yeah that’s still give you that kind of VR
immersion feel because it’s looks smooth motion and it’s 3d I love you doing
these crazy camera moves handheld yeah it was too intense for me it was it was
stimulation overload and I had to take a break from time to time and III will
never enjoy watching movie with with sunglasses on like the three days bright
enough I don’t know if no I mean it was totally bright enough but it’s not
comfortable wearing some wearing sunglasses in a movie theater like I’m
not interested in that as a poor compromise I hate having to wear glasses
all the time walks I will say like I was surprised that the 3d wasn’t better just
in terms of like the thoughtfulness was it post put to use Oh everything that’s
a good question I don’t know if this was or not I think a question I think almost
everything is done but this is the director of life
pi which I think may be the only feature film I’ve ever seen where I thought that
3d was a master glass like it was actually really good and thoughtful and
very few people ever even saw a life of Pi in 3d and I don’t even know if it’s
available in blu-ray 3d or not it is it is ok you should absolutely give that a
rent because that’s where that’s like a 3d movie done well I know a lot of
people say Avatara as well but I think the life of PI’s is the high-water mark
and this was nowhere near as thoughtful as that in terms of placing things in 3d
space and you know composing 3d shot well the thing that the thing that only
did with Life of Pi that James Cameron didn’t do with avatar probably because
he didn’t realize it is there’s a lot of like rack focused stuff in Avatar that
just doesn’t work in 3d mm-hmm I’m maded I hear – I mean there’s one scene in
opening that where Will Smith is looking down a sniper rifle and yeah they do
like a rack focus into the the scope yeah and you it’s clear enough that you
could see through the scope yeah but well okay I’m I’m this movie sounds bad
oh it’s fat it’s bad movie yeah I kind of the technology is definitely the
technology is interesting I just haven’t I don’t know if it’s gonna catch on like
this does this is not tell me more movie should be made like this let me call mmm
well right now get him to see it and say bring that cast together call up call up
his friend that is the better original cast and let’s reshoot Hamilton in
120fps I’d like to see like an animated thing like like re-render finding dory
at 120 Hertz and then I don’t think I don’t think animation benefits as much I
think if you make animation look more real it will be amazing these animations
right now is trying to look real and it does it by cheating with 24 FPS
animation a 60 FPS just looks like animation I mean I think arguably
everything looks better 24 FPS because it has this you know imaginary you put
your mind in a different state yeah but so this technology is certainly
something to have in the toolbox but I don’t know what the proper use of it is
I think that’s exciting no one knows what the proper use of it is but yeah I
hope that they find it and because it’s it’s something that you’re not gonna get
in the home and I would love to see the more of it
Oh God the TV manufacturers are dying for a new killer feature for the 28 2021
micro LED this all right other pop culture news on topic Kevin Feige master
of all things Marvel and not only a Marvel Cinematic Universe but now also
everything Marvel games comic books he is cereal box emoted to the chief
creative officer that’s impressive okay the president
getting promoted it’s pretty pretty cool he was president of Marvel Studios and
so the film Department which was spun off you know to do the production for
what for other Marvel characters really yeah exactly he has hands in a Star Wars
film reportedly but now the TV stuff all the animated stuff will all report to
him and all platforms including comic books I’m a little I’m a little
concerned about that actually you think that it’s gonna make comics take less
chances that was less interesting storylines yeah I think the writers in
the Marvel comic especially now like with are dozing chocolate Hickman who
can ditz they can go far fetch with their concept
very high concept the things that they know comic books have a happy reset
button fans of comic books don’t they like continuity a certain extent but
they’re totally fine that it’s the same Batman the same Superman and the same
Captain America that they’ve been reading for 70 years just kind of
regional magic every every every five years moved up to the modern age again
and well and also like the spin-offs like the well I mean they’re doing a
what-if show right but like the zombies and the what if Wolverine is is evil and
all of those kinds of things seem to be popular too so my hope is that he
understands that I think is a big comic book man and you probably will be hands
up will probably be looking for opportunities to maybe use the comics as
a way to seed new characters or to just prime the public for the rise of a
certain character like before Iron Man came out in Jon Favreau my remembers
already in a on the rise as a fan favorite so maybe
keeping his pulse to the comic fans because that’s where they’re gonna get
the fan basis like like MS marvel right and using those as a springboard for the
more profitable ventures like Marvel studio well it lets some beta test ideas
too right if they’re using it as a sounding board they you know people like
what warren else is extremel so Iron Man 3 is the riff on extremity Miles Morales
chaotic ultimate spider-man and now is you know one of the best butterman so
good for him he seems to have a lot to do right now casting news you got two
big reboots that have have found new cast members first is the matrix matrix
for now we already knew it was gonna be Gianna Reeves and carrie-anne moss and
they had recently cast all right no one wants Fishburne what so they had cast
the dude who played Black Manta in the Aquaman movie if either of you oh yes
all that I think very charismatic dude the good actor I hasn’t done a ton of
other stuff I’m trying to find his name his name is uh Yaya Abdul Mateen how are
they doing I feel like The Matrix movies wrapped up pretty nicely at the end and
like most of our protagonists were dead or transcended to a higher plane right
but it has more brother me made enough money well know what I want yeah I like
curiosity is in how you bring Canada Reeves back but you want to see it right
that’s the problem like you want to see this movie I saw the last two Matrix
sequels I think I might be good exactly I’m good – very good
and I’m only assuming whatever reason like maybe I just I’m too optimistic but
I feel like that there’s only one of the direct directors coming back yes those
retired and okay I just have faith that she has perspective now I with time
having passed and opinions being well-known and also it’s been co-written
not only by lana wachowski but also brought in two new writers Alexander or
Herman and David Mitchell’s so it’s gonna be a sharing of ideas and it will
be matrix for new new generation you know what I want them to do with matrix
go to space I want to hire no people okay yeah sure I want
them to hire Joseph gordon-levitt to take the last two movies and cut them
into one good movie I think that’s a thing that they can do anyone can do
that or Topher Grace you know with somebody who’s famous for cutting you’ll
need to be wide-release for that yeah just put that out there call it the
special edition George Lucas that business right up now exclusive yeah
make those movies good and then and then then maybe talk about rebooting well the
new cast member that was just added is kind of out of left field it just Neil
Patrick Harris cast in all but How I Met Your Mother is Neil Patrick Harris at
the Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle Neil Patrick Harris that’s hey now on
what imagine you’re hearing about this new film called The Matrix
yeah it’s starring Keanu Reeves John Wick’s Keanu Reeves no no no this is
like a long time ago like like Ted well Will Smith turned it down so that’s why
something wrong yeah yeah about that he was gonna be he was gonna be that so
here’s the thing though I don’t Will Smith has a good YouTube video by the
way explaining why he turned down the matrix well Wes man yeah but Ted
Theodore Logan starring in an action film Johnny Utah sir Goethe yeah is that
a thing is was that from speed oh no from Point Break he’s trying to you tall
it’s uh what what’s the guy’s name its speed it is it was all right speed was
all right speed too not so good so look I’ve been do you think what type of
character if you were to if someone told you you have to cast Neil Patrick Harris
is smart smarmy a smarmy bought he’s a smarmy matrix AI yeah
smarmy AI so Merovingian type character no that’s too cool the mayor of Indians
a little creepy in that but an AI with the personality I think he’s like you
know the squirrely guy that was actually human Mouse from the first matrix movie
yeah I think he’s like a mouse button ai but maybe he’s like hooked on some
matrix drugs so not a human not in not in Zion matrix in the matrix maybe he’s
a human in the matrix I feel like he’s a you think he’s a good guy but then he
turns out not so much no not an agent no no I want to see NPH as an agent
there’s only one agent all the agents are gone Agent Smith is all days we
don’t know when this takes place either like the Cassiar has said maybe this
would be a great like if you open it up to like before
neo even knew about them in the Canon of the matrix the matrix has been rebooted
many times Neil Patrick Harris kinda looks like the architect maybe he’s a
younger architect that’s right that’s my hat nobody about that No thank you sir
apropos systems of control hope gibberish just keep saying as your
brush the moving on other big casting news this week in pop culture world
Batman Matt Reeves Batman film has found at the first of its rogues galleries
unless you believe the rachona hills also been cast as anyone well we don’t
know people think in penguin I’m things Clayface or the talk the clock guy the
clue click tick-tock man you think in a Captain Hook the cast its its zoe
kravitz she’s great that’s awesomeness it’s Jack Traven is
his name and speed which is also a great 90’s movie main name so this will show
star are alongside Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne and this is gonna be a
younger Batman maybe more crime-solving Batman maybe added more detective noir
story and the idea is that it will be featuring many of Batman’s rogues so
have you talked about Pattinson Robert Pattinson as Batman I mean in that we
were totally okay with it I think he said like there’s a yes density you
brood he has the right lips for it like you know like when you’re Batman you
need to have the right kind of you need to have like a strong jaw and supple
lips because you’re doing a lot of mouth act they do a costume test and Robert
Pattinson has the right kind of face the lower lower third of the face for that
no gosh this the whole time just put Robert Pattinson up there people love
him anyway moving on we have streaming services get through our streaming
service news okay three hours right it has launched our
new movie streaming service so renting $3 to $6 and
buying $10 $20 as major studios aren’t bored can I get movies while they’re
still in the theaters from AMC no well why do I care then because it’s another
way for you to maybe they’ll get some exclusives
maybe it’ll tie the MC stubs alright I’m back in yeah alright next
well more streaming service news of course Disney Plus is launching November
12 and they tweeted out their entire movie catalog that will be there they’ve
missed a few movies well you a normal ones won’t be there till later it’s a
Netflix you mean they miss movies that they’re gonna have they didn’t include
movies from there they ran through at all the movies in the history of Disney
no they ran through every movie that’s gonna be on the service and it was on
Twitter and it was a six hundred tweets long thread that seems like a busy plus
and I click through every one of them Wow did you take advantage of that
through your Odile I did okay yes thank you for that so it’s pretty great I mean
from the catalog in terms of Emily and turns it backlog this is a lot of stuff
the cat from outer space is there that’s all I care about
get all the simpsons yeah you got Nat Geo it’s funny to look through Kooks
it’s all chronological this tweet thread and you can see these great periods in
Disney history and how they come and then they fade cauldron
well the Black Cauldron I love the black holder that was certainly that was
certainly a part of it like in their darker period mouse detective
okay bouts protective say okay there’s a rescuers also another Great Mouse film
in the Disney canon those Davy Crockett Phobos don’t really hold up there’s a
lot of those I didn’t realize how many there were
oh man Davy Crockett you’ve seen them I’ve seen Walt Disney talk I’ve never
seen they were all on the Disney Channel when I was a kid I’ve watched all of
them they’re there they are bad two races I do not hold up I never saw the
Swiss Family Robinson Oh Smithsonian Robbins is great it’s also racist you
know Mickey Mouse Clubhouse it’s all I need right now I mean it’s gonna raise
my child’s weight every year which one the new one the modern one the modern
one with us with it they might be giants teams it’s time for sure they might be
giants II know I know I know I didn’t know that duck dance
yeah yeah you didn’t grow up with that no but my child turn over the right now
so I am wholesale the Donald Duck and Donald Duck not wear pants norm I don’t
know why why do they have a Victorian nightmare machine as their slave that
they forced to give them tools the I belong just wants to die just avoid the
Minnie Mouse Poe toons that’s all I’m gonna say mmm yeah it will not have
endgame like has every Marvel up until Captain where do you exclusive period
exclusivity contract they’ve signed with other Netflix to end and also they also
want people to buy shit on iTunes so the big bummer to me about this whole thing
is that about the 20th Century Fox purchase is that there’s been a pretty
big market in like re screenings of 20th Century Fox movies for the last I don’t
know decade for example right now you can go see alien in theaters because
it’s the 40th anniversary and Disney doesn’t do that shit and so those movies
will probably never be in theaters again which is a bummer okay yeah well why did
you watch them at home in VR that’s fine in your theater Apple we’ll wait a
minute are you not all in on Apple on a disability plus I look I got so yummy
streaming server you haven’t decided yet you’re not giving I got I got CBS cuz
Picard’s coming yeah right now I don’t want to I we have a hard limit I don’t
know what the limit is getting okay we’re the Hulu right on Hulu is where my
TV comes from I’m surprised to hear that because you do have a television
watching child that’s true and this is we’re trying to discourage that behavior
now it’s becoming a problem yeah we’ve reached a point where we like we
were let her self-regulating that was working well for a while but now she
like comes home from school and flops down on the sofa like a like Homer
Simpson and just is like where’s the Apple TV remote Simpsons is on Disney
bless I know I don’t want to she’s true they’re too young for services I don’t
yeah apples TV Plus yeah also still coming on that every year I got a pretty
year yeah you got two four years right back-to-back deem them is that work
actually I don’t bother goes by a couple of thousand dollar phones and you got
like $60 worth of streaming services for free and three percent back
works that way mmm so they’ve announced cuz there’s been nothing that’s and so
far on the Apple TV slate that’s got me excited
in fact it’s free is great but this is a Jennifer Aniston thing the the for all
mankind which has now been renewed for season two already that good is this a
thanks production this is not the thanks production though for all mankind is the
alternate reality where all universe story where others come in anyway the
thanks production is the news because there is a new series world war two
series that previously was gonna be on HBO and it is the third world war two
saga from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks the first being Band of Brothers second
being the Pacific and now masters of the air
Swiss Battle of Britain on Apple TV I’m is this based on is this based on a
Ambrose book as well I don’t know if the Pacific was I think it’s just kind of
like there yeah it’s re is it is dawn dawn Miller’s
non-fiction book masters of the air okay American bomber boys who fought the air
war kits Nazi Germany and it’s not in production yet and Apple TV is still
spinning up it’s an own Marvel Studios style internal production company to
make this series direct control Wow is it
so is it be 29 it’s like a little going from Britain or is it b-25s going from
Italy but this is their big HBO play for familiar or familiar type of
storytelling the other thing people we into let’s go to trailers to trailers we
want to talk about first Jungle Cruise and kind of rock Emily Blunt to romp
running Fraser in there no there no it’s the mummy she they should have him in
there for the Scorpion Kings in there yeah I’m on all I’m all I’m in I’m in
for it I walk as charismatic as hell let’s film
in and 120fps I they’re they’re fully embracing me the kitchen Asst of the
jungle crew what a weird thing huh the Jungle Cruise
is a ride and one of the originals is my retarded mansion and Pirates of the
Caribbean also our rides well that’s absolutely true except one of those
worked out pretty literally is the Jungle Cruise ride in this movie the
rock takes tourists on and and then wait is that supposed to be a distance it’s
like a Jumanji situation where they get teleported he’s not at Disneyland okay
it’s an actual jungle he’s in the actual jungle but the idea that he’s taking
these tourists on a cruise and faking the sight encounters motion tell me on
this on this on this do you think so I think you do know right don’t worry
about it yeah I’m looking forward to it Jungle Cruise gross the other trailer is
Pixar’s you’re on you are not gonna see Jungle Cruise in the theatre I have a MC
Stubbs I can see whatever I want you see free child sitting free child care are
you serious my parents will watch my kid once a week if nothing’s coming out that
weekend this comes out Wow I’ll watch this in theaters well that’s
all about timing then yeah excuse to get out you can get $18 from AMC Stubbs
courtesy of Norman Chad Disney if you releases on a movie well nothing else
good is coming out thank you you’re well right I like the rock you think the
rocks pretty good you too yeah yeah Dwayne Johnson yeah who knew you know he
travels with a gym if you hire him for your movie you have to have space for
his gym I thought you meant there was a guy on word my jimmies are this is the
Chris Pratt Tom Holland elf movie oh is this based on a book
no it’s also kind of a ultra rowdy modern-day take of what if these elves
live in a modern world this the new trailer yeah yes it is yes yes yes
what do you think Jeremy uh I feel like if this had a DreamWorks logo at the end
of it I’d be like yep that makes sense because it looks like a DreamWorks movie
iodized like it’s just got facial expressions galore and they’re all goofy
so I I don’t know I don’t where’s the timelessness I don’t know I I’m yeah I
will see it obviously I’m more excited for frozen 2 than for this well
frozen known quantity it’s you’re always gonna be more excited about sequels you
think about it inside out when you saw that first trailer prints are you no no
I was brain and I can’t wait can’t wait for soul dude if you had a nine-year-old
daughter you like frozen to would like be on the calendar like I’m telling
about this big deal but and it’s also the highest second highest grossing
animated films Lion King one point six billion worldwide isn’t only one point
two billion so most grossing 3d fill done right I’m
talking about the live-action remake of Lion King that was automated animated
animated animated the live interaction remake of Lion King is also animated
normos that’s what that’s why it’s the most ice crossing enemy from a long time
miking you don’t miss one met him at the early one that night no no no the CG
lines a new one the new lion came got up without factoring in the original Lion
King budget they’re not combining and do this kind of Star Wars re-release
combining Lion King those are two different 2019 which is the same freakin
movie story wise but a reanimated film no way is the highest-grossing animated
film of all time I don’t believe you you don’t have to believe me it remains true
thank you neil degrasse tyson I do trust Pixar when they do new brand when it
comes to box office norm also knows box office number there’s the good dinosaur
which you know look they made one bad movie out of it 20 yeah give him that
yeah once last time you want to brave I like brave we was a lot yeah brave
brave really well there is a great new video on YouTube last week about the
cinematography and Toy Story 3 sent you that link did you watch that
yeah no writer today that’s great it’s about fake lenses yeah it’s about how
they emulated these lenses yeah and they’re there for the first time an
emulated anamorphic lenses and shooting with these actual like lens prototypes
in their CG spaces so but that gave me a huge precision for lighting and the
cinematography and how one their new engines capable of so obviously like
from a text endpoint or any camera light sources because before the movie
theories comes up thank you what um what uh what conspiracies yeah
it’s it’s the this airplane fuel can’t melt steel beams what um what uh what’s
the technological like usually when they do a new movie there’s like there’s
they’re moving some technology forward you see this Shores right no it’s
usually bows no I think they while we might perceive
it that way if you ask anyone at Pixar they would never say that’s the case
well of course I always say it’s story first story first right first they don’t
create stories just experiment technologies all technology do does is
to serve the story that’s not to say that there have been things in the
pipeline on their Tech’s either I want to experiment with quiz these are two
year production cycles I don’t think there is one at Wade picks our art
challenges technology and technology inspires art I paint on the wall right
there – that is the circle the conjoint sort of success but if you think about
it though like like with inside out they did characters that are all particles
right like with cocoa was lighting in the underworld with and and the and the
leaves like the leaf bridge those just things you notice but not I mean I would
think they would say that with every film they have sometimes I would never
dare to suggest that Pixar lets technology drive the product that
they’re selling however like they just went to they just
went to a materials based renderer with what Toy Story or Dory or something it’s
been relatively recent they were buying monsters University no it would have
been after that well we’ll see the commenters and the YouTube will tell us
how I’m sure I’ll never know hmm well I have confirmed it was monsters
University all time it highest-grossing animated film all time is Lion King 2019
that’s crazy anybody’s to a-1 it made up 1.1 billion
dollars opening weekend internationally okay in 500 million domestically Wow
yeah I was thinking about physicality based render is not procedural renders
sorry no I’m with you the new lighting system that started with cocoa right I
don’t think so I think is monsters Dean alright that’s it for the pop culture
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dot-com / only a test stereo hey will hey norm tell us about
the fourth night what about what’s the ninth fortnight oh
the fortnight they turned off fortnight on Sunday and put a black hole up
instead for a few days and then they released a new map yesterday is that
master they call it chapter 2 replacing the current old that’s gone never to
exist again all of you or all of the people’s your twisted tower there’s a
millions billions of hours spent in fortnight probably Agra trillions will
these memories Mike what like tears in the rain my twelve-year-old son who is
the best fortnight player I know yeah present company I don’t play fortnight
exclusion I bet it he was sad of course he he was not in world for
this world event and he said he was upset you know a little disappointed
about that because it looked epic the world events are cool like it the I
guess there’s been a meteor in space for long times been a crack into the sky and
there’s been what crashed and there’s a crater in the middle of them that’s what
it was yeah and then finally something happened and the media war and a bunch
of missiles flew down from space and everyone on the ground flew up into the
sky and then was sucked back into this you know singularity yeah and it was
nothing for a couple days it was a space they shut down the most popular it’s not
it’s not probably the most popular game in the world anymore but like well
minecraft is the most popular game 100 million players sold but playing at any
given moment I think that’s hard to take it’s for tonight isn’t they don’t
publish the numbers there you could enter the Konami code and you could play
a space invaders game there were numbers be like emitted from
the black hole if you looked at the Morse code or Sir Peter Molyneux stuff
do you have to keep clicking until you get to the center of the hole right and
but eventually like it just rebooted and the oh they wiped the fortnight Twitter
history what yeah like it all of those social
media but all that brand engagement yeah oh I looked into the black hole whole
new map I thought they were just going to shut it down yeah we made as much we
made buddy we got we’ve sold so many skins be
great did they wipeout over these skins like no you gotta be beat you you keep
your stuff okay but there’s I guess there’s both now boats yeah the boats
you can ride what else it’s a whole like waters water system in the map now is
the mecca still there people were really pissed off on that last I don’t know you
can be a blobby creature though you big blob that seems like your hitbox you can
fish that’s the big news is you can fish now and you can use the fish to build
buildings you catch metal fish buildings catch weapons I want to catch fish and
so there’s already like you know people doing feeds or streams where all of the
weapons they get in game are from fishing we do the thing that I’ve done
in my pub G stream cuz you know the the snow map has a bunch of bolt-action
sniper rifles with sniper rifles we called it edward m24 hands my buddy
Frank came up with that and we just kept playing until everybody got
single-action single-shot bolt-action rifles and then those are the only guns
that we had it gets cool it was good so you’re you got del slaughter you’re
still all in on pub G it was the number one battle royale game in the world from
Sunday until Tuesday afternoon how would you feel if the world was eliminated and
started anew I would love it if they did something fun with the game oh wow no
that’s exactly that’s the best point here because I don’t the game was fun I
know the game is fun but I wish that like the there I wish that there things
people talk about on par systems you know event yeah like you had to be there
my friends who are producers in Hollywood were like hey what the fuck is
going on with fortnight all the people Lady gaga it’s alright it’s like when
they used to have in a world of warcraft like yet they’ve made news and I’m not
talking about the planned ones I’m talking about like when somebody brought
you know some influenza from a dungeon into you know iron ore yes like that not
in the real world business is affected like the players outside of the instance
did you that’s interesting I love it I love it when people do interest like
this is at the end of a this is a marketing bullshit right but it’s really
clever and it presents the game in a new light and it’s like it’s marketing it is
I think it’s community building marketing it marketing committee
building the same thing just different targets right community buildings
keeping the people who are already playing engaged marketing is getting
people who don’t play the game to know about the
right so so sorry just mansplain marketing to you that was shitty but but
the point is like they’re doing something fun and cool and they’re
taking interesting chances they’ve done they had the concert with marshmallow in
fortnight they’ve done a bunch of these big world events and like it’s it’s
really a fun like it’s fun stuff to do in a big live game destiny does come
some of that kind of stuff rocket League does a bunch of that stuff
but but fortnight I think he’s doing it better than rocket Li doesn’t do these
kind of yeah well you had to be there event no no they don’t do that but they
do like product tie-ins like they have a stranger things tie-in right now that’s
really created the whole 80s flashback so yeah yeah you get smart it’s but it’s
better than just like hey here’s patch 4.3 and now you can throw the pan well
they do that a lot too well right like it’s good to have
something to kind of yes it’s good for the big events in the game not to be hey
here’s a new way to pay us money mm-hmm anyway it’s all hey here’s a new way to
pay this money it is but it’s good if they put a veneer of here’s something
cool just for you this is that ballsy ass move I mean you gotta hand it to
them yes shutting it there was a real cost to them not running the game for
four days not just that but three days killing was killing everything people
know about the game and starting it with a fresh map no optional risk well so the
other side of it is that the user engagement has gone down over the last
several months especially since a bike’s came out so like like like that there it
was if they were seeing a decline it’s the right time to take a big chance all
right let’s go talk about some hardware so we’re all here presumably very
excited about the the play date this is yeah it’s the thing from the teen
teenage what’s the panic is panic is producing it and teenage the people who
make those little sense teenage daydream is a Katy Perry song oh look I don’t
who’s doing the hardware but that’s the novel handheld console with the crank
and the kind of monthly release –iv of games he’s in past old school kind of
monochrome well there’s another retro inspired gaming portable that’s going to
come out early next year and this one is a straight-up modern Gameboy in that it
plays boy games yeah yeah it’s FPGA it literal
you literally insert cartridges into it and it plays them so it’s from analog
they made that analogue NT in the analog mini I so they’ve made and we’re not
emulators they’ve made basically new hardware that play old games making
their own custom circuitry with FPGAs or not running emulation they are actually
going from cartridge or they’re emulating the hardware the hard hardware
right not software emulation fpga has absolutely transformed the emulation
scene like their it has made people who hate emulators totally on board with it
like it is it is made you know it’s accessible and acceptable to a whole new
audience a lot of electrical engineering down there there’s a actually
manufacturing and produce well so there’s there’s the emulation scene used
to not like emulate like people the hardcore arcade collectors and stuff it
used to be profoundly anti emulation the thing that fpga does is lets you Emily
emulate the actual silicon on the on the boards and because of that like because
of that and also because in the last few years it’s become clear that like they
there is a absolute lifespan on arcade hardware especially early arcade
hardware in terms of like capacitors that are failing and batteries that are
dying like there’s Capcom boards that if the battery dies and you don’t hot-swap
it while the power is still on the board’s dead forever
these are 30 plus year old boards that were supposed to last half a decade yeah
if that yeah and and so I think this is a really neat product it has a dock so
you can play the games on the piece on the TV as well I think you need to pair
it with one of the 8-bit doe Bluetooth controllers to do that
it seems really neat but but like I analog games that’s the things I don’t
really have a lot of Gameboy so cheap but there’s no epic game stuff so here’s
the thing what’s the thing I I love the idea of putting the cartridges in but it
feels really weird to me to make a two hundred dollar system designed to play
30 year old cartridge games when in reality the way to like it are you guys
familiar with the mister yeah so it’s the same thing it’s the open
version of this that you can just load a bunch of roms on – which is
the easier way to do but you’re still playing old games you still I don’t know
tying it to the physical old game it feels weird there’s that overly precious
– I’m sure 10 minutes 10 seconds on the internet you could find a Game Boy
cartridge with a ROM on it you can push all of your wallets rom files on put an
SD card in right Mike Myka is somebody we should have on
the show again because he has thoughts on FPGA and and what is the emulation
scene and it’s like it’s so it’s very very positive like he’ll tell you about
what’s wrong with traditional emulators you know like the the sound for instance
even almost the good ones right almost all emulators like traditional emulators
there is a delay because everything uses a sound buffer so when you jump in Mario
and you’re emulating on a Nintendo emulator there’s a few milliseconds a
few frames of animation where the sound lags and we’ve just taken that for
granted now like most people wouldn’t even notice but hardcore people do and
when you play it emulated properly on an FPGA system like the mr. yeah it it just
feels right like suddenly you’re like oh right that’s what it’s supposed to feel
like so this is interesting because it’s also running a very high resolution
panel at 3.5 inch but 1600 by 1440 very high pixel density and it’s using their
own internal their own scaling because obviously if we’re Game Boy Game Boy
Advance they’re gonna have to do some weird display options but the potential
will be that you can play not only those cartridges and those roms presumably
with the right cartridge but adapt it to work with other classic portables so it
is a full-color display full display kazoo game or GBA and it’s also worth
mentioning that earlier analog Hardware so the analog super NT there is a it’s
unclear if it’s official but there is a ROM a jailbroken ROM that lets you load
roms mm like Ram jailbroken firmware for the for the device so this seemed this
thing looks like old industrial designer it is lovely it looks beautiful but do
we see oh it’s all right now it has to have shoulder buttons if it does yeah it
doesn’t be a game alright does a shoulder buttons well in the nicely
design kind of right next to the cartridge for buns in four buttons d-pad
shoulder about two shoulder buttons and then some of the three like menu system
buttons analog pocket early X year 200 bucks
that’s the right price I could do a little more I mean if you place the nest
games on it all bets are off yeah I mean the thing I’ve realized
after having bought a bunch of those mini consoles really all I want is is
nests games and maybe some GBA games I like it being dedicated with hardware
buttons I would this would be the thing that throwing a bag and play on an
airplane I supposed to wear are the shoulder buttons are they on the side
see there oh oh oh above the slot nice design right yeah
that’s good yeah I didn’t realize that it’s good that looks more comfortable
than an old-school GB the skinny jeebies never gonna sell dock also the dock will
let it then put on TV and have USB controllers or Bluetooth controllers
it’s an upsell yeah have you installed emulators on your oculus quest yet no
yeah it’s worth trying it’s a cycloid pretty easy and if they
like snare ins great like everything huh from the 80s runs okay huh I do that
where do you see them in the theater yeah yeah what I guess it’s all well
sidequest has its own sort of like UI it’s a store as well is it there’s also
UI for it in there I don’t know you like you can run any android APK in the
theater but yeah you go not theater but oculus TV oculus to go in there it’ll
show up there and you just relaunch it from there need on the steam side valve
announced a new feature for remote play together so any game that previously was
local multiplayer with split screen or on single screen is this actually out
now I don’t think so don’t think so yeah yes we’ll we’ll have we’ll play online
so essentially that’s amazing you might play with Rolly no code updates from the
developers that’s amazing like I wonder what the latency scan so i
yeah I assume this is like if we’re playing if the three of us are playing
we all have fibre we all live with 20 within 20 miles of each other what are
the games Oh like this is there’s a shitload knitter nidhogg anything from
pixel junk yeah the tower fall in those games
yeah powerful samurai gun there you go like guy this is worth it for samurai
got alone as far as I’m concerned launching October 21st of the week of so
sometime later this month and again seamless user experience that’s also
curious about the latency though think about all the stuff that’s on Steam
think about like the old arcade collections and stuff like that that
means you can conceivably do that stuff you them anything from Lego oh right I
feel like the Lego is probably where this is gonna work best because my bed
is like samurai gun and towerfall and in those games ended hogs that are really
little tgr2 twitchy but who knows on the 3d printer side
bruza one of our favorite makers of FDM printers is now just announced the Prusa
minigun Tandang three hundred and fifty dollars for a small printer OFDM as well
what’s the build volume here okay it’s 11 by 7 by 7 inches inches 18
centimeters right 18 centimeters cube and they have a demo of a full cube so
so it’s like the Printrbot simple size but a little bit bigger maybe yeah yeah
yeah but it almost all the benefits of the MK 3 so it has their build plate
which is removable pops out it’s fantastic you can get the textured or
the smooth I recommend the textured when that your print cools on that textured
base it it’s not a tear off is not that’s awesome in any way it’s like that
build text off right so same layer height as the mario absolutely same
travel speed temperatures are a little lower 280 as opposed to 300 they moved
it’s also a boat in this that first boat in printer so that which means that the
print is or the filament is pushed to the printhead rather than rather than
pulled mm I mean the interesting thing to me about this is that they’re doing
full speed because a lot of times on these cheap on the small size printers
they’ll do slower steppers so your prints take forever the fact that this
is small but still good is really it’s their first 32-bit software as well
they’re if they developed it for this and it’s going to eventually roll out
across the other platforms that’s a color screen it does have a color screen
not touchscreen yeah but it is a it’s a nicer screen the current screen is all
or just we know one bit it only has one z-axis stepper motor yeah so that’s one
of the costs right there as long as it’s sturdy enough and you exactly like this
that’s the one thing about like this versus the the i3 that’s I do wonder
about that like how sturdy is that x-axis mm-hmm listen is a Wi-Fi upgrade
does that mean you don’t use like octoprint or something with it yeah I
don’t know I don’t know though with the old ones you had to insert a Raspberry
Pi 0w okay Wi-Fi module is not included so you buy the Wi-Fi module separately
huh is the case on the finished ones 3d printed or is it manufactured look case
oh it was in the shots like the frame for the screen and all that stuff looked
like they were 3d printed after you print as many parts they can’t anything
oranges is 3d printed Wow it’s yeah it’s a great deal I mean for
350 bucks and is practically assembled it takes you an hour to assemble it all
we gotta test that that’s pretty good and yeah I think it’s a it’s a
absolutely printer if that 3 no problem this is the printer I recommend the
people who haven’t gotten into it and wanted to dip their toes I mean if you
talk about volume right 7 by 7 by 7 18 centimeters cube the mark 3 is like 25
by 21 by 21 centimeters so you could do it’s not like that far off well this is
the interesting use case right there’s a picture yeah how it’s actually I can’t
see but if you’re printing small things and you’re actually like you’re doing it
from manufacturing maybe you have a small business mm-hmm this could double
your output like since you’re you have two printers when you at the same time
right it’s it’s and you know even though you have less build volume if you have
two heads that can work simultaneously you actually can print a lot more in the
same amount of time because surface area exactly what you need
yeah interesting nones non-stop little chess figures that’s their use case yeah
yeah so I’m super stoked they also mentioned that a bigger printer is
coming bigger than anything that they’ve made before it’s just not finished yet
it’s not easy for a company to add new I procs at a product line and them being
high demand like presumably this will be and still fulfilled as a man
if their supply chain stuff has to work out really well this this having a
successful product and multiples of them have killed a lot of 3d printing
companies over years yeah I do wonder about that yeah plus it you know it
changes their software development needs and they have to start supporting more
and more skills but what slicer do these it’s their own Fork of slicer but that
they have now transitioned to their own like that is their own entire UI it’s
called Prusa slicer so they just forked it and made it their own
yep interesting all righty last bit of tech news Volvo just announced their SUV
evie SUV it’s called the XC 40 it looks pretty good and a 78 kilowatt battery
battery and it will go 200 miles of mix driving between charges which is how
much does it cost the pricing good question is I don’t
have it no we’re gonna cost me or release timing I’m saying 60 70 70 70 s
I’m thinking oh it’s the range 300 miles 200 200 so this is gonna be the model
why competitor right say the entry-level SUV well then that’s less than 60 no
mono why is gonna be 10% more expensive than model 3 and 10% less range than
model 3 right so if you want the if you want the max range on what starting
point Oh starting point yeah I think I’m model wise I think 50 or so 50 yeah and
that’s supposed to ramp up in or start production next year early next year is
one model wise with syrup ruptured so okay Eevee’s are here to stay
that’s all I gotta say about that that’s right that’s you said it I got a big
thumb up from an i3 owner the other day I got a bolt and I had backed into my
garage AHA has no one does decent people decent people do and I did it so swiftly
like with such confidence that when he drove past me having waited for me to
back in he gave me them big old Wow normos Mart summon thing when you’re in
a parking lot to the car yeah okay I just want to rely more on
yeah that seems dangerous and irresponsible
best yeah have you played your new video games no but they are there okay well
not just copy there’s a driving game where your car or not than that I guess
in the game yeah like you oh no not having them that make and color buggy it
seems like about you use the wheel to steer you do and it’s a terrible it
break to break awful perfect the wheel from I understand it’s just bad it’s a
it’s don’t teach people to anyway will is jealous no that’s all this is things
to do well when you’re honest with the charger are we doing a moment of science
we’re sure we’re gonna have time for lunch if we do a moment of silence
sounds pretty good too I’m just going to talk about the music so I started I
can’t stop now now it’s time for a moment folks alright
just two quick things like he’s writer NASA showed off some of their new
next-gen space suits for Artemus should be ready by 2024 these are their am use
they’re called them ex EMU sir for extra vehicle air mobility so there was the
one that was the moon certain ones that like the spacesuit version of them yeah
this is for spacewalks and they are these shell are these hard shell they
look like they’re hard shell suit the white one is for spacewalks and and moon
walking yes yes but the orange one is produced space travel it’s like right
for launch and landing and stuff like that right yeah yeah they look cool the
white one man I don’t know I feel like the red white and blue on that white one
is a lot it’s a little American yeah it’s kind of america fuck yeah not like
not like america there’s plenty of time for about to change
sure 124 could even be two administrations that’s right now take it
take a moment obviously the aesthetics are there but the technology in this
suit is pretty awesome like they have added bearings in order to help the
rotation this point on the shoulders so around the waist and around the
shoulders so this mechanical engineering super easy to do those things that will
presumably be easier to get in and out of like Norman I have put on one of
those upper shells and it was terrifying like I can’t even imagine trying they do
it when you have to have gravity to push against the orange one looks far more
comfortable I don’t know if you’ve seen the orange ones soft presumably right
yeah and it just has I don’t know if we have pictures of the orange one yeah
here’s the Ottoman yeah the orange one is basically like the thing you wear
during launch and landing so that they can find you if you if there’s an axe or
if you’re looking for like a Halloween costume yeah that conic one um I I
really like like if you look at the design changes on the upper body for the
for the new spacewalk suit the fact that it’s rigid and the arms go out the front
and start about the side meaning that the people’s arms will be much more
accessible yeah which is the the coolest part of the whole thing cool definitely
like it these people was like very uncomfortable in these what are
presumably 300-pound mock-ups of the suits standing on stage without like
usually when they wear them on land there’s some
supporting the backpack no zippers and no was the other thing I forgot but no
zippers that was a thing hmm because he can’t do zippers in space
they’re hard they’re difficult to the gloves on I think they’re hard I mean
obviously you’re getting help they didn’t show the glove they didn’t show
the glove side of this which was I think it like I at least I didn’t see anything
about how the gloves work the gloves are always the hard part like
the thing that they don’t tell you is that the astronauts are constantly
working on hand strength because in order to do spacewalks with the gloves
on it’s right you have to be super duper your hands have to be really strong I’m
still recovering from thing as God’s wrath my finger hurts just that’s I’m
sorry Jeremy you’re gonna be okay I need exercise equipment other story
first science marathon story it’s kind of cool so do you guys hear the report
that yes yeah last week over the weekend in Vienna um one of the world’s best
marathon runner a long-distance runner a Kenyan by name kept chose I want to say
did the first sub two hour marathon which meant that he basically ran the
entire marathon at Tom Brady’s 40 speed is my understanding yeah four minutes
and something seconds per mile for 26 miles yeah
now that was the headline the thing that was more interesting to me was the
engineering of this exhibition run please it wasn’t in an actual marathon
race it isn’t it will not be considered world record because it wasn’t it was
perfectly engineered to optimize for the conditions like the theory was that
they’ve been to hunt for a sub two hour marathon has been for so long and he has
done attempts where he has gone very close like two hours and one minute two
hours in two minutes and in fact like right after he did this at a real
marathon competition on one of his competitors did almost two hours each
other but the difference between like two hours in two minutes and one hour
and 59 minutes require a tremendous amount of optimization so you’re saying
it’s all in the shoes no it is a lot in the shoes okay I’ll tell you what
requires so I’ll say those last three minutes are the shoes how do you get how
do you squeeze in extra three minutes out of a
two-hour run where you run a little bit faster for each minute run yes yes what
they had was what the course what what variables can you control you can
control the shoes of course the shoes were controversial themselves there are
a prototype Nike shoes that were based off of a shoe they released last year
which they called the 4% because it in their tests it improved efficiency body
energy use by for personal flapping so it’s combination the foam they’re using
a lightweight foam that is very light and squishy when you when but also
provides a lot of firm balance back so there’s only carbon-fiber plate in there
well not as a spring but in the way it releases the tension on your knees
mmm is the design Wow the prototype that he wore for this particular run is a
next-gen version of that and apparently they don’t even say what percentage it
improves but it you know could be a five or six percent improvement three minutes
off for two hours it’s like now yeah the shoe is one thing the course the other
thing that shows a course in Vienna that was extremely flat it wasn’t a single 26
mile course they had basically a loop it wasn’t exactly a track but they had
basically 90-degree turns so when he would go basically straightaway and the
90 degree turn which would minimize any energy loss as he would do the turn they
couldn’t find a 26 mile circle essentially ah now here’s the other part
you see in this picture there are other runners behind him yeah I was gonna ask
about those dudes yeah not competitors no part of the team they would swap in
teammates to a run in front of him pace runners pace what to clean like a rabbit
Kyodai and not only for him to keep pace and they know the pace he was hold her
thing they had a car that would drive at pace I would laser project the two out
of the two-hour mark that he had to stay ahead of Wow so if the laser marketing
would go back behind he would if he would fall behind that he would be under
the two-hour mark he would stay a past it he would be ahead of the two so he’s
over our drafting and he’s drafting drafting they’ve brought in ringers for
him the draft behind and to block out wind resistance so he had basically no
wind resistance Wow the most optimal engineered run so
Wow so the difference between a 2 hour 2 minute and 1 hour and 59 minute is wind
resistance is money yeah is basically a lot of money could use
that in a real race like have people let you draft behind that just enter and
throw their chance to to do your to lift you up I’m not as familiar in the world
of competitive upon I think probably so where’s the money in this why is they
sell a lot of shoes Jews is it the shoes look if you did they pay for this I
think it’s a combination different sponsored companies but basically yeah
to to that I mean they’re moonshot got a lot of headlines just think if I can
shave 4% off of my marathon time I could get it under six or seven hours like
that for him it’s like three minutes for me it would be at least 15 oh my god I
can’t even run to the end of the block if you have a you have a boosted board
you don’t need that think of what your marathon time is but like with that
technological advancement problem you different stop in charge it would be two
hours plus 40 minutes of charging the VR minute virtual reality this week so
let’s start talking on VR which offered a dream being gone there was some
pictures Sony a Ghostbusters lbe experience had showed off some AR
prototypes that there are no specifics about as cars Rath is out of course rave
review that I I have gotten farther mmm in NASCAR’s wrath but I as I said I’m
taking a break my finger hurts and I wanted to get this SSD installed but
it’s cool because it when you get to the next character that you embody the game
kind of resets you know you kind of lose your lost characters upgrades and all
that fun stuff that you may be upgraded at the shop and you get to start over
again and the second character is wildly different it’s more of a wizard it’s
like an RPG this game yeah but you’re embodying different characters and so I
I love that like I’m always a mage I can’t I mean this is one of those
things that everyone who’s played it who’s played it’s in your completion
confirms that it is 30 to 50 hours that’s too much video game and it isn’t
it’s a problem for us parents and stuff yes I agree with you yeah it’s been like
in this game doesn’t mess around with that like it takes you two hours just to
get to combat you know it’s like the slow going Wow but you’ll be
appreciating the sights your graphics nerd yeah it’s good looking game they
did you scale really well yeah I can’t win back can’t wafer don’t you get
shoutcast magic missile into the darkness that would be great did you
play it with index I I did initially but it wasn’t keeping framerate with my 1080
mmm-hmm so hold on so what it why I’m playing on rift 1 oh so you were using
revive to play it on yeah ok yeah and other people gotten to work with the
2080 they say it works pretty well but it was to frame dropping for me oh that
stinks yeah you turned on the it didn’t work didn’t work I think there’s
something in the game that pauses now and then because there’s there’s a
there’s a really interesting video on youtube of somebody who tried the game
on a lot of headsets and that was his assumption too already
that does it then for this episode thank you we’ll hey we’ll hey hey norm tell us
about what you’re working on I’ve got a couple things I mean we’re doing food
stuff as always but that I can’t talk about that because at least not yet I
just launched a new podcast with friend of tested Brad shoemaker former frequent
third chair over here on this is only a test
and we basically deep dive into one technological topic every week so so far
we’ve talked about I’m completely blanking we talked about battery
technology we’ve talked about supply chain stuff we’ve talked about food tech
and and we spend 45 minutes or an hour just just getting really deepen in the
weeds with one particular thing you can find it at tech pod content town or on
everywhere that your podcasts want to be so Apple Spotify Google Play Music
podcasts Google Play podcasts stitcher I think we’re there now all the
places that you find podcasts if you just search for tech pod two words it
comes up and then I also play pub G and other games pretty much every night I
played all of control recently on Twitch on Twitch you can find a playlist where
you watch the whole thing well so then game is dope controller is supposed to
be the hotness and I haven’t even played yet you wait until I get a new video
card yeah it’s got the ray-tracing right it’s got the ray tracing the ray tracing
it’s like ray tracing is such a subtle thing like most people aren’t going to
notice I think I mean you’ll notice but you’re not gonna like once you get into
the game you’re not gonna notice it’s really they use it for lighting these
are for like reflections of environment so you there were a couple of times and
they do a good job setting it up where you like walk into a room and you’ll see
something reflected in the mirror behind you and it’s very startling but the
basically control is is like the good episodes of X Files where there’s a
monster of the week and you have to figure out how to out of some of the
monster problem that’s very good and my twitch is slash not that Will
Smith content tech pod content down there you go and if you have Amazon
Prime subscription you can throw your free monthly switch sub you will yeah
give me Jeff Bezos as money I’m fine with that
yeah I’m getting all that Amazon money back sweet I mean at some point we
should talk about whether or not the tech company should be broken up like
that is it that is a topic I’d like to hear your opinions on the tech company
No – I’m like you know Amazon Apple you know Google I think a whole fortunate
that Elizabeth Warren stuff yeah Amazon owns both the backend for the internet
and a the largest retail store yeah that seems bad there you go
Facebook there’s problems there yeah it seems most obvious for me with Amazon I
know we want to cut now but I’m just saying that should be a topic yeah we
take a delve deep into that let us know what you think in the comments below
let’s get an expert in you think the Internet has an opinion on this probably
you can find it on YouTube comm slash I don’t know why are you testing it has to
come RT thanks so much for listening this week Jeremy we had an outro I was
doing this whole show I want to know if the viewers think I did a better job
than cos sure now obviously I left that one
many up there for 20 some odd minutes that happens ignore that part
besides that how do I do okay we’re looking for the outro we have some good
outros Italy oh you don’t know about these do you will you’ll notice that all
of the outros are now from one person that’s why usually if he stops doing
almost up in the podcast that’s because no one else no one cares do this no sir
oh they’re from first of all you know we shout I should say will hawk Mohawk and
I got a plug-in this is a great segment guys really nailing it it’s worth the
wait turn this up yes what’s this one called
this is called I like that shirt oh I do like shirts why isn’t it plan no oh you
know why cuz I’m air playing yeah yeah it’s sending it to the TV alright let’s
turn off your TV technology podcasts for technologists here yeah here we go here
this one’s only a test story we’re gonna do one I wrote master nailed it alright those elves Jeremy Jeremy
welcome big dorm and two shores here as well I’m rocking the constellation shirt
I like that me too they’re all the sleeves rockin the Z button up
yeah you can get away with an interesting design it’s my climate change adaptation yeah
now versus in the eighties I mean I was a Star Wars nut and I had a trash can
you should plug that guy’s so god that was awesome yeah his name is Bo hawk
he’s actually published one of these songs that he made like there’s a piece
of music given on iTunes yeah I don’t know where it is nice pork
Jeremy was the next week bye


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