The Try Guys Get Earwax Extractions

– Welcome to my ear! Let’s
check this place out. – [Zach] We know why you
clicked on this video. – Oh, God. (Laughs) – You want to see a ton
of earwax get taken out and guess what? We’re
gonna get those goods. – Oh my God
– Oh my God. ♪ Try Guys ♪ ♪ Keith, Zach, Steve, Steve! ♪ ♪ Try Guys ♪ ♪ Eating pizza? They’ll try it ♪ ♪ The Try Guys ♪ ♪ Eating Chicken? They’ll try it ♪ ♪ Try Guys ♪ ♪ They’re America’s Dads ♪ – We are here at an ENT’s office and we’re going to be getting professional ear extractions. Earwax extractions, they’re
not taking out ears off. – Super honored to be here
with the Try Guys today. I’m kind of a big fan, I
watched all their videos. – [Zach] Really our goal
today is to just see who has the most ear gunk. – I think I’m gonna win,
cause I’m a big ‘ole goo boy. I just got nothing but goo. – It could be one of the Try Guys, it could be Jack, we’re gonna just throw
our crew in their, too. We just wanna get those goods. – All right, let’s take a peek here. – Oh, buy me a drink first, Ram. (laughs) – Let’s get right to the point. Sure, my name is Rami Abdou. I am a otolaryngologist
head and neck surgeon. It’s kind of a mouthful, so people usually call us
ENTs: Ear Nose and Throat. So, already you can kind of see – I see a nugget.
– You see how there’s a lot of some stuff that kind
of trapped off over here. – Ah, hell yeah. – And he actually has a little bony spur. – Yeah what the hell is that?
– Yeah right there. And a little osteoma. So we got some on that side. – Yeah!
– That we can take out. So, cerumen or earwax, is made up of three different
components normally: First, skin that’s coming
off of the eardrum, and as it’s going out it’ll
mix with oily substance that’s produced kind of by the outer ear, and then dust, dirt, things like that, all mix together, and
that’s what the wax is. – Wow. There he is.
– We got another one. This time it’s in the back. – Oh, hell yeah. – All right, shall we
take some of this out? – Yeah, I’m a waxy boy! – All right. So we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna, just kind of want to loop around there and just drag it along
– Wooooahh. – That feels so fucking good. – Did you guys see how it just
crumbled out a little bit? – [Keith] Oh, yeah. – We all produce wax, some of
us produce more than others, and sometimes it can just
get stuck and build up. – The key is to relax
– Yeah! – So that is goes in deeper. (Intense string music) – [Eugene] Merry Christmas.
– Whoa! – Why is my first instinct to eat it? – What’s up MTV, this my
crib. Come inside my ear! Don’t come in my ear. (Laughs) All right, let’s do it! It’s not gonna hurt, right? – Um, I hope not. It can definitely be painful at times. If the wax has been there for a long time, and particularly if
you’re dealing with a case where it’s super hard. So, you guys see–
– Oh, I feel it! – You guys see that
little flake over there? – Their faces are horrified! – There it is.
– You got it? Yeah!
– That is yours! It’s your little baby. – Let’s go right up to camera. – [Rami] So we’re going to
go in little by little here – Oh, look at all of those hairs. – [Rami] You can see
how there more towards the outside of the canal here. – [Eugene] You ever get icked out by it? – Um, not if it’s wax, but there are some other
things happen in people’s ears which can be kind of gross. You have other findings that are not wax. – [Keith] I’m sorry. – That we can definitely talk about. – [Keith] What do you mean? – [Interviewer] What’s the
craziest thing you’ve seen? – Oh my goodness.
Probably the craziest are live insects. Cockroaches
being the most common. – Findings?
– I’ll show you. Your eardrums are a little bit flacid. – You should see me at night. – So, some other things going
on, but no wax for yours. – Oh, I looked right into it. – Yeah, sorry. (laughs) – You might be just a little
maybe ticklish as we go in. So that is your ear. Actually, you don’t have
any wax at all on this side. And you have a very nice eardrum. – He was a little bit
maybe on the oily side. Yeah, like the skin itself
maybe glistened a little bit. – Wow. – So you can see he has a
little bit of some stuff that got trapped in his hairs here. But, overall, no wax. – Normally, I’d be thrilled, but this is a video about gross ear stuff, so I’m a little disappointed. – Things you might find in my ear today? I’m a little worried. Bad
YouTube ideas, mostly. – [Rami] So we’re gonna start over here. – So they’re removing my earwax, but my goal today is to replace Zach as the fourth official Try Guy. I don’t think Zach’s pulling his weight. – You have a little ring of stuff. – So hopefully, by the end
of the day, it’ll be just Kieth, Jack, Steve and Steve. The Try Guys! – He has something we
call an anterior overhang, which is kind of a little bony prominence, but you also don’t have any wax. – Whaaat? – There are some folks who
just never really build up wax. There are some people who
just have bigger ear canals, and so it’s just much easier for the wax to come out on it’s own. – Now I feel like a liar. I feel like I’ve just been exposed. – I’m one of those people.
I’ve never had my ears cleaned, believe it or not. (Mumbles) So you can see, like, it’s very nice, it’s actually a very nice
eardrum on this side. So your ears are clean, which is good. – Okay. – But if you wanted to see
kind of what it looks like… – Oh that looks cool!
– I know! (laughs) You’re like, “That looks awesome!” – It turns out the Try
Guys are not waxy boys, but we brought some ringers from our office. – I’m here because my bosses have told me I have to get my ears checked out. (Laughs) – Okay, let’s take a look, shall we? So have you had any wax
removed from you before? – I have never had wax
removed. I’m very excited. – You’ve done this before, right? – My right ear gets clogged like three times a year, and so I have to get it unclogged. – I’m gonna have you look
towards that, your left. This side looks okay. So,
you’re good over here. Oh, we got a little something over here. – A little dude? (Playful flute music) Oh watching their reactions
is almost as fun as… – All right, there it is! – Nice! Actually, that’s
a pretty good size. – That’s a sizeable piece. – Yeah, I brought it, I brought it! (Laughs) That is disgusting, but
I’m so glad it’s out of me. – So you have a little bit here on your back wall of the canal. Oh! We’ve actually got a
little bit right there. – Ooh, do I have fun stuff? – So we have a little
bit of stuff in there. So yours is actually quite
close to the eardrums, so we’re going to want to
be really careful here. (Relaxing violin music) – Everyone’s mouth is agape! – Yeah, they’re like, “What?” It’s like a little game, it kind of slipped out through my wand. You okay? – Yeah. – That little goober. Not
super big, but here it is! – Aw, hi, Buddy! – Yeah! Here you go. – Am I going to hear better now? – It was kind of in
territory it should not be. – Oh, dear! – Yeah, so we got it out of there. – Also like a little goober
over here that we can get out. Can you hand me that curette again? The same one I was using. – I love that you refer
to them as goobers. It gives them a personality. – Right? Yeah.That’s what I think. Patients respond a little better to that. Let’s see. Have a little pieces to remove. (Laughs) – [Steve] Oh, yeah. – [Zach] This is good. This is killing it. – There it is! – I’m prepared for this moment. – It’s like a pair. They’re actually almost the exact same. – Look at that!
– Oh my god! Twinsies! – You’re very symmetric.
All right, that’s great! Take a peek here. (Hallelujah chorus plays) Look at that. – Oh my god. – [Miles] Is it crazy? – It’s a big wax plug.
– Oh god! – Literally it’s a plug. – So we can’t really see.
There’s a little room above it, I think that’s why he can hear okay. All right, my friend. – Okay, is this going to be painful? – It should not be painful. We’ll take it nice and easy, you know, there’s no reason to be
aggressive about this. Just hold still, but if you
feel like you have to move for any reason, just let me know. (Mumbles) (Intense violin music plays) (Mumbles) (Grunts loudly) Is that pretty painful there? – Yeah, it’s a little painful. – All right, my friend. – Oh my god.
– Oh my god! – Holy shit! That’s fucking huge! (laughs) That’s so huge! – This is a true cerumen entity. – [Zach] Can you show it to the camera? – [Keith] It looks like a spider! – Do you wanna hold it? – I’m sal–I’m just so shocked. – [Zach] Hold it up closer to your face – I’m disgusting! That is so gross! – It looks like it’s about
to sprout legs and run away. Like a spider! So this is you and the guy she
tells you not to worry about. – So notice it’s all out
now, so we can actually, you can see his eardrum right there. (Cheers) – [Rami] And it’s otherwise 100% normal. – I can’t even believe it. – We have one that’s a
little bit smaller here, but we definitely have some… – You’re good, Miles, just stay still. – Oh my god this is making me nauseous. – Yes! – [Steve] Oh, that’s big, too! – Yeah, a little more than I thought. So you may be a really good candidate for actually just suctioning it out. Yeah, it’s something we can try, something we haven’t done today. Cause it’s pretty much
blocking the entire opening. – It’s true. – [Rami] Ah, so this is critical for you. – So that’s why all of
our videos only come out of the let ear? (laughs) Oh, wow, that’s different. – This is, like, a little
more of a procedure. So, you’re gonna–I’m gonna
put some drops in there, and you’re going to feel
a little bit of moisture, and then it’s going to sound like, a little bit like Rice Krispies. – [Zach] Oh, we’re ready. – So we’re just gonna start suctioning. – Oh my god. Wait… – Oh this is awesome. (Screeches) – This is pretty crazy. – [Keith] Oh it’s stuck in there. – What are we listening
to? Is that his ear or is that the suction? – Yeah that’s the suction
kind of against the wax. (Vibrating sound) – [Rami] You okay? – Yeah. – [Rami] If it becomes
comfortable you can just like– (Mumbles) He’s doing the hard work. Yeah, if you need a
break just let me know. It’s quite a bit. Sometimes it’s like you’re just looking at the tip of the iceberg,
so to speak, you know? – Oh my god! Oh my god! (Gasps) – [Rami] Oh, there is. All right. (Cheers) – Yeah, Will! Yeah! – [Eugene] Oh is that bigger than Miles? – [Keith] It’s probably the
same size, but he had to chip– – But you can see, it
almost, it’s like a cast of your ear canal. So you see how the edges
are very, very smooth? And you see how the hairs
are trapped in there? – Yeah, we see. – It looks like beautiful, petrified wood. – [Rami] Yeah, yeah I can see that. Check it out. So, that’s his ear drum. Very nice, yeah. – Way to go. What a ride. Will, you want to give the video sign off? – Well, the Try Guys I don’t
think could come through in this video, but,
uh, me and Miles could. Giant ass ear globs! You know, glad that my freakish
ears are good for something. Jesus Christ. Oh my god, I gotta go. I gotta get out of here. (Laughs) (Upbeat rock music) – Try Guys try driving in
flip flops, that’s a fun one. I love the Try Guys try
women’s toothpaste, love that. Ooh, the Try Guys try
not to pet pet-able pets that you shouldn’t pet
challenge. That’s a fun one.

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