This Is the World’s Biggest Bunny Museum | Atlas Obscura

– [Steve] You tell them how we met. ‘Cause you’re really good at telling them. – [Candace] We met at a singles’ group. We were looking for each other. – The first bunny of the whole collection is a Valentine’s bunny about this big. It’s really cute. It says,
“Guess how much I love you?” – [Steve] I went to a florist
shop to get her a gift and everything was bears,
and bears, and bears, and a couple of turtles
and a couple ducks. I’m a contrarian I like to
do things that are different. – I was calling him my “honey
bunny,” and he liked that. – I found a bunny in a giant balloon. And then she gave me one,
and so we started … – [Candace] On our first Easter. – [Steve] First Easter. – [Candace] Then it became every holiday, we’d give each other bunny gifts. – [Steve] I couldn’t
wait, so I would get her a bunch of them and she’d
say, “Wait ’til the holiday,” and I’d say no. – [Candace] “Open, open,
open it, it’s so good!” And I’m like, no. – [Steve] And so we started.
Eventually it became every day. – [Candace] All our wedding gifts, most of the wedding gifts were bunnies. By our wedding, people knew
we were collecting bunnies and so it became a big thing. I made the wedding cake. It was a carrot cake. There were stairs going up to the cake. There was a bride and groom,
and it was a bunny, and … Bunnies were a part of our life just from the beginning, and
everyone kinda knew that. They’d write cards “to the honey bunnies” and that kind of stuff. So we were collecting about four years and then we decided to
open up to the public, because we would joke that
we lived in a bunny museum and our family and friends
would joke and say, “It’s too bad other people can’t see these fantastic things you have.” So we opened up to the public, and that was 20 years ago. – [Candace] We have over a hundred categories within the museum. And it’s interesting, you know the saying, “Two’s company, three’s a crowd.” For us, two’s company, three
or more is a category. (laughs) Some people will hop over
and they’ll look at a shelf and they’ll go, “I don’t
get the category here.” I’m like, “There’s no category!” – [Steve] It’s a story of
love between Candace and I and what we want to bring forth is a way of showing a couple’s
love toward each other and how it perpetuated the
collection further and further. – [Candace] It’s no
different than anything else when it comes to love. The fact is, everyone should
have the same religion, and religion means how you live your life. It does not mean being a certain religion: It’s what you believe in,
whether you’re a vegetarian, or whether you’re a dog owner and you wanna marry another dog owner. You have to have
similarities to begin with. So you have the basis of similarity and then you do something together. Some people might like antiquing, or traveling, or they play golf, so their goal is to go and play all the golf courses around the world. It’s something that you do together.


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