The Vestibular Lab and Treatment of Inner Ear Disorders

We have a vestibular laboratory that is extremely
thorough and it provides a way for me to test individual sensors of the inner ear and how
it could be impaired and therefore explain what is wrong with our patients. I’m very
proud of that laboratory. A lot of the technology was developed as a fellow and then carried
with me throughout my career. I continue to work with NASA, now at Cleveland, where we’re
trying to develop additional ways of researching the kinds of disorientation that happen in
gravitational environments because it applies to our patients who have disorders of the
gravitational sensing system. The laboratory’s intended to provide a multiple system, thorough
analysis of what could be causing their symptoms. We are able to take at least three organs
of the inner ear and test them individually so we get a good idea of what could have gone
wrong in the vestibular system. This allows us to check the brain as well as the ear simultaneously
and come up with a very thorough investigation of the vestibular problem.

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