This Is How You Change Your Future | Dr. Joe Dispenza

for some of us to wake up we need a
wake-up call the latest research in epigenetics says that it’s the
environment that signals the gene jeans are like Christmas tree lights are
turning on and off all the time genes make proteins and proteins are
responsible for the structure and function of your body the expression of
proteins is the expression of life but if you’re interpreting your environment
the same way every single day you’re thinking the same thoughts demonstrating
the same behaviors living by the same emotions you keep the same genes on and
the other genes off throw in the hormones of stress which really down
regulates genes to create disease then as the question is if the environment
signals the gene and the end product of an experience in your environment is
called an emotion if you live by the same emotions every single day your
body’s believing it’s in the same past environmental experience over and over
again and now you’re headed for a genetic destiny so then can you signal
the gene ahead of the environment and the answer is absolutely yes because
when you begin to embrace an elevated emotion and you combine it with a clear
intention and you’re totally in the present moment your brain and body don’t
know the difference between what’s going on out there and what’s going on in here
your body believes it sends some experience in the external environment
that’s producing that emotion and all of a sudden the stronger the emotion you
feel from an inward process the more you pay attention to the thought or the
image in your mind you’re creating a long-term memory and all of a sudden now
you begin to down regulate the gene for disease and you begin to upregulate the
gene for health and that gene begins to make a new protein and that protein
begins to make a new hormone or a new chemical or or expression of something a
new chemical that is going to begin to affect other systems in the body acute
conditions our medicine is so great for acute conditions you break your arm
you have appendicitis you’re not going to go to an
you puncture ist’s you’re gonna get immediate care chronic conditions
require a lifestyle change which means you have to start making different
choices you gotta start examining the way you live your life and the choices
you make and the thoughts you think and and how you manage your emotions and so
so the beauty behind all of this is that just like an infection spreads amongst
the community and creates disease once people start breaking through and they
wrap their mind around this health and wellness can be as infectious as disease
and we’re seeing it happen in placebos just so you know range from working
anywhere from 10% to a hundred percent imagine that so in a depression study as
an example 83% or 81% of the people in a depression study that are given a
placebo heal as well as the people that are given the actual antidepressants
there’s brain scans to show changes in their brain before and after it means
that they’re making their own pharmacy of antidepressants by thought alone and
it took them six weeks eight weeks of taking that placebo every single day now
this is an important point because most people think all I did I did the
exercise or the meditation once and my conditions should go away
well even in freshen study six to eight weeks of taking a placebo every time
they take the placebo they remind themselves that they’re gonna get better
it changes their emotional state sooner or later that becomes their new state of
being may take people six to eight weeks of doing the work every single day where
they start noticing significant changes in their health so we have to go from
food philosopher to initiate to master from thinking to doing to be and once
you get to that point where it now becomes innate in you becomes who you
are then you’ve memorized an internal state independent of the conditions in
your external environment that’s when you begin to master your environment or
master your life you


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