They Found WHAT Inside?!

Here are the weirdest things ever found in
animals! 15. A Whole Lightbulb In terms of animals eating weird stuff, dogs
can go toe to toe with any creature on the planet. Especially Cody, a young Golden Retriever
puppy who swallowed an entire light bulb. This poor doggo had been vomiting for days
when his humans decided to take him to the vet. They did some x-rays and were alarmed to find
that the curious puppy had an entire light bulb in his tummy. Thankfully they gave him intravenous fluids,
and the pup passed the bulb intact, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. Generally speaking, Golden Retrievers are
among the smartest dogs around. Since Cody was just a young, naive puppy at
the time of this odd incident, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and chalk it
up to inexperience. 14. An Electric Blanket Growing up to 18 feet long, Burmese Pythons
are among the largest snakes in the world. They’re known to be active predators who
stalk and strangle their prey. They’re able to kill large creatures such
deer, alligators and large birds. However, there’s this case of a python who
obviously didn’t get the smart gene, because it ate an electric blanket. In 2006, this 12-foot long snake needed an
emergency surgery to save its life after it ate its security blanket. Snakes don’t regulate their own body temperatures
very well, so its owner was nice enough to give him one. Apparently the blanket got tangled up with
the rabbit its owner was serving it for dinner. The blanket stretched out along 8 feet of
the reptile’s digestive track, so veterinary workers managed to cut an in 18 inch incision
to remove the obstruction. Thankfully, the snake, whose name ironically
is Houdini, was able to survive. 13. Car Tires Before we dive too deep into this, let’s
just say that this won’t be the only shark on this list. As it turns out, there’s very little sharks
won’t eat…including tires. In fact, tires have been found inside Tiger
Sharks on more than one occasion. Known for their robust appetite, Tiger Sharks
will eat anything unlucky enough to float in their direction. Even when they aren’t hungry, Marine Biologists
have noted that they eat out of boredom, not too dissimilar to certain people Good thing
they don’t eat rubber tires when they’re bored. 12. An Entire Deer Here is a little cooking tip for you. Deer meat is really tasty. Anything you can do with beef, you can do
with Venison. Plus it’s leaner and healthier. Apparently the word is out because an Alligator
in Alabama somehow managed to eat an entire doe. In August 2014, an Alabama woman and her family
managed to catch the largest Alligator ever recorded in the state. Weighing in at more than 1,000 pounds and
measuring around 15 feet, this massive gator was able to swallow a small doe whole. A Taxidermist also noticed that the gator
had the remains of a few other small animals inside of it as well. Experts seem pretty puzzled to exactly how
this happened, as it’s the first time anything like this has happened. 11. Rubber Duckies Ducks are a delicacy in many cultures. Rubber ducks, though a staple in bathtubs
everywhere, not so much. Unless you’re a dog named Woof, then they’re
your favorite bedtime snacks. Quick backstory. A Florida woman had a small child who loved
rubber duckies. Unfortunately, they mysteriously went missing
fairly often. Every time the child lost a duck, the mom
would buy a new one. One night, she finally solved the mystery
of the missing ducks, As her kid splashed around in the tub, Woof trotted into the bathroom,
snagged the duck and scarfed it down. So mom takes Woof to the vet and they removed
five rubber duckies. They also found a toy truck in his belly. The good news is that Woof had the items safely
removed. The bad news is that no toy in that household
is safe. 10. Entire Kitchen Knife Puppies are curious little creatures. Take Lexi here, a Staffordshire bull terrier
in Sydney Australia, for example. She for some reason, swallowed an entire eight-inch
steak knife! Like all of the other dogs on our list, Lexi
was taken to vet for an upset stomach. Vets were beyond surprised when they performed
x-rays and found a freaking knife INSIDE of her! The vets managed to remove the knife after
carefully pulling it back through the dog’s esophagus, a meticulous effort that took close
to an hour to pull off. Amazingly, Lexi, who was just a six month
old puppy, managed to survive the occasion, though it spent three days in intensive care. How did she manage to swallow an entire knife? Well that’s a question no one can really
answer. 9. The Arm of a Murdered Man There’s no way to rate weirdness in a quantitative
way. But if you could, this little story would
have to rate somewhere on the higher end of the spectrum. April 25, 1935, a Tiger shark was caught near
Sydney Australia. It was put on public display for entertainment. As it turned out, the shark didn’t disappoint. The shark got sick and puked up a human arm. Yes a human arm in a pool in front of bewildered
onlookers. The best part is, this shark ate a smaller
shark, who had eaten someone’s arm. The arm as it turns out belonged to boxer
and professional criminal, Jim Smith, who had been missing since April 7 of that year. They were able to identify the arm thanks
to a distinctive tattoo. Police figured that the arm was cut off after
Smith was murdered and thrown into the ocean where the Tiger shark ate it. So they opened a murder investigation, and
had several suspects, as Smith had recently become a police informant. Their diligent detective work ultimately led
them to arrest of a local criminal named Patrick Brady, though he was later acquitted. He maintained his innocence and lived the
rest of his life as a free man. In the end, this bizarre incident left way
more questions than answers. It was also the inspiration for a 2003 episode
of CSI: Miami. This is the story that just keeps on giving! 8. 14 inches of Bra Strap You’ve probably heard of edible panties,
but not edible bras. That’s because edible bras aren’t really
a thing…..I think. Unless you’re Norris, the Rat Terrier from
Edna ,Texas. After Norris kept barfing, he was taken to
the vet, who took some X-Rays and found a strange metal clip in his stomach. Much to his owner’s dismay, it turned out
to be part of her bra strap. Norris apparently ate 14 inches worth of her
bra strap, including part of the metal clip. The mischievous dog must have snuck into the
laundry room and snagged the bra when his owners weren’t paying attention. Thankfully, the only casualties were the bra,
as Norris survived the ordeal. 7. A Polar Bear Greenland Sharks are a subject of fascination
for Marine Biologists. These elusive creatures are difficult to study
and document. Adding to this fascination is the fact they
have been known to hunt down polar bears and reindeer on occasion. Greenland Sharks are virtually indestructible. Growing up to 23-feet long, they live up to
200 years, and can survive in the most frigid of conditions. Their diet mostly consists of large sea creatures,
such as seals. Their affinity for land animals is especially
odd because they’re known to lurk deep in the water, around 2,000 feet deep, where temperatures
are about 33 degree Fahrenheit. Fisherman often hunt these sharks for food,
in particular, for a popular dish in the region called Hakkari. When these sharks are caught, they have sometimes
been found with the remnants of polar bears, reindeer, and even horses in their bellies. How they manage to catch these animals is
still anybody’s guess! 6. An Entire Chicken Coop Chicken is a popular dish for us, but apparently
sharks like them too! But it was still surprising when a Tiger Shark
was found with a Chicken Coop inside of him. Not just that, but it would appear as though
the chickens were still in the coop when it was eaten. Which is probably what piqued the glutinous
shark’s interest to begin with. Why someone would be so thoughtless as they
chuck live chickens into the ocean is beyond us. 5. A Horse Head Here we go with Tiger Sharks again. This time it’s a horse’s head that was
discovered in the shark’s belly. The circumstances under which this occurred
are not at all clear, because horses aren’t exactly known to be prolific swimmers. What we do know is that Tiger Sharks are extremely
aggressive eaters who eat their prey whole. Our guess? The horse was probably on a ship, and somehow
managed to fall off, and was unlucky enough to come across a hungry Tiger Shark. 4. A Bag of Money Okay one last item found inside of a Tiger
Shark and we’ll stop picking on them. Somehow, someway, a Tiger Shark managed to
devour an entire bag of money. Someone apparently was really careless to
let a bag full of cash slip into the ocean. Since sharks have no use for money in the
ocean, eating it seems like the next best option. And before we leave the subject of Tiger Sharks
alone for good, here are a few more curious items found inside of them. License plates, a bag of coal, tools, old
pants, deer antlers, a donkey, a bag of potatoes, explosives, and hyenas. 3. Livestock or……?! When a group of villagers in Nigeria noticed
a huge snake whose torso was swollen, they assumed it had been eating their livestock. Fearing the snake may strike again, they decided
to kill it. After all, they need the livestock to make
a living, so it was the best decision for them. However, when they killed the snake and cut
it open, they were surprised to find a whole bunch of eggs in it. The snake, which is likely an African Rock
Python, was pregnant, and was about to give birth to dozens of eggs. The eggs are actually considered a delicacy,
so it was actually a good score for the villagers! While the villagers misread this particular
situation, make no mistake, a full grown python could kill a calf. As Africa’s largest snake, they often grow
up to around 20 feet long, and prey on monkeys, warthogs, antelope, dogs, small crocodiles,
and the cubs of big cats. They kill their food using their quick speed
and strength to suffocate it. 2. Entire Human Being We saved this scary find for number 2 on this
list. Crocodiles are dangerous to humans. This is evidenced by the many times human
remains have been found inside of crocs. Most recently, the remains of a woman killed
on the coast of Northeast Australia were found inside of a saltwater crocodile. Cindy Waldron went for a late night swim in
Daintree National Park, back in june of 2016, when she was tragically attacked and killed
by a 14-foot saltwater croc. Search and rescue crews later trapped and
killed the suspected culprit and discovered her remains. A solemn reminder that while we may be the
most advanced creatures in the history of the Earth, we can still end up as prey. 1. Mummified Baby Crocodiles And at #1 we have crocodiles again! Crocodiles are the most developed reptiles
on the planet. They’re basically leftover dinosaurs that
couldn’t seem to be killed off. Scientists are constantly discovering both
fascinating and frightening things about these guys. So when they found mummified crocodiles inside
of a larger crocodile, well that pretty much takes the cake in terms of weirdness Scientists at the National Museum of Antiquities
in the Netherlands were using an advanced scanning method on a crocodile that had been
mummified and on display since 1828, they were astonished when they discovered an additional
40 baby crocs who were mummified within the larger croc. Here’s what’s next!


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